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Diarreah 3 Weeks - Tests Don't Give Clarity

Miss Bliss
November 23rd, 2012, 07:31 AM

My cat Chi has had diarrhea now for 3 weeks and a few days. It all started about a month ago when she came indoors started moaning, vomiting and let loose yellow diarrhea ON THE SPOT where she collapsed.

We live way out in the boonies. Way, way out. There was no way I could then get her to a vet, I administered to her charcoal tablets every half hour, Rescue Remedy and prayed like a crazy woman. Bargained with God to spare her. And He did.

That was weeks ago. Since then she's had diarrhea - and foul smelling feces. As soon as she eats, she goes to the litter box. The stool is very light brown and mud like.

She'd been to countless vets over the course of 2 years prior to this - with various ailments from ear infections, to startling suddenly, to constipation, hemorrhoids, shaking of the head and general not feeling or being herself.

Over the course of this time it was suggested and even indicated through the blood tests that she had some kind of allergy. Though the cause was never found.

She basically eats a variety of foods - from Fancy Feast, to cooked poultry, to some fish in the past, and some grain free kibble.

The vet saw her this week - and gave us Flagyl - then another abx. That had zero impact. I give her Slipper Elm, homeopathic remedies s- Nux Vom - that too doesn't effect or stop the diarreah.

I'm thinking at this point - either it's IBD, pancreatic insufficiency or an allergy to food.

She's not losing weight, she's drinking a lot of water and sleeping too. Her eyes also look glassy. The white of the eye - inner rim - was half covering the eye. It's a bit better now.

Stool sample was taken - no parasites were found.
I stopped the Flagyl and the abx.

Any thoughts or ideas on how to get her relief? The vets here are pretty much clueless.

Miss Bliss

November 23rd, 2012, 10:04 AM
Do you think someone could had given your cat something toxic or ate a mice that was dead from poison?

November 23rd, 2012, 12:39 PM
Have the vets tested her for hyperthyroid? Sometimes the symptoms can mimic pancreatic insufficiency.

Have you tried a probiotic? Or, if you think it's pancreatic insufficiency, an enzyme supplement? Your vets might be able to give you some suggestions on supplements to try if you 'nudge' them in the right direction. :)