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Cat health - Ask members * If your pet is vomiting-bleeding-diarrhea etc. Vet time!

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  1. Seth's muzzle....
  2. 3 week old kitten with diarrhea
  3. foods for a cat with the 'pre-curser' to KD
  4. Bonnie's bloodtest results are abnormal
  5. Worried about my cats with no a/c!
  6. CRF, diabetes insipitus and psychogenic polydipsia
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  8. Medi-Cal dental: does it work?
  9. Can anyone help?
  10. Is my former vet risking cats' health?
  11. Problem with Rockys eyes
  12. Low Potassium in Cat - When to Supplement??
  13. Cat has a cold even though vaccinated?
  14. Couple of cat questions.
  15. dermatitis in two cats
  16. Possible arthritis in my dog
  17. Rescued Cat losing fur...?
  18. Foster kitten, runt of litter having issues
  19. Advantage or not??
  20. My 21 year old cat, I am still amazed.
  21. My 21 year old cat, Tiggy
  22. Sore on bottom "lip"
  23. one testicle
  24. Cat With Liver Issues Is Not Pooping...
  25. My Cat needs help
  26. Smelly bloody rectal discharge in cat
  27. Eating litter and Lethargic.
  28. Assisted Feeding Cat...Breathing Issues...?
  29. SCM,Growler,Rocky test-results..
  30. Bowel Movement Problems
  31. Cat Missing Her Sister...
  32. Excessive ear scratching in kitten
  33. Cat diagnosed with IBD -
  34. Updates...
  35. My cat is prego and I need advice
  36. Gingivitis- Stomatitis, red gums in a 2 year cat.. Please Help!!
  37. My cat
  38. Seeking some general advise about my cat (health/behaviour)
  39. What is the best kitten formula?
  40. Which Flea Treatment is the safest?
  41. My Kitten Has Digestive Problems!
  42. 7 yr old cat with problem
  43. Health Concerns, Worms?
  44. New Kittens tested positive for Feline Leukemia
  45. Cat ate Chicken Bones
  46. Medicating cat with hyperthyroidism
  47. Need Advice on teeth and cat supplements
  48. cat sick or flees?
  49. Cardboard
  50. fluffy update
  51. HELP ME! I am losing my mind over cat that won't stop peeing
  52. clear liquid discharge in kitten
  53. clear liquid discharge in kitten
  54. kitten was stepped on. help
  55. Price for cat tooth extraction.
  56. My cat has discharge from his penis - please help!
  57. Glassy eyes and inner eye lids showing
  58. Lesion on gum
  59. neighborhood cat had stillborn
  60. Darby was sick
  61. Cat with IBD very sick - please help
  62. Safe and Effective Remedy for Cat Pimples
  63. Puddles and Jasper
  64. An amazing vet visit
  65. cat peeing everywhere
  66. Cat has lost weight
  67. Any sites I can go to?
  68. Horribly worried about lump in Nahlie's leg after vaccination! Please help.
  69. Winter is coming and the vet thinks Oscar has asthma
  70. Dry stool and new regimen suggestion?
  71. Hairloss in Rescued Cat
  72. My cat has serious issues...Please help.
  73. the cat ate sticky tack
  74. My cat is constipated and can't urinate!!!
  75. Bladder Infection in Cat - ?s
  76. frontline?
  77. Can cat in heat cause UT infection in fixed male?
  78. catnip
  79. Cat not using the litterbox...
  80. Cosequin for cats in Canada?
  81. Help! kitty eating food not for him!
  82. When it rains it pours!!!
  83. Help!!! My 4year old kitty has fatty liver disease!!
  84. 4 hrs and going
  85. Did the vet make a blunder?
  86. Experience with Colloidal Silver?
  87. cat in heat drooling?
  88. Copy Cat?
  89. Broken Bone(s)
  90. Infection in Bengal Queen
  91. Oscar's down by 2 pounds and I'm a wreck!!
  92. Spay Pregnant cat? Should I? Shouldn't I?
  93. cat will not pee properly
  94. Kitty with gingivitis - teeth cleaning?
  95. Something is up with Rupert!?!?
  96. question about cat bronchitis
  97. feliway plug ins
  98. New cat is badly sick
  99. Getting cat in carrier
  100. Owners with cats with HyperT
  101. Taking Ziggy to the Vet
  102. Adopted sick cat, now both sick
  103. One of my cats is peeing blood
  104. got Ozzie in carrier
  105. Cat sick
  106. Bladder Stones: Diet or Surgery???
  107. Ozzie had all teeth removed
  108. TT had a visit to the vets today
  109. I'm so worried about my boy!!
  110. Runny goopy eyes...getting worse :(
  111. What kind of food for Ozzie
  112. I think Oksana is constipated
  113. How many bowel movements a day is normal for a kitty?
  114. Another ER trip for Oscar last night though he seems fine now
  115. Need diet advice for Calcium Oxolate stones
  116. Suddenly aggressive Cat
  117. Could salmon have caused a UTI?
  118. How long till Amitriptyline helps
  119. Cat losing hair!
  120. cat drooling and falling over
  121. Sneezing Fits - Worried
  122. Bad Bad furmommy I am...
  123. Willie is not feeling well
  124. forced declawing care questions!
  125. I need all the help I can get please.
  126. long term use of slippery elm
  127. Worried about big time stress for Oscar - holistic solutions?
  128. FDA Issues alert for Vestulin
  129. Thankyou cat gurus...but I have yet another question
  130. cat twitching
  131. Fleas ?
  132. Lump on chest & trouble breathing
  133. Cat pulling out fur.
  134. Scaly/flaky skin?
  135. Little Cat peeing everywhere after move
  136. Confused, Frustrated, Annoyed HELP!
  137. loss
  138. Sick afer shots?
  139. ear mite medication
  140. Licked his belly what?
  141. Spaying the Older Cat
  142. oral syringe meds tips appreciated :)
  143. My cat has been vomitting all day
  144. SCM, Growler-Jasper's BW
  145. Are all cavities black??
  146. Kitten - Mucus?
  147. Constant diarrhea in mom's cat
  148. ...And Oscar's BACK on the fluoxetine!
  149. Alfie - cat with infected claw, now not eating. Vet not too worried...?
  150. Can Wellness canned food cause crystals or is it hereditary?
  151. Uh Oh! Not sure if something is wrong but Forest vomitted and peed at the same time!
  152. Cat on death-bed following vet visit...please help!
  153. If you live in Ontario, who is your Vet?
  154. Shelter Cats
  155. Need help with kitty
  156. I know onions are toxic but I can't find how much!
  157. Prednisolone for cat's asthma
  158. Prednisolone for cat's asthma
  159. small lump under skin
  160. Diabetic Cat Diet
  161. Kitty has me stumped...
  162. All bad news all the time...
  163. Something is wrong with Puddles
  164. Rupert Keeps Pulling His Fur Out
  165. Brownie's update
  166. Cat sneezing/hiccuping?
  167. how do you know when it is time
  168. cat vomiting and not eating
  169. Happy Holidays Everyone! (Off Topic)
  170. Looking for info on Ideopathic Cystitus
  171. I'm hoping something I found helps Oksana
  172. Tessie has just tested FIV+
  173. Hair loss and losing weight
  174. Asthma
  175. She won't stop peeing outside the box
  176. my heart is breaking
  177. Drooling
  178. Fiv and FeLV in felines
  179. White lump / bump on inside of my cats lip
  180. Back Home and straight to the vet
  181. Punky has periodic sneezing bouts
  182. A question about Windy...
  183. Lazy Lucy
  184. Lazy Lucy
  185. I need to know if this is normal
  186. Post colonoscopy behavior
  187. Male or female????
  188. Rupert has Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex
  189. Overweight Female Cat
  190. Cat with ocular herpes
  191. Lysine usage
  192. Brownie's vet visit
  193. Fuzz has a blocked bladder!!
  194. I am new here...
  195. Chloe has a little cough still after her spay
  196. Megacolon: med managment vs surgery
  197. Cat Grass
  198. Rose-Atravet
  199. cat caught a bat?
  200. 4 cats, 4 litter boxes, pee everywhere but inside the boxes
  201. Migrating Microchip
  202. Vaccination Side Effects?
  203. Hair balls or something a bit more...
  204. Cat bite infection
  205. Heart Mumur in Oriental Shorthair
  206. Just had 2 female cats fixed, their sides look funny.
  207. Please help!
  208. Sick kitty. . Poor thing!
  209. So how do you know?
  210. Concerned about my cat.
  211. my cat lost alot of weight but acts healthy
  212. Bladder Stone Surgery
  213. How to manage Calicivirus?
  214. ginger cat w/ rare anemia disease (seemingly Feline Infectious Anemia)
  215. Vlad's vet visit
  216. Did I get a flea bite?
  217. Bladder Stones
  218. Recurring UTI - Thoughts or advice?
  219. What went wrong with my Cat?
  220. Cat constantly itching (allergy)
  221. Cat is chewing himself raw!
  222. Taper cat off of Prednisolone?
  223. Odd tail issue
  224. Just Nuetered male cat refuses to rest
  225. Heart murmur and, guess what, it's not Oscar!
  226. Metacam use in cats
  227. Low Platelet Count - Thrombocytopenia
  228. HypOthyroidism *sigh*
  229. paper eating
  230. 10 Month old - Stiff legs, weak
  231. Does my cat need fluids? BUN 90, creatnin 3.9
  232. Posting this for Linda Guay - new member
  233. Conjunctivitis (Pink eye) Again??
  234. Cat just got neutered, licking his wound..
  235. CRF cat suddenly pooped outside the box
  236. Does pet insurance cover CRF?
  237. Using Revolution & Allwormer at same time?
  238. My cat gets brutally beat up
  239. Vlad's eye.
  240. Ill cat
  241. Why does the kitty have really greasy fur?
  242. Gizzy has growths in his left front paw?
  243. Cat frozen ears
  244. Um, Yikes!
  245. Cat-Vomit-Drooling-Dizzy-Disoriented-Seizures?
  246. Rocky not doing too great..
  247. Auto-immune disorder?
  248. natural relief for constipation in cats
  249. Crystals in pee
  250. It pains my cat to put her leg down