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Cat health - Ask members * If your pet is vomiting-bleeding-diarrhea etc. Vet time!

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  1. Bengal Cat with heart Murmur
  2. Swollen Belly
  3. How long before an enema for a cat is necessary?
  4. Help with possible FIP
  5. Lethargic Cat, with Some Vomiting
  6. How long does loose stool/diarrhea last in cat after food change?
  7. Questions about Tux's death
  8. Cat can't relax bladder
  9. How do you all pay for vet bills?
  10. passing out kitty
  11. feral kitty ticking color change
  12. Slippery Elm
  13. Please help - FeLV+ cat isn't eating
  14. dosage of slippery elm
  15. Swollen Belly (ascites or FIP ?)
  16. Eye infection? Cataract?
  17. Whiskas Temptations Overload
  18. My beloved tortie, named Blackie is very ill.
  19. kitty's two part poops
  20. Noroclav 125 mg tablets
  21. Lily Leaves - Guaranteed ARF (Acute renal failure)?
  22. spot on flea and tick meds
  23. White Cloud in my Cat's Eye?
  24. Growth on cat's private.
  25. Neutered cat still sprays, resistant to treatment.
  26. Heavy breathing, weak cat :(
  27. something is not right with my cat.. any ideas?
  28. wounded cat
  29. My two cats are growling at each other.
  30. Cat eating houseflies
  31. teeth showed up odd in pic
  32. Fortekor Can It Cause Side Effects or Problems For Cats
  33. Cat limping on back legs after first dental cleaning
  34. uneven pupils
  35. Sphynx cat skin and sunburn
  36. kitten in tree :(
  37. A spaying side effect?
  38. Hiding After Vaccines
  39. Smokey's Unexplained Weight Loss - Update
  40. 17 Year old Cat
  41. Pain and not eating
  42. White Devon Rex Kitten
  43. Myriad of kitten problems :(
  44. Cat Constipation
  45. feline hypotension
  46. FIV/Luekemia testing
  47. Cat scratching a lot?
  48. Valerian & Cats
  49. New cat owner question
  50. sick cat
  51. Cat's Poop Shape Changed..
  52. Skin condition
  53. Phosphates in lactose reduced cat milk ~ for CRF cat
  54. Rescued Kitty, Jacques!
  55. Cat Skin Necrosis and Seroma after Leg Amputation
  56. Help! My cat is eating her fur and losing weight...
  57. Cat veterinarian Montreal - recommendations?
  58. Fatty Liver Syndrome
  59. So Glad I'm Doing The Sub-Q Myself
  60. Cat won't use litter, I've tried EVERYTHING!
  61. Petzlife salmon or mint?
  62. 10 Year Old
  63. litter box usage stopped after antibiotic
  64. Cat Growing & Hissing at My Other Cats?
  65. spayed cat in heat????
  66. So Coco Had to Visit the Vet!!
  67. chronic renal failure supplies-edmonton area
  68. URGENT - low platelets, red cells, white cells, bleeding - at specialist need advice
  69. Running & Pooping (behavior/medical)
  70. How long to quarantine?
  71. Help for our Adopted cat!
  72. Breathing funny when purring
  73. My cats is acting strange, possibly not feeling well?
  74. stormy is very scared more so then normal
  75. Kitten with a cloudy eye
  76. Continous licking
  77. Kitty leaking from her vag
  78. 5 month old Manx kitten won't poop
  79. How long can my cat go without using the litterbox?!
  80. Food suggestions for preventing UTI/Crystals
  81. Please help! Cat weak in back legs/urinating issue
  82. Low Cost Spaying in Oxford County, Elgin County area, ontario?
  83. Cat is sick i need help
  84. How far along could she be?
  85. Very sick 4 month old oriental kitten
  86. Dead kitty, 2 more at risk :(
  87. feline leukaemia and complications
  88. 2 years old cat suddenly angry and spitting
  89. Cat had hair pulled off - need advice
  90. Kimchi
  91. Feral cat colony with severe diarrhea
  92. 3 cats, 1 smelly problem. Please help!
  93. Frequent vomiting - vet appt made.
  94. Cat has bacteria in urine
  95. Worried about Little Loki
  96. Anaphylactic shock in cat--what next?
  97. Signs of Starvation in cats?
  98. Blood in poop! Poisoning or worms/parasites?
  99. cat has sore after fight
  100. Hurt Cat
  101. Bump on head
  102. Gracie and metacam
  103. What is wrong with my sick 5 month kitty!?
  104. Scar Tissue??..or something else????
  105. 6 month old cat drooling 48 hrs after spay
  106. CRF and Allergy Problem. Need Advice...
  107. Need Advice from people who has a cat with Liver disease
  108. My cat spike balding and loosing weight
  109. At wits end, cat afraid
  110. What's wrong with my cat?
  111. cat not going to bathroom
  112. Wife and I on government disabilty need vet help
  113. Growth on My Cats Front Right Shoulder Area
  114. Chico HyperT.
  115. Grr Has Hot Spots
  116. Renal food for cats
  117. Alternative to Anesthetics?
  118. Alert! Muldy becoming OBESE!
  119. Paper Towel & Cats
  120. FeLv+, senior cat, Aural hematoma, Convenia & Matacam question.
  121. Cholangiohepatits, CRF AND Now Pancreatitis Too
  122. Mervin is leaking solids :(
  123. Took my money & pushed me out the door
  124. Questions on pregnant cat and vaccines.
  125. Serena and draino
  126. Partial tail removal question..
  127. Hyperthyroid cat, need experiences
  128. Troubled black cat
  129. why doent my cat hold it
  130. Cat puts feet in water bowl
  131. Cat with Hyperthyroidism and SIBO
  132. President's Choice wet cat food
  133. Hairless Kitten from Siamese X Siamese
  134. Vet Visit Required?
  135. Can cats have PTSD?
  136. Cat with weakness in hind legs
  137. Growler, can you give me your advice?
  138. My Furball has furballs~
  139. 3rd eyelid showing
  140. cat mourning loss of his sister: should I let him outside?
  141. Cat diagnosed with rare cancer--not sure what to do
  142. How much for spaying a cat?
  143. Cat Tearing in Both Eyes..
  144. Ear Mites in Cats
  145. Newly Adopted Cat... changing behavior?
  146. Cat has not pooped in 3 days...
  147. chewing
  148. Feeding wet cat food
  149. odd bumps on my cat's back
  150. cat coughing
  151. Oridermyl gel
  152. Cat hit by car only poops every couple of days?
  153. Can anyone help in telling my cat's age???
  154. Flea Infestation
  155. Cat Vomits when fed raw food
  156. Seeking advice for treatment of feline thrombosis
  157. 5 years old cat new aggressive behaviour
  158. My cat has a seroma ...
  159. need help for my cat.
  160. Tooth Decay/Infection
  161. heart condition
  162. Gaining Weight
  163. Need help with my cat. Looks like something burst..
  164. Cat teeth brushing
  165. Lethargic Kitty
  166. My cat ate a hair elastic...
  167. Good news for Chico..
  168. Sugarcatmom!
  169. Non toxic flowers for cats?
  170. Summer and feral cats
  171. 12 yr old cat making gurgling sounds and drooling
  172. My cat has seizures from Toxoplasmosis HELP please!!!!!!!
  173. cat not drinking enough - any solutions
  174. Kitty having many problems
  175. Sick kitty
  176. Urgent. cat/dog food recall!
  177. sneezing cat
  178. kitty back at vet.
  179. Update for 12 yr old cat gurgling with breathing problems
  180. Found a new vet for my kitties
  181. My cat has Fever and does not eat
  182. my cat is licking his hair off...
  183. Suggestions on fish oil for my cat
  184. Bleeding Pregnant Cat
  185. Love my cats new vet!
  186. Question about feedings and weight loss
  187. Girlfriend's cat has weak bones and keeps limping, I'm very worried about her
  188. Aggresive cat behavior
  189. My cat is pulling his hair out
  190. My cat is having constant spasms!
  191. Bothersome outside cat.. What to do?
  192. Vinnie,Feline Acne..
  193. Super preggo kitty
  194. Orphaned Kitten won't go potty on his own!
  195. Fat cats
  196. Allergic reaction on my cats legs
  197. panacur for cats
  198. Cat Urinary Issues
  199. Idea's to help gain appetite back?
  200. Cat is dry heaving and constantly gulping - what's up?
  201. Cat not eating
  202. Skin allergies?
  203. New Diet, Less BM?
  204. worms
  205. open sore on cat's paw that is not healing and need some advice please!
  206. cats peeing outside of box
  207. Fip
  208. My cat Jarvis has: Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex
  209. Cat been peeing on floor, Kidney Disease?
  210. Transfer Factor for my FIV cat--for humans or felines?
  211. Rapid Respiration & weight loss
  212. Injured Ferral Cat
  213. Brady has crystals
  214. FIP & Rapid Respiration
  215. Cat mood change help!!
  216. IBD in 1 yr old cat....exhausted
  217. Cat Has a White Spot on his Eye
  218. Food recommendations for diabetic cat?
  219. Cat is Plucking Out His Fur
  220. A Collection of Questions
  221. It's been 3 days and my cat hasn't pooped. And how to get rid of flea eggs on the fur
  222. Depressed cats?
  223. Cat with IBD
  224. Itchy Cat?
  225. Acf
  226. lysine for nasal congestion?
  227. Help! My cat can't walk!!
  228. Capstar vs flea bath?
  229. Help,suddenly aggressive cat..
  230. Bloody poop, diarrhea, vomit...been to vet still not sure
  231. Cat Injured?
  232. Speckled cloudiness in cat's eyes...
  233. Possible IBS
  234. Mysterious urine results - need help!
  235. feral cat in house
  236. How quickly does a food chance affect a cat?
  237. Hairballs?!
  238. Asthmatic/Diabetic Cat Health Help!
  239. Gerenal Questions
  240. Need suggestions for grain free food
  241. Scully has a twitch/spasm in one paw
  242. 14-Year-Old Cat Fighting for Her Life Tonight
  243. Aggression between cats after surgery
  244. CRF question. New diagnosis.
  245. Carlyle Tuna for Cats and Mercury Poisoning
  246. How long for Covenia - baytril to start working?
  247. Staph infection
  248. My cat is not well
  249. Why was euthanasia such nightmare for my pet?
  250. Aggressive Cat