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Cat health - Ask members * If your pet is vomiting-bleeding-diarrhea etc. Vet time!

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  1. Grade 6 heart murmur
  2. Laser declawing
  3. Cat acting weird and covered in some weird shmoo
  4. vomiting after eating, yet okay before and after
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  9. Cat Diarrhea: Please help!
  10. Diarreah 3 Weeks - Tests Don't Give Clarity
  11. Maroon Colored Poop - Is this normal?!
  12. skin tag or tick? (pics attached)
  13. I think we have come off the Hiatus!! Now what??
  14. Crystals?
  15. CAT with ARF (acute renal failure) having feeding problems need suggestions
  16. Sneezing,coughing-germs on clothing or on my dog!?Plus ok to wait, or?
  17. Pancreatitis in a Senior Cat(11)? In Pain?
  18. Cat, yeast infection in ears
  19. Aspiration pneumonia in cats
  20. Drooling in cats
  21. Meowing to the point that I might need a muzzle. I'm SLEEP DEPRIVED.
  22. New member with a CRF cat, need advice!
  23. high-quality wet food for kitty with struvite crystals in urine
  24. I need some help - Puking cat
  25. Three cats, weak hind legs
  26. Suspecting Urinal Infection On My Cat, NEED HELP!!!
  27. My Kitten
  28. Front paw/leg amputation cost?
  29. Aggression/territorial behaviour in cat
  30. Constipated Kitty :(
  31. Kitty not eating and losing weight
  32. Cat drinks over 320z a day, pees constantly.
  33. Cat with pancreatitis won't eat unless I'm watching
  34. Mouthwash for mouth sores
  35. Indoor cat - Dry cough attacks - heavy breathing - can't get comfortable
  36. Adult cat pooping on the floor!
  37. Something wrong with cat's paw ~ *Warning graphic pic* ~
  38. Hyperthyroid Cat - What foods other than y/d?
  39. Starving Marvin
  40. 5 month kitten losing hair on hind leg. Red skin.
  41. Cat has distended, leaking stomach, cloudy eyes, fur loss, weight loss
  42. Cat Peeing on the Floor
  43. Cat eye problem
  44. Cat vomited multiple times today
  45. Deaf Cat Howl - Rescue Remedy?
  46. Yoshimi lost her voice
  47. Old Cat Losing Hair? And Psychotic Mama Cat
  48. Cat is lethargic, not himself and is walking funny! What is the problem??
  49. Walking weakness but symptoms don't fit
  50. Growler
  51. Cat diagnosed with CRF
  52. Washout remedies for clomipramine?
  53. Poor kitty in third surgery right now since spay 2 weeks ago
  54. My CKD diagnosed cat won't eat, so I'm looking for a good Low Phosphorus food.
  55. Cat may be very ill, what do I do, what could it be?
  56. Cat Cold?
  57. Renal Failure and Cat Grass
  58. think my cat may have broken a stitch..
  59. Rabies Vaccination in Recently Adopted Cat
  60. Worrisome Hair Loss
  61. my poor baby
  62. Level 2 anti meow strategies ?
  63. Kidney Disease in my 2-year old cat
  64. Cat throws up after eating
  65. SPCA Said she was spayed, but is she in heat?
  66. cat with sore throat needs relief
  67. No Eyelids? No Problem!
  68. Until my cat's vet appointment... :(
  69. Eye Spots- what are they?
  70. Anal gland problem for Kira
  71. bleeding-diarrhea
  72. Greetings, cat eye discoloration
  73. Cat nail/claw problem
  74. Cat Urinary infection medication questions
  75. Growler re.Chico
  76. Is it safe?
  77. Do I give in to the Dry Kibble addict?
  78. 4 Year old male Abyssinian with small bald patches on ears
  79. Cat with UTI
  80. Inside cat pooping on floor after UT stone
  81. Frustrated about canned food ingredients for CKD cats
  82. Cranberry or N-Acetyl Glucosamine (Cystaid) for Cat's with Kidney Stones?
  83. At my wits end...
  84. Worried about 2 year old cat
  85. My cat's mystery illness...
  86. How to distinguish between diarrhea and pee litter balls?
  87. Nino has black roots?
  88. Ragdoll- soft stools
  89. Today Scully will be visiting the vet
  90. Reviews of Vitality Science Diarrhea protocol?
  91. This is a question and I am issuing a warning!
  92. Dani's last four questions
  93. thank you so so much Everyone: for your kind and wise words!
  94. Hello Kitty losing weight and just started throwing up
  95. Bruised Nose?
  96. Cats reaction to coconut oil
  97. Blood drops after pooing
  98. Teeth cleaning, removal, neck lesions, going raw and low WBC
  99. Cat Diagnosed With Diabetes
  100. Cat Lethargy
  101. Cat vomiting, human poor, help!
  102. my cat is dizzy and losing balance, please help
  103. need answer tonight....
  104. Danger in cat eating wasps?
  105. Free Methimizole to give away
  106. Sneezy congested cat
  107. Pregnant Dinosaur
  108. Cat full of fleas, not sure I can admin ''revolution''
  109. IBD help
  110. Help: Cat lost weight & lately stomach seems bloated
  111. Cat with bulging left eye
  112. Help! Senior Cat with dandruff/shedding/possible arthritis
  113. Trying to figgure out what was wrong with my cat, postmortem.
  114. Respiratory Infection in cat - Clavamox
  115. Dirty Nose
  116. Weight loss and diarrhea in 9 year old male cat
  117. bloated kitten with diarrhea
  118. Cats with CRF
  119. Cat with Muscle Spasms
  120. Feline Idiopathic Cystitis. Scully
  121. Cat ate fibrous white part of an orange
  122. A curious thing
  123. Leaking After Neuter?
  124. Cone of Shame
  125. The length of a cat's cold
  126. Any one has a cat that has grade 4 heart murmur and survived anesthesia?
  127. How many hours does your cat sleep?
  128. Cat losing fur near mouth, with brown dots
  129. Urination problems
  130. Question re: 12 week old kitten nursing on his sister
  131. Cat Asthma
  132. Cat With IBD and HCM
  133. Cat skin problems?
  134. Clouding of pupil in already blind cat eye
  135. Question about kidney...
  136. Discolouration of skin around eyes and lips
  137. Cat with limp tail/pain
  138. Help! My cat is sick
  139. Male kitty help!
  140. Feline Dental Disease / Stomatitas - Complication with Anesthetics
  141. Female cat defecating in the living room
  142. Metacam
  143. The constant meow battle: dieting!
  144. Blood marks
  145. Sick kitty :(
  146. Just get kittens for a depressed older cat - Do you agree?
  147. Cat With Diabetes - At my wits end..
  148. Declawed cat needs a buddy
  149. High quality cat food suggestions
  150. Male or female cat buddy
  151. neuter male cats?
  152. Is heat stressing my cat out?
  153. How many is a lot?
  154. Senior cat.. Sick or old age?
  155. IBD Kitty - Food?
  156. Mouth & paw lesions - please help
  157. 7.5 yo cat, heart murmur, not eating/drinking
  158. Sticky-trap removal
  159. Eye goo in cats
  160. cat and dog food
  161. Molly - Blood pressure
  162. Brushing cat teeth
  163. Cat respiratory disease
  164. cat anal glands
  165. Shedding tools
  166. Vacciations and calici virus
  167. Advice for sneezing kittens
  168. My cat is acing very strange.
  169. Hoping for some advice regarding rabies vaccination for my indoor cat
  170. Hairballs
  171. Safe bed bug treatment with cats in the house
  172. Struvite crystals + low phosphorous food
  173. Looking for some help/insight for our new white bengal kitten who is sick :(
  174. Nose Discharge
  175. Surgery or no surgery for lump, likely malignant
  176. Runny poops
  177. Chronic vomiting
  178. New Cat / Medi-Cal SO Alternatives...
  179. Possible asthmatic cat
  180. Will tea tree oil hurt my kitty?
  181. Dehydration in Kitten
  182. Chronic Rhinitis in cats
  183. Is my kitten depressed? Also high ALT?
  184. interpreting vet bill for steroid injections
  185. Sardines in tomato sauce...good or not?
  186. Cat eye swollen/watering
  187. Cat scared to eliminate
  188. My kitty is not eating :(
  189. very sick poisoned cat
  190. Found kitten and need advice
  191. Liver and spleen tumors
  192. Cat peeing outside of the litterbox?
  193. feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus
  194. 2yo male Exotic Shorthair dribbling urine
  195. ten year old calico/sudden, strange behavior?
  196. my kitten, Oscar has a hard time defecating.. I need advice
  197. Black spots/flakes on a healthy tabby's mouth?
  198. Cats taking Reactine
  199. Odd grooming, not fleas
  200. HELP Strange Symptoms Cat IS in the Hospital Vet stumped
  201. Cat sleeping cycles
  202. Cats taking Claratin
  203. Cats has itchy brown ears, no mites found
  204. Kitten with rear leg weakness- X-rays, blood work are fine
  205. Cat hasn't pooped in two days...?
  206. Hair loss in my cat
  207. 16 year old cat developed diabetes
  208. Common cold?
  209. Chronic URV vs Allergies?
  210. OTC Low Reside Diet
  211. Something Dripping from Cat?
  212. Gingivitis in Kittens
  213. Persistant Problem with Cats Eye
  214. Low cost vet services
  215. Kidney disease and hip fissure
  216. Mother cat hissing at 4 months old kitten after hospital visit
  217. Peeling paw pads. Bleeding underneath!!
  218. Has anyone tried any immune products on their cat?
  219. Cat had diarrhea after biting some wire
  220. Tonsilitis in a cat
  221. My cat has a deathwish!
  222. My daugther's cat is very ill and losing weight . :(
  223. Cats Legs stiff all the sudden
  224. Cat snoring/wheezing cause for concern?
  225. what would increasing the thiamine level in a kitties food do?
  226. FLUTD, Cat still having trouble peeing after Vet Visit..
  227. Please help! We simply don't know what to do... cat peeing all over house
  228. Emergency, sick 2 yr old cat. No Diagnosis!
  229. Safe to use flea collar after drops not too long ago?
  230. My indoor cat has hard protruding growths on pads and toes
  231. My cat is still very sick despite many vet visits
  232. Last-minute Advice Needed for Sick Cat
  233. Tags on cat paw
  234. Cat appears to be in pain while pooping
  235. Cat has broken his paw over a month ago and won't walk properly
  236. Cat skin ailment - help needed!
  237. Contagious sneezing without discharge
  238. Cat Abscess on Tail...Please help!
  239. Miss Collette is ripping her hair out.
  240. 19 yr old cat
  241. Asthma? Or pneumonia? Please I am desperate for help.
  242. Kitten Diarrhea after Neutering
  243. Risk level of Rogaine with cats
  244. Cat Asthma
  245. Caked blood on cats nose?
  246. Extremely odd behavior. Possible neuro?
  247. Cat's claw
  248. Springtime?
  249. 8 month kitty with anemic history having problems in the litterbox
  250. Cat startled by apparently nothing (neurological?)