Dog Articles by Date

Grapes Raisins and Kidney Failure in Dogs

Feeding Senior Pets

Designer Dog Breeds

Dog clothing is essential

Basic Learning Theory and Dogs

Blastomycosis in dogs

Regurgitation and Vomiting Differences in Dogs and Cats

Dogs Crates and Relaxation

Dogs and Glaucoma

Blood Donor Programs for Dogs and Cats

Intervertebral Disc Disease – IVDD in Dogs

Dog Tricks – Dog Training Level 2

Dog Tricks – Dog Training Level 1

Dogs Cats and Endoscopy

Dogs and Infertility

Good Breeds for New Dog Owners

Communication with your Deaf Dog

Fixing Broken Bones with Bone Plates

Cataract Surgery in Dogs

Why Vet Care is So Expensive

Entropion in Dogs

Dogs and Poison

Dogs and Hybrid Vigour

Intestinal Parasites in Dogs and Cats (Part 2)

Intestinal Parasites in Dogs and Cats

Elbow Dyslasia in Dogs

Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs

Dog Collars – Dog Leashes

Lymphoma in the Dog

The Come Command

Dogs and Cats with Retained Baby Teeth

Umbilical Hernias

Guide Dogs

Over-vaccinating Cats and Dogs

Dog tails – tail wagging

Getting a dog – Should I Get a Dog?

Paralysis of the Larynx

Dogs and leg amputation

Myasthenia Gravis in Dogs

Dogs and the parvovirus

Dogs with osteochondritis dissecans

Fat puppies – puppies on a diet

Toy dog breed

Taking your dog on vacation

Autopsies on pets

Broken bones in cats and dogs

Cat scans and MRIs

Corneal Ulcers in Dogs and Cats

Diabetic Ketoacidosis in cats and dogs

Using shelter – pound animals for research



Vomit – Cat Vomiting – Dog Vomiting

Veterinary Specialties

Veterinary Homeopathy 2

Veterinary Homeopathy

Veterinary Appointments

Urethra is Blocked

Toxic Foods and Household Items

The Role of a Pet

Tastebuds in Cats and Dogs

Surgery in Cats and Dogs

Spaying – Neutering Cats and Dogs

Shedding in Cats & Dogs

Seizures or Convulsions in Animals

Scruffing Cats and Dogs

Red Eye Cats and Dogs

Raw Food for Cats and Dogs

Pyometra in Cats and Dogs

Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

Pregnancy and Cats and Dogs

Pet Phobias

Pet Travel – Traveling Cats and Dogs

Pets Sitters

Pet Prescriptions

PetLoss – Talking to your Kids

Pet Loss – Grieving for Pets

Pet Food – Choosing Dog and Cat Food

No Kill Shelters

Nature vs. Nurture

Medication and Pets

Massage Therapy for The Canine and Feline

Lead Poisoning in Cats, Dogs and Birds

Lab Tests for Cats and Dogs

Journey Through Grief

Itchy Dogs – Itchy Cats

IMHA – Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia

Hypothyroid Problems in Pets

Holiday Hazards for Pets

Heat Stroke in Pets

GPS Systems for Cats and Dogs

Giving Medication to Pets

General Care for Pets

Frostbite and Hypothermia in Pets

Food Allergies in Dogs & Cats

Flea Prevention

Fear of Vet Clinics

First Aid for Cats and Dogs – Vital Signs

Eyes – Dog eyes – Cat eyes


Dog photography – Cat photography

Dog has Ticks – Cat has Ticks

Dog has Lyme Disease – Cat has Lyme Disease

Dog Grooming – Cat Grooming

Dog and Cat Skin Lumps

Dog Diarrhea – Cat Diarrhea

Dog Constipation – Cat Constipation

Digestion and Vomiting in Cats and Dogs

Dehydration in Cats and Dogs

Deafness in Cats and Dogs

Dangers of “Free to Good Home” ads

Coughing in Dogs and Cats

Congenital Defects

Clipping your Pet’s Nails

Choosing a Veterinarian

Chemotherapy and Radiation

Check your Pet for Obesity to Prevent Disease

Checklist For Pet Travel

Cat has Fleas – Dog has Fleas

Cancer in cats and dogs

Bad Breath in Dogs and Cats

Back Pain in Dogs and Cats

Antibacterial Resistance

Animals Can Suffer From Asthma

Animal Chiropractic

Adopting Adult Cats & Dogs

Acupuncture for Pets

Who’s in Charge?

Treats for Dogs

Torn Cruciate Ligaments in Dogs

Therapy Dogs – Canine Therapy

Symptoms of Illness

Some Common Dog Diseases

Socializing your Puppy

Size and Lifespan

Shy Dogs – Shyness in Dogs

Senior Dogs

Questions to Ask when Choosing a Breeder

Purebred Dogs

Puppy Mills – What is a Puppy Mill?

Puppy Behavior

Pregnancy and Dogs – Is My Dog Pregnant

Postal Workers and Dogs

Pit Bull Information

Obesity in Dogs

Normal Dog Behaviour

Noah’s Ark and the Wet Nose

New Dog at Home

Mouthing, Nipping, Biting in Puppies

Megaesophagus in Dogs

Lymphoma in Dogs

Large Breed Puppies

Invisible Fences and Dogs

Humping and Mounting Behavior in Dogs

How much Does Owning a Dog Cost?

Housebreaking and Crate Training

Hot Spots in Dogs

Homemade Dog Food

History of the Dog and Human Relationship

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Heartworm in Dogs

Head Halters for Dogs

Greeting Strange Dogs

Getting a Second Dog

Getting a Dog

First Aid for Dogs

Feeding a Starved Dog

Exercise Requirements for Dogs

Epileptic Pets Can Still be Affectionate Loving Companions

Dog Walking

Dog Vaccination

Dog Urinates in Home

Dog Training – Dog Training at Home

Dog Training – Breed Differences

Dog Tails – General Information

Dog Tails – Why Dogs Wag their Tails

Dog Tails – Docking Tails

Dog Separation Anxiety

Dog Poops in the House

Dogs – Nothing in Life is Free – NILF

Dog Licking – Why Dogs Lick

Dog Lice

Dog Ear Infections

Dog Dewclaws

Dogs – Clicker Training

Dogs – Canine Rivalry – Dog Fighting

Dog Owner Responsibility

Dog Eats Feces (Coprophagia)

Dog Breeds that Don’t Travel Well

Dog Breeds that Travel Well

Dog Breeds for Older People

Dog Bones

Dog Biting – Dog Aggression

Dog Barks When Left Alone

Dog Agility

Dewlaps and Dogs

Dental Care for Dogs

Deaf Dog Psychology

Deaf Dogs

Deaf Dog – Jacob

Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

Cryptorchidism in Dogs

Controlling Barking

Collapsed Trachea

Cloudy Eyes in Dogs

Choosing a Dog Breed

Children and Dogs

Car Travel with Dogs

Calming Signals from Dogs

Canine Leptospirosis

Canine Distemper

Bloat in Dogs

Behavior Problems in Dogs

Anal glands in dogs

Addison’s Disease in dogs