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  24. He won't shut up.
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  26. Epilepsy caused memory loss.
  27. Karma loves fruit
  28. Rescue needed in Montreal
  29. I have a serious flea problem
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  31. Barking Mad - CBC's Marketplace 41st Season Airs With Show on Vet Fees Oct. 4, 2013
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  37. House by high voltage power lines vs cats/dogs
  38. Automated Pet Feeder
  39. Halloween Evil Bunnies
  40. calm games to play
  41. What's in a name??? Need help.
  42. My dog refuses to go in his crate (after he had been sleeping there for months!)
  43. Question for Ontario dog owners
  44. Two cats I know
  45. early neutering (8-16 weeks)
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  48. UTI in a male cat
  49. Keeping outside dogs feet warm?
  50. Female Cat in heat wont let me be
  51. Buddy's 6th year
  52. Pet Insurance?
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  56. Have an older cat, and asking about taking in a stray.
  57. Need a little chuckle....maybe more?
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  59. cats and colors
  60. Picky Puppy
  61. Cat Aggression
  62. Dogs in the snow
  63. I think my Vet paralyzed my Chihuahua
  64. Stomatitis in cats - Ottawa Cat dental
  65. Cat Help Please
  66. Suggestions for a book on cats for long-time dog owners, first time-cat owners
  67. Transporting a small dog from Montreal to Toronto
  68. where to find low price for neuter or spray for cat
  69. Can dogs be a carrier of human scabies?
  70. Extendable Baton ... illegal in Ontario???
  71. purbred cat rescues? siamese
  72. Farewell "party" for kitty.
  73. Wanting to build a dog park within my gated community (I'm the manager)
  74. Travelling with animals - Canadian Government website
  75. Devonishire Rex vs. Cornish Rex
  76. Shampoo Bars for Dogs
  77. I dont know what to do
  78. Possible demodectic mange?
  79. Senior dog food
  80. Broken Broom Rally - June 7, 2014 - 11:00am until 3:00pm in EDT
  81. My Dog Cant Stand up or Walk
  82. Cat & Koi fish
  83. Adoption of 6 week old kitten
  84. Expert Pet Advice
  85. Fleas... issue and question
  86. Cat Has Bumps & Scabs On Face, Neck, Head
  87. deshedding brush
  88. Smoking Dog/Cat Fur
  89. Cost of owning a shelter dog - CALCULATOR
  90. Dogs do not agree on pack leader
  91. Where to post?
  92. Devon Rex Cat - Looking for Exposure!
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  94. Doggie daycare Calgary SE
  95. length of dog leash
  96. Thinking of adopting another puppy.
  97. Unacceptable cat behaviour
  98. Please help, DURABLE (reasonably priced) dog boot needed
  99. Videos and DVDs for cats
  100. Incessant Cat Meowing, Nothing so far helps
  101. Kitty Obsessed with the mirror?
  102. My white puppy to be known as special breed there?Please help me
  103. Stressed and worried
  104. Pugs
  105. i back and update on pets.
  106. Marty has Lyme Disease .
  107. My 19 year old cat cant poop. HELP!
  108. Would you have an MRI scan or not?
  109. Getting over the loss of an animal companion.
  110. Symptom Checker Tool
  111. Dog owner seeking advice on false poop accusations
  112. Good cat toys?
  113. Free feeding or set schedule
  114. Clipping nails
  115. Milk Thistle and Omega 3
  116. Squirrels and dogs
  117. Cat insurance
  118. recently fixed female problems
  119. My cat got put down while I was patting her. Thoughts on the entire ordeal.
  120. Travelling with cats
  121. My cat loves tv
  122. straightjacket-like devices for calming down a pet
  123. Best Cat Breed for household with 3 children
  124. Puppy Food
  125. Dog sleeping a lot
  126. BANG! Bang-bang! Ok, Let's Cut This Walk Short
  127. Operation Rescue Jackie Brown
  128. Desperate! Jimena a beautiful black mutt in need.
  129. 4month old puppy neuter
  130. Seeking boarding/kennel recommendatio EDMONTON/SHERWOOD PARK, ALBERTA
  131. New anxious cat is peeing on husbands clothes
  132. Help! Resident Feral Tommy!!!
  133. Anxiety in Older Dog - Min Pin
  134. Looking for an American Fox Hound breeder in Canada
  135. Hope Patsy is All Right - Kitten in New Home
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  137. How to convince my dad to let me have a German Shepherd Dog?
  138. Cat
  139. Planning a dog show *non professional*
  140. Microchip Clinic June 28 2 - 4
  141. What's This?
  142. Aggressive cat problem
  143. Cat food
  144. Dog toys for Duke
  145. Do fans help cool cats and dogs
  146. pregnant after being spayed?!
  147. Poor Andy, He's Such a Wimp. :)
  148. cats in heat continuously!!!
  149. question about my cat
  150. Looking for help in choosing dry cat food
  151. Getting another female dog, current dog is in heat. Will there be a problem?
  152. (Vancouver area) Wet cat food group buy?
  153. 2 hours exercise not enough for my dog?
  154. Howling cat (bonus: he sprays!)
  155. Are 2 dogs better than 1?
  156. Cross Border veterinary care
  157. Blinds open or closed
  158. doggy DNA test
  159. TNR in Montreal I need Help
  160. Hello! What is the mix-breed of my dog?
  161. Need help with new kitten!
  162. My cat is faking an injury
  163. FAMILy tragedy? fuid? heartbreak? dog attack? Idk
  164. What is this best dry dog food?
  165. Cat and kitten fighting
  166. Overweight lab! Dry dog food suggestions?
  167. Wet canned food for kittens?
  168. Finding out about a BAD breeder (a day before picking up a puppy)
  169. Cross Country Road Trip
  170. Obesity on Dogs: A Lurking Treat To Our Buddies
  171. My female cat got spayed, possible infection?
  172. Brushing Duke's teeth
  173. The Importance of Behavior Background Check for Adopted Dogs
  174. SOS HELP Advise needed
  175. Cat is now afraid of "her" dogs
  176. Kitten play dates
  177. How to Handle Neighbour's Barking Dog?
  178. Cut high up on DOg's Tail
  179. Hero Dogs: Are they born or trained?
  180. Help, My Dog Canít Hear!
  181. Found a hungry kitten...
  182. Legal rights if someone is stealing my cat
  183. costly testsFree T=3 or 4 for hyperthyrodism &gluose blood nyon-which tests shld i do
  184. Saving Excalibur!
  185. transportation Montreal - Grimsby, Ontario
  186. Training a deaf kitten.
  187. PLEASE Don't Block the Gate or Access
  188. hyperthyrodism-cats
  189. 3 Year Non-Adjuvanted Rabies Vaccine Now Available for Cats
  190. Cadaver Dogs: The Sherlock Bones of the K-9 Police
  191. White House K-9 Officers: The Presidentís First Line of Defense
  192. Homeopathic vets in Montreal
  193. Beautiful Old dog photography
  194. Dog Portraiture: Capturing a Timeless Moment with your Celebrity Pooch
  195. Snow/cold weather boots for Maltese?
  196. Breeding-looking for male for my female maltese
  197. LF a puppy in Ottawa area
  198. Cat Tapeworm
  199. Two new kittens!
  200. Frostbitten Ears in Cats?
  201. Kittens in a Box = Instant Stress Relief Therapy
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  203. HELP! Kitten agression!
  204. Lump near dogs front Paw
  205. Need advice on potentially giving up a cat
  206. My newest additions - two Siamese kittens!
  207. I need a cat grooming in scarborough (toronto)
  208. To keep or not to keep? Advice needed.
  209. Will I ever get my cat back? Toronto Humane Society
  210. my cats behaviour
  211. Great Cat Toy - Holey Practice Golf Balls
  212. Cold paws on a minpin.
  213. Take 2: boots for tiny dog feet
  214. Introducing new kitten to our dog
  215. Think I Out Smarted a Kitten. Maybe
  216. anyone know if K-9 Angels is a reputable german shepherd breeder?
  217. Neutered male still spraying?
  218. Ow! NO, NO, NO! NoOwwrrrrrr!!!!!!!
  219. Dog names
  220. Introducing new cat to existing timid cat
  221. Is it time? 15yr old cat with CKD, Pancreatitis & a tumor
  222. cat upset
  223. Broke my dog
  224. Dog scared of toaster!
  225. Emergency Plumbing renovation stress out the puppy
  226. Real world pet loss support group in Montreal?
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  228. Saint Bernard heart problem
  229. Photos :)
  230. The Big Move-In
  231. Hyperthroid Cat Ear Gel - Handling Precautions?
  232. How to make a cardboard cat playhouse
  233. Toilet training cats
  234. Help! I need a Montreal dog-friendly apt!
  235. Traveling with your dog?
  236. Dog shipping . Any broker suggested?
  237. Bringing home new cats
  238. Hey Ottawa
  239. Vaccines
  240. Purebred vs Mutt
  241. Lyme disease diagnosed in P.E.I. dogs
  242. Young dog with worrisome eating beahaviour
  243. Insurance for Cats in Canada
  244. Can Your Cat See Optical Illusions?
  245. Has anyone heard of these weird dog laws?
  246. Pet Insurance
  247. These dogs sensed an earthquake
  248. Pet monitor for my cat, Sally
  249. except petfinder, where else to adopt a dog from
  250. Best way to rehome a cat?