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Grade 6 heart murmur

October 27th, 2012, 11:04 AM
My cat's been on medicine for a heart murmur for a couple of years now. He was lethargic, but after given the medicine (and some sort of ultrasound/x-ray thing that he hated), bounced back in a week or so. He went from having to be carried everywhere/staying in my bedroom to getting mad when carried anywhere, and getting put back out to the rest of the house to hang with the other cat/do general cat things. I'm lucky that he's very good at taking pills (but if you cut his claws, you will pay!)

My worry comes from the fact that the vet told me today that the heart murmur was now at grade 6. I was also told that he could die in about 2 months-2 years. He's a six-year-old cat now, and is otherwise okay. He has a healthy appetite (so "healthy" that we had to put him on a diet so he could lose weight, but he's okay now), is about as active as you'd expect a cat his age. He will sometimes play with toys, and tease the other cat. He likes to be petted, and will happily seek out attention. I was told that he had good teeth. Should I be too worried about this? Has any cat had a heart murmur that severe and lived a good while?

November 1st, 2012, 02:09 PM
Hi Bananaquit - welcome to the forum.

The very best information about feline heart issues is sure to be had here:

This group has been around for almost 13 years, and more than 2300 people are/have been members. Specialized groups like this are really 'the go-to experts' on the 'net - the combined experience and information found there certainly outstrips what anyone's individual Vet can provide.

I know that that's where I'd be if I were dealing with this condition.