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Cat acting weird and covered in some weird shmoo

November 2nd, 2012, 07:50 PM
Hi, Hoping someone has had this problem with their cat. I have 6 cats and my cat that has never had a single problem ever has something weird going on. Short version, he has been acting anti-social the last month and won't hardly come in the house. I don't know where he has been going, but not around much. He is 13, a neutered male and is an inside and outside cat. He came around a couple days ago and looked like he rolled in something gross, looks dark and sort of greasy and smelly. It was allover one side of his face and front paws. Major hard to get off, I tried with soapy dish soap yesterday and got some off. He also seems to be salivating and never has before, plus he just looks like he has been bad and knows it. He is meowing and meowing to get back out to whatever he has gotten into. Will get him to the Vet on Monday, but for now we are going to bath him properly tomorrow ( need 2 people ) and see if we can clean him up. He looks like he has been through a war right now.


November 2nd, 2012, 09:08 PM
My main suggestion would be vet visit time, since your already doing that... Keep him indoors for the rest of the weekend. Watch his eating and drinking, make sure he's doing both. Watch the litter box to confirm he is urinating and defecating normally. Report all of these findings to the vet when you go.

Is it possible to get in to see a vet any earlier then Monday?