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Cat health - Ask members * If your pet is vomiting-bleeding-diarrhea etc. Vet time!

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  1. My cat felt from the 6th floor
  2. Hard bump on kitty's tail?
  3. cat emergency, looking for our options
  4. Onnie Diarrhea
  5. My cat has a crust like formation on her fore paw central pad
  6. Why does my cats hair come off easy?
  7. some advice please on subtotal colectomy
  8. Gastric problem in a cat
  9. Dr Lee - Is it just bruising?
  10. Rhino - what I did to cure...could it be?
  11. Feline Leukemia please help
  12. cat/dog food
  13. Hair loss after neutering
  14. 15-month old female kitty, low potassium, low weight . . . but otherwise fine???
  15. Any way to slow tooth decay aside from cleaning?
  16. Purring problem
  17. Growth on neck its itchy???
  18. Losing Fur On My Cats Arm?
  19. How to know when your cat is about to give birth...
  20. what about natural remedies for cats that are alcohol-based?
  21. black pimple on the left side of the cat's neck
  22. Cat's eye is swollen shut?!
  23. Kitty with dry paw pads
  24. My cat has a spinal cord injury
  25. cat blood in urine
  26. Hyperthyroid and Kidney Disease
  27. Cat overgrooming? Noticed winged bug
  28. Just got back from the vet with Czari
  29. excessive cleaning
  30. Three Legged Missy ran away and came back w/ a broken leg
  31. Dental work for cats?
  32. Cat constipation
  33. Rabies shots for cats
  34. My cat pooped on the floor!!
  35. Vaccine or not??
  36. Cat ate catnip mouse
  37. Something is wrong with Onnie, scared
  38. Rocky,Chico vet-visit today.
  39. upper respiratory infections in cats
  40. Fainting cat
  41. outdoor cat has not ben teted or vaccinated since 2008
  42. Bomber is sick again
  43. Opinions wanted about Oksana
  44. Prednisone,side-affects???
  45. URGENT: 3 Legged cat needing another leg amputated!
  46. Kidney Disease, Kidney Failure and CRF??
  47. How to help my kidney cat gain weight
  48. When is Sub Q fluid inappropriate?
  49. Punky has tested FIV positive
  50. New Here - with a very sick kitty
  51. maroon discharge + gas + empty answers
  52. Clindamycin for Colitis?
  53. Vaccination and FIV Positive Cats
  54. cat is sick...need ideas...already went to vet
  55. My cat is not himself
  56. Why do so many cat have kidney-failure?
  57. Help new momma kitty
  58. Cat not eating, only drinking water, vomiting, please help
  59. My Tiny Miss had anal glad issues.
  60. Severly matted long-haired kitty-assistance plz!
  61. No idea for poor Viateur!
  62. Naddy - my observations
  63. Cat is shedding LOTS
  64. cat nose discoloration?
  65. Bad couple of months and now Oscar is sick again!
  66. Daves respiritory problems
  67. cat allergy possible, puzzled
  68. Another trip to the vet for Oksana
  69. ear/mouth problem? + toronto emergency vet.
  70. Cat Meowing
  71. Cat becomes ill every week, what could it be?
  72. Cat hit, partial paralyzed...suggestions?
  73. amitriptyline??
  74. Not sure what to except with spaying my cat.
  75. Could Punky have feline hyperesthesia syndrome????
  76. feliway diffusers- success?
  77. Cat with Nose Issue
  78. Neurologic Problem - Please respond!
  79. Scrathes on cat's nose
  80. Cat is losing weight
  81. Constipated Cat
  82. Revolution for cats
  83. Sick Kitty - Looking for any Advice :(
  84. bald spot on 1/4 of cat's face--between eye and ear
  85. Cat Peeing & Pooing Everywhere!
  86. Feline Bladder Tumor
  87. cats drinking lots
  88. cat abscess
  89. Advice/opinions on cat with Stomatitis
  90. Bengal brothers with elevated creatinine - need input!
  91. I think Oscar's ok now so I'm not sure if I should go ahead with expensive diagnostic
  92. Cat Depression
  93. what happened to my cat
  94. Bleeding nipple on male kitty?
  95. Advice for difficult cat with IBD
  96. Ozzy not doing so well again
  97. Feline Diabetes
  98. CRF cat vomiting since introduction of meds and LP food
  99. Cat cold: not getting better or worse for a long time.
  100. Zelda is trippin'!
  101. Puddles
  102. Need some good vibes and prayers for Benni
  103. Vinnie is fat,please help!
  104. Manual Expression of Bladder
  105. FHV? Please Help!
  106. Update on Smokey's Unexplained Weight Loss
  107. sore on lip (pictures) please help
  108. Allergic reactions?
  109. swollen eye?
  110. Loose stool
  111. Agoraphobic with a big heart and a new rescue
  112. Poo questions
  113. Probiotics?
  114. my cat
  115. Need a new vet!
  116. Elevated Calcium
  117. Rope from hardware store safe for kitty?
  118. kitten has cluster of lumps on back and side of her tongue
  119. Greenies Treats and loose stool
  120. Canada Lynx with serious problem
  121. Whats wrong with my cat
  122. Cat vomiting after, and only after, eating wet food
  123. Another Update on Smokey's Unexplained Weight Loss
  124. Scully is not feeling well :( Need a hand please
  125. I'm new... dealing with Feline Leukemia
  126. How long is too long for not pooping?
  127. My cat has a fibrosarcoma on his leg, help!!
  128. Trying to find some answers
  129. Update on Mr Miyagi
  130. Scully not feeling whell... Again :'(
  131. Weak hind legs
  132. To tube or not to tube ...........
  133. Help!! Slightly Hig Creatine :(
  134. cat cooing
  135. Whats up kitty's liver problems?
  136. L4H,how is Sweet-Pea
  137. Snuffly Cat
  138. CRF and Probiotics
  139. cat with kidney failure, now has bladder infection
  140. Buddy off to the vets today....
  141. Cat sneezing/wheezing/coughing URI?
  142. Permanent mouth problem
  143. Cat is not pooping vet says not constipated HELP
  144. Collecting urine samples from cats
  145. Cat Vaccinations
  146. Spud has a bladder infection *sigh*
  147. Cat Ear Bleeding, need help fast!
  148. Need some advice!
  149. Alleric cat
  150. Cats - Hepatic Lipidosis - Tube Feeding
  151. sick cat
  152. leg tumor (cat)
  153. Cat spraying problem....
  154. Lump at vaccine site after 13 days--still there 7 days later
  155. Cat Has Worms In Skin
  156. Fleas on cat?
  157. Help- Any ideas
  158. cat with very swollen lymph nodes
  159. Brady may have mouth Cancer
  160. Cat Bladder Infection
  161. Does anyone have a cat who was diagnosed with Pancreatitis?
  162. Feeding a cat with Kidney Failure in a multicat home..
  163. Cat hasn't pooped in two days?
  164. *frustration* with ongoing peeing issues
  165. Ideas for skin tumor treatment
  166. Cat has trouble breathing...?(probably)
  167. Arthritis and Meloxicam
  168. (Chronic) CRF Cat - Age 6 - Questions
  169. Cat infection in ear and eye -
  170. phantom itch
  171. Spud had surgery today
  172. Heat after spaying.
  173. Little Miss Hussy Cat!!
  174. snoring cat?
  175. Cat has bowel movement in sleep
  176. Red Bumps on Cat's Lower Lip
  177. Epilepsy and Castration
  178. Stinky poos for a little kitten!
  179. Known health issues- cause for more???
  180. Pancreas Issues?
  181. Is too much tuna juice bad for a cat? If so how much is too much?
  182. Cats Vomiting
  183. 2 year old neutered male cat is urinating on our dogs beds
  184. Severe diarrhea?
  185. Peripheral Nerve Sheeth Tumor
  186. Anal Prolapse
  187. He 'chooses' when to use the litter box?
  188. 2 problems,Vinnie and Chico
  189. Cat antibiotic question
  190. Runny eye?
  191. Foster Kitten with URI
  192. Strange cat illness - maybe neurological?
  193. Cat with hazy eyes...
  194. Dry pads
  195. Cat coughing... please help
  196. So my cat was diagnosed with roundworms D:
  197. Vomitting Cat...again
  198. Still searching for cure for kitty ear gunk
  199. Giving liquid meds to a cat
  200. My cat bites me (hard)
  201. Nino Went to The Vet Today!!
  202. Laxatives & all not working on my cat
  203. 7 year old with CRF, Questions
  204. Cloudy Eye and Anguished attitude
  205. Male cat with swollen mammery glands.
  206. General Health Advice for a cat with FeLV
  207. Mysterious Maine Coon eye problems
  208. Odd problem and he's going to have to go if it keeps up
  209. My cat hasn't pooped in 2 days
  210. Pilling The Nino!(Land shark)
  211. Please Help! My cat has twisted a toe badly
  212. I just noticed my cat is missing an extreme amount of teeth
  213. amitriptyline: Anyone tried it?
  214. On behalf of a friends cat...
  215. Vinnie AND Chico sick
  216. Bloody stool/Hyperthyroidism
  217. Cat's mouth hanging open!
  218. Idiopathic Vestibular disease or more serious?
  219. My cat is CONSTANTLY licking his 'privates'
  220. cat with bad breath
  221. Cat has Jaundice & Gall Stones
  222. My kitten was spayed and did not seem so...
  223. Tritan is having emergency surgery,,,right now!!!
  224. Can females in heat change their eating habits?
  225. Covenia
  226. Licked chocolate pudding
  227. When Drooling and Weight Loss Becomes Serious - Jasmine's Story
  228. My cats are addicted :(
  229. spay scheduled......again
  230. Growth on pad of cat's foot
  231. litter box mineral oil please
  232. Anyone ever use Program for ringworm?
  233. cat peeing blood / possible kidney stone
  234. Perenial Hernia After Returning From Vet
  235. Kitty cold
  236. Severe immunological problems in kitten
  237. Cat having problems after spaying (diarrhea)
  238. Help: multiple cat issues
  239. Paging SCM for home remedy for IBS
  240. New here - cat losing weight
  241. Herbal Stress/Anxiety Medication for cats
  242. My cat keeps pooping on the floor
  243. Swollen Mammary glands.
  244. Allergies
  245. travelling - need to give meds ?
  246. Is my cat injured and/or in pain?
  247. Soft stool in my cat , I am worried
  248. Dusty
  249. Nerve Damage to Leg--2 yr old cat
  250. CRF Cat in need of feeding help