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Sneezy/watery-eyed cat. What to do? Answered by Dr. Slome

May 4th, 2001, 07:56 PM

Hi ,

My cat is sneezing and her one eye is watering. Could she have a cold and is there anything I could do besides washing her eye with warm water.

Also I have a dog. Could the cat give the dog a cold?

thank you,



Dear Gail

It sounds like your cat has a common cat disease - an upper respiratory disease which is usually caused by a virus and possibly some bacteria also.

If it gets severe it can cause serious medical problems for your cat. Usually annual vaccines are given to protect your cat against this disease so make sure these are current. In some cases even if vaccines are given, some cats may still contract the disease but usually a milder form.

I would suggest a visit to your vet to be safe. Your cat may need

This disease is not usually transferable from cats to dogs.

Martin Slome DVM

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