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Cat health - Ask members * If your pet is vomiting-bleeding-diarrhea etc. Vet time!

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  2. Vet update on the Persian that was found
  3. Took in a sick stray, it's starving, I'm clueless......
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  7. cat poop stinks and is pink is he ok
  8. Odd scabbing on Calico
  9. good low-phosphorus cat food?
  10. If anyone has any idea for my cat...
  11. cat sciatic nerve damage knuckling
  12. How to give a sick cat medication
  13. Update on fostered mama cat and kittens
  14. Stray cat and treatment?
  15. Fungal? infection, tip of ear
  16. Feline Stomatitis
  17. Cat and Chicken Bones
  18. kitten needs a home but--
  19. Cat with HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy)
  20. my cats downer lip is very swollen
  21. Cats seem to not be eating as much
  22. Lady cat, weight lose but eating down the house
  23. Muscle Spasms
  24. Cat won't eat new diet
  25. Willie is at the vets
  26. Is this normal?????
  27. Acetaminophen and cat emergency!!!???
  28. need to get cat to eat
  29. Cat eating Christmas Tree!
  30. Hi everyone! I'm new, this is my first question, perhaps someone can help??
  31. Kitty has split claws....
  32. Is my cat at risk?
  33. Microchips
  34. Urgent advice needed re: pet sedation
  35. Stray with a Owwie
  36. What is this please?
  37. heart failure in cat
  38. Has your cat taken Clavamox? What did you experience?
  39. Urinary Blockage
  40. Help finding vet on Sunday
  41. Not defecating and fluid in lungs
  42. Willie is sneezing a lot
  43. Metacam and my cat; overdose
  44. Help! My cat urinates in bed
  45. Pinched Nerve(?)
  46. pooping problems
  47. Help diagnose
  48. Male cat leaving wet spots?
  49. Hairball or Sick?
  50. Heart Murmur in my cat please help!
  51. My constipated cat. Help!
  52. Theodore doesn't gain weight
  53. delete please - accidental duplicate post
  54. anyone else experience kitty "runs" when feeding EVO ancestral diet dry?
  55. Help please: Dosage/administration info for Vetmedin
  56. Denosyl
  57. My cat is drooling excessively!!
  58. wheezing and allery symptoms
  59. nipple leaking blood
  60. Mucus in eyes (cat not grooming)
  61. hypertrophic cardiomyopathey and hyperthyroid. so worried
  62. kitty spayed
  63. Cat's leg infection-to bandage or not?
  64. Chronic anal gland blockage
  65. Joint Problem or something else?
  66. Feline Herpes cat - running out of ideas...
  67. Shadow Declawed??
  68. Help! Stomatitis, No Teeth and Food
  69. Can you help me with a piece of veterinary trivia
  70. Lossing balance
  71. Suggestions for getting a cat to drink?
  72. Really gross diarrhea found in my kitchen...
  73. Weakened back/hind legs
  74. help please
  75. Brady and his vet visit
  76. Is it a coincidence that since male cat died our female cat keeps urinating?
  77. Cat with urinary blockage
  78. There is something wrong with my cat...
  79. Best way to move the cats?
  80. Cat in heat
  81. Help! about cat's gum disease
  82. Pericardial-peritoneal Hernia
  83. What is considered a regular bowel movement?
  84. Injured doesnt know what to do
  85. My kitten has diarrhea :\
  86. my cat (born may 8 2008)
  87. Gray scaly patch......
  88. A Fat Cat's Mental Health
  89. Cat running and pooping all over house....please help!!
  90. Book Recommendations: Cat Health, especially older cats
  91. Chronic renal failure and raw diet
  92. Chronic Respiratory Infection
  93. Hairball problem? Athsma? Help!
  94. My sister's cat is on heat all the time
  95. ??preg. kitty??
  96. Help please!! Advice on clavamox.. or diet change? and more!
  97. Stool Color Change
  98. Long-hair cat losing fur *pics
  99. Hey guys, need some expert advice about my cat.
  100. Bloody stool
  101. Trembleing?
  102. One of my worst fears... pink in the litterbox
  103. Seth's Mouth
  104. Post-Nightmare/Dream Biting??
  105. Advice needed on amount of food for overwight cats
  106. Wondering about my Kitty Food
  107. Old age or is something wrong?
  108. L-Lysine for URI?
  109. 12-year-old tabby with very high liver enzyme levels, at death's door
  110. Male cat has urinary blockage
  111. Couple of things
  112. Poopy trail all over the office!
  113. My cat dont want to eat and in pain
  114. Cat spayed twice - still in heat!
  115. the runs
  116. Need advice on Cats paw problems
  117. 5 m/o kitten with mild blood in poo
  118. 18 yr old cat with kidney stones
  119. A First-Aid kit for Maggie
  120. How can I litter train older cat?
  121. Rashes off and on for 3 months
  122. 16yr+ male, licks lips, lethargic, not eating, etc
  123. chronic sinusitis cat -- desperately seeking ideas
  124. My cats need to lose weight - HELP!
  125. My cat's strange behaviour change?
  126. Advantage Multi to feeding cat
  127. Bacterial infection or other cause for peeing trouble?
  128. Cat throwing up
  129. Low phosphorus vitamin chews?
  130. My kitty has lumps
  131. Blood in urine
  132. New kitty has heart murmur but needs neuter
  133. Hyperthyroidism
  134. Giuseppe won't eat
  135. Senior Cat with thickened claws
  136. Someone help ease my anxiety..
  137. Is it hairball season or what???
  138. cat pancreatic cancer?
  139. Kitten hurt! Help!
  140. after a pet dies
  141. HELP! Clindamycin reaction?
  142. Male cat with soft stools
  143. Hypercalcemic Cat...need help
  144. Is it cancer?
  145. Kitten Eating Less?
  146. Severe food allergy - my kitty
  147. My cat has gone and broken herself...
  148. Cat allergic to stitches
  149. cat phobia?
  150. 2,000 dollars later and still no answers.
  151. My kitty has FelV
  152. My CRF kitty isn't doing too well. Pics included
  153. how long can it take for a cat to get used to being indoors?
  154. Cat can't pee n spotting red
  155. Cat poops when jumping or being picked up?
  156. pregnant cat with ringworm
  157. ring around the neck?
  158. Cat Neutering
  159. cat asthma
  160. Cat drinking, but still refusing to eat on her own after kidney issues
  161. My cat doesn't want to come out from under the bed
  162. Behavioral changes in my cat and looking for insight.
  163. Sweet Pea
  164. Karlton Has a Limp
  165. Bunduk's at the vet
  166. Constipation and my kitty
  167. Vinnie at the vets today
  168. Cat has bladder infection but only has pooped once in 48 hrs
  169. Introduction of new kitten to old cat not going well
  170. Next question. Dandruff treatment for cats?
  171. Hyperesthesia Syndrome
  172. Update on Karlton
  173. Tiny (3 oz) kitten feeding question
  174. End of Karlton's tail came off!!! HELP!
  175. Why cats stick their bums in the air when you pet them - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden
  176. How quickly would I notice signs of Aspiration Pneumonia?
  177. Cat not using the bathroom, eating or drinking
  178. Cat Cold???
  179. What might be causing infection?
  180. None of the usual "sick" signs, but something is still not right.
  181. Vomit and meds(Rocky)
  182. urgent cat problem - very strange coincidences
  183. Vomiting and possible CRF
  184. Dental Cleaning Concern!!
  185. Help! Dexter has Crystals
  186. Feline CRF, heart murmur & arthritis - just looking for support
  187. Vomiting at night
  188. Feline Herpes plus allergies?
  189. Cat having strong spasms while sleeping!
  190. Toronto vet recommendations
  191. Is polysporin safe for cats to lick?
  192. Our Brand New Cat...URI?
  193. Kitten can't meow
  194. Cat coughs after drinking water
  195. My male cat has a swollen red penis and cries just walking around.
  196. Mini Kitty....
  197. Poor Kitty not eating and mucas like discharge under tail
  198. Very worried and stressed
  199. My cat was diagnosed with broncho-interstitial patter-and thickining with Fibrosis
  200. Not an emergency. shedding?
  201. scab on cat's nose
  202. how many calories does friskies dry food have?
  203. Vinnie did it again
  204. Mystery poop on the floor.
  205. dry skin/brushing
  206. Antifreeze?
  207. Cat eating but not eating enough
  208. infected eye socket? - one eyed cat
  209. Discolored Paw pad
  210. Pencil thin stool
  211. Tangled umbilical cord to Newborn Kittenhttp
  212. Kidney Failure
  213. Eye Questions
  214. Several issues with older cat
  215. Argh! Why does my guy eat everything?! (Toxic Plants)
  216. cat not eating much
  217. Sick Cat, already took to vet, need advice pls.
  218. Loosing weight?
  219. Monitoring Tux....
  220. Chronic Stomatitis
  221. My 9 year old cat fluffy-you may remember me?
  222. Cat's chin & mouth is raw
  223. older cat
  224. Horrible Skin Problem in Our Cat
  225. my cat
  226. Orphan kittens refuse to be fed
  227. I don't know what to do
  228. Cat with suspected nerve damage self mutilating paw
  229. Advantage/Advantage Multi??? Or nothing?
  230. second opinion on gums please
  231. Sick Pet - No Vet
  232. Food and/or Supplements for FIV/FeLV+ cats
  233. Vinnie is sick
  234. All three at the vet
  235. Food for a Sphynx?
  236. Sweet Pea Rabies vaccine
  237. Safe collars for outdoor cats
  238. 16 year old cat with diarrhea
  239. Homeopath GTA (North of Toronto)
  240. Worried about the lack of my cats bowl movements that I have just noticed
  241. Need help after 2 trips to vet.. Ulcers on Cats lip
  242. Crook 14 year old male cat
  243. Help with my cat eating peeing not pooing and no vomitting
  244. Best age to do ultrasound for kitten's heart murmur?
  245. My cat Simba is acting strange
  246. My Cat is Losing Fur
  247. Eating fur/lint
  248. Eye Infection Question?
  249. Reaction to Flea Treatment
  250. much?