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Can I leave my cat alone all day? Answered by Samantha

May 4th, 2001, 04:15 PM

I have a cat 1 yr. old. He is an indoor cat and he is home all day alone.

Is this cruel for the cat? I am thinking about getting another cat but I don't know how they would adjust to each




This is not cruel. Cats are solitary creatures that sleep a lot during the day. As long as you're around in the evening and pet him, play with should be fine.

Introducing another cat should also be fine. An old cat will usually adjust to a new cat over time. Just watch them at the beginning to make sure the 1 year old doesn't beat up on the newbie. Most often they will tolerate each other after the initial 1-3 day getting used to period.

Try and introduce the new cat slowly. Maybe in a cage for the first half hour or so. Let the 1 year old smell something of the new kitten.

You could also do something sneaky...if your cat likes catnip, rub a bit on the new kitten, and your cat should make friends quickly.

Things will go even smoother if the 1 year old is neutered.

Hope that helps.

Dog owner and breeder for over 20 years