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Cat Tooth Issue

November 10th, 2012, 03:52 PM

Recently my Persian began to make a sound like she's chewing on a tooth. It's on her left side and she does it from time to time. Recently, it's been a bit more frequent and I'm a bit concerned.

What's odd is that she's eating more then before and she seems to have no pain. I rub her face, I watch her eat and she seems altogether fine. She's as happy and active as ever, in fact we just had a huge hide-and-seek run-around marathon.

Could it be a lose tooth that is causing her no pain? I'm really perplexed by all this and, as I said, a bit concerned. Any information would be appreciated!



November 10th, 2012, 04:07 PM
Honestly, the only way to know for sure what's going on with that is probably a check-up at the vet. When was the last time she had one? How old is she?

Any changes in appetite and activity levels are also good reasons for a check-up. Many older cats develop hyperthyroidism, which causes them to eat more and become more energetic. So while it may seem like a good thing at first, it may not be.

November 10th, 2012, 04:23 PM

Our kitty is a rescue that we've had for just over a year. She is a de-clawed Persian that was found roaming the streets. She is missing most of her teeth and when we got her, she was in very rough shape -- chronic diarrhea, missing fur, cloudy eyes, could barely walk, let alone jump and was listless. Now she's strong, jumps, runs, eats a ton and is very happy. Her last vet visit was about 5 months ago.... the problem is that near us, the vet clinics are a real 'cash business' and are interested in selling you products you just don't need. One trip to the vet last year was $575,00 for a shot, and some garbage. The food they sold us made her diarrhea worse (we went raw and it's been fantastic).

She gets L-Lysine each morning to control her respiratory infections.

This mouth issue seems not to bug her. She's eating fine, drinking, playing and being her normal affable self. Had we not noticed the sound, there'd be no indication that anything is wrong; but, I'm still a bit concerned given that she's had a string of problems. I'm trying to figure what it is without going to the vet clinic as I'm deeply disappointed with area clinics and find that their diagnoses are often wrong and it has cost me thousands of dollars to figure that out.

November 11th, 2012, 11:37 AM
Thank you so much for rescuing this little lady! What's her name, by the way? Do you have any pics you'd like to share? And good for you for feeding her a raw diet! Do you make it yourself or buy one of the pre-made frozen products?

Sorry to hear about your bad vet experiences. Maybe you have some friends or family that can recommend another vet, even if it means driving a little further? Sometimes holistic or cat-only clinics can provide better care, but that's not always a guarantee of course. While you might not need a vet right now for this specific concern, eventually it's going to be important to have a good relationship with one and you might as well find one now while you're not in an emergency situation. Here are some tips for finding a new vet:
Choosing a Veterinarian (
Finding the Right Vet for your Pet ( (this one focuses on special needs pets but is extremely thorough and a worthwhile read).
Reducing the Risks for Your Pet at the Vets: Vet Selection ( (U.S. based site but it makes some good points)

And a list of vet clinics in Montreal: