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Checklist For Pet Travel

A handy checklist of items you'll need.

It’s hard enough to pack for you and your kids when you go away as a family, let alone remembering what to bring for your pet. If you take what’s on this list, you’re sure to be in good shape.…

Chemotherapy and Radiation

Cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy for dogs - cats

Just like most other diseases that humans can have, pets can also get cancer. Depending on the pet and the type of cancer, there are a few different treatment options. This article will give an introduction to radiation and chemotherapy. …

Children and Dogs

Dogs and kids - how to keep everyone safe

What goes on in the mind of your dog when there is a new baby in the family? Do you know how your dog will react if a toddler comes up and gives the dog a hug? Bringing a new addition into the household can be a big change for everyone, including the family dog. Introducing a new dog to a family with young children can also be an interesting challenge. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you have dogs and children under the same roof.

As a sensible dog owner and parent, it is your responsibility to be aware of the interactions between your children and the dog to ensure everyone’s safety. Most pets do not pose any threat to infants because there is not a lot of interaction between them. Toddlers are at a much greater risk of getting hurt because they can move about on their own and may not realize that their actions may be hurting or scaring the animal.

Choosing a Dog Breed

Checklist and article By Dr. Bruce Fogle DVM

Which dog breed is right for you?

WHICH BREED? By Dr. Bruce Fogle DVM

Purebreds now account for the majority of dogs in North America, Europe, and Japan. The variety of sizes, shapes, and coats available appeals to virtually all …

Choosing a Veterinarian

Some tips on choosing the right vet

When you visit your doctor, your dentist, and even your hairdresser, you place a great deal of trust in the hands of another person. Whether they are responsible for your health, your smile, or your hair, you want that person …

Clipping your Pet’s Nails

Clipping your pet's nails is a preventative measure. - By Dr. Bernier

Cutting or clipping your dog cat or pet’s nails is a preventative measure.

Clipping your pet’s nails is a part of it’s regular care and should be done on a routine basis, as long nails can lead to many problems …

Cloudy Eyes in Dogs

Cloudy eyes in dogs - cataracts or nuclear sclerosis

Your dog has gotten cloudy eyes and you are wondering if you should be worried. Isn’t this just one of those changes that comes with getting older? You may be right, dogs’ eyes do indeed get cloudier with age and …

Collapsed Trachea

Issues surrounding dogs the can get collapsed tracheas

Every living creature needs to breathe to survive. Breathing allows animals to deliver oxygen to tissues, as well as to get rid of wastes such as carbon dioxide that are produced by the body’s metabolism. The air is taken in …

Communication with your Deaf Dog

Tips on how to communicate and train your deaf dog

Communicating with your deaf dog is a step above regular dog training in that everything is done in complete silence. Fortunately, besides its sense of smell, a dog’s world is based largely on subtle (and some not so subtle) body language so it is inherent in your dog to take cues from your behavior. These cues include facial expressions, body posture, and changes in body movement.

The most important thing to communicate to your deaf dog is a sense of peace. Since your deaf dog compensates by taking cues from the behavior of humans and animals around him/her, he/she looks to you as a leader and guide to show him/her how to react in situations. The easiest way to tell your dog to be calm is to project that attitude yourself by mimicking calm body language that is universal to dogs. This body language includes yawning, having your eyes half-closed and blinking slowly, slow breathing, looking away and pretending to be day-dreaming, and relaxing the muscles in your body. The body language you do not want to project is fast and shallow breathing, open-mouthed breathing, wide-eyed stares, tense muscles in your body, fast movements, or shaking. Even your facial expressions are important. As your dog gets to know you better, he/she will soon learn all your facial expressions, so be careful what you project. In general, it’s always best to adopt a positive and calm attitude regardless if you have a deaf dog or not! Yet it is even more critical to have such a personality because your dog’s emotions will be based off your emotions.

Congenital Defects

All about cat and dog coughs

A congenital malformation is a physical defect that your pet is born with (congenital). Some birth defects are so severe that the puppy or kitten dies in the uterus before it is even born. But a congenital malformation is not …

Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs

You’ve always known that your dog has heart problems. But lately it’s been more tired and doesn’t seem to be able to exercise as long. Perhaps you even notice some coughing. So you bring your dog into the veterinary clinic, …

Controlling Barking

Excerpt from How To Speak Dog by Dr. Stanley Coren

Barking dogs – Dog barks too much – Why dogs bark – Getting your dog to stop barking

Dr. Stanley Coren

… To a dog, loud short words like “no!”, “shut up!”, “don’t bark!” sound just like barks. Think of …

Corneal Ulcers in Dogs and Cats

Dealing and treating corneal ulcers in cats and dogs

You’ve noticed lately that your pet is pawing at its eye. Maybe the eye is partially closed and tears are running onto the face. Your pet won’t let you look at the eye, which seems to quickly be getting worse …

Coughing in Dogs and Cats

All about cat and dog coughs

Coughing cats and dogs – The coughing pet

Cough is a common problem in dogs but occurs less frequently in cats. Cough is caused by irritation of the throat, airways or the lungs. The main airway to the lungs known …

Cryptorchidism in Dogs

Dog has Cryptorchidism or undescended testicles - how it happens and what to do

Cryptorchidism is when one or both testicles fail to descend properly into the scrotum. But what does it mean to you, and to your dog, if your dog is diagnosed with cryptorchidism? It is a fairly straightforward condition. This article …

Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

One of the main disorders affecting the adrenal glands

The adrenal gland (there are 2) ia a small and inconspicuous organ, but it serves many important functions through the production of hormones. The adrenal gland is an organ located in the abdominal cavity near the kidneys. It produces steroids, …

Dangers of “Free to Good Home” ads

Beware of who comes to adopt your pet.

You see them everywhere you turn, in the newspapers, on grocery store bulletin boards, and in a cardboard box at stores. Animals that are “Free to a good home”. Often these animals are puppies and kittens from irresponsible owners, cats and dogs that are no longer wanted, and of course the occasional good samaritan that found a lost dog or cat that they are unable to keep.

Placing a “free to good home” ad is down right dangerous. Often people known as “bouchers” (French for butchers) search the newspapers, the Internet, and bulletin boards for free animals, only to turn around and sell them to research laboratories, to illegally train fighting, hunting, and guard dogs, to sacrifice in cult rituals, and other cruel purposes. Yes this is indeed true, and it doesn’t just happen in the big cities. I am extremely offended by anyone who would want to get rid of their own animal, and even more offended by anyone who would allow their own animal to become pregnant. Remember pets are for life, and you permitted your animal to have puppies and kittens by not spaying, and by not keeping them indoors/supervised. However, if you are going to do this, I feel it needs to be done correctly.

Deaf Dog – Jacob

A personal account of Jacob the deaf Boston Terrier

The Story of Jacob the Deaf Boston

A story to encourage owners with deaf animals

As a small Boston Terrier puppy, it was difficult to tell if my dog Jacob was deaf or if he was simply following his own …

Deaf Dog Psychology

Dealing with issues faced by deaf dogs

Dealing with issues faced by most deaf dogs

For all dogs, the main lesson during puppy-hood is normal dog behavior through socialization with their mothers and littermates. Puppies learn lessons in dominance and submission by roughhousing and getting responses such …

Deaf Dogs

Determining if your dog is deaf - living with a deaf dog

How to determine if your dog is deaf – what a deaf dog needs from you

The story of Jacob, the deaf Boston Terrier, might make you second guess your own dog’s hearing ability. But how can you determine if …

Deafness in Cats and Dogs

When Your Pet Can't Hear

Deafness is often difficult to assess accurately, mainly because pets are not able to tell us when they have trouble hearing. Usually, it is their failure to obey our commands or respond to familiar noises that first alerts us to …

Dehydration in Cats and Dogs

Why dehydration in dogs and cats is so serious

Dehydration is a serious problem that regularly affects both cats and dogs. Dehydration occurs when our pets don’t get enough water. Given that our pets’ bodies are made of 60% water, this means that pets need regular and frequent amounts …

Dental Care for Dogs

Dogs need dental care to prevent diseases

Our dentists have all stressed to us just how important it is to brush our teeth at least twice a day and of course after a sugary snack. Sometimes we may miss a brushing before bed, but rarely do we …

Designer Dog Breeds

This article talks about designer dogs, purebred dogs and mutts.

Over the last decade or so there has been a lot of commotion about “designer breeds”. Goldie-poos (Golden retriever x Standard Poodle), Shi-poos (Shi tzu x Miniature Poodle), and Jugs (Jack Russel terrier x Pug) are some of the more commonly seen breed combinations. These cross-bred dogs (as we will refer to them in this article) have been advertised as having various desirable physical and personality traits. The claims run from non-shedding to “the best qualities from both breeds”. There has been a lot of attention, both praising and critical, given to these cross-bred dogs. We will try to distinguish myth from truth in this article.

Dewlaps and Dogs

What is a dog's dewlap

The dewlap is defined as a flap of skin beneath the lower jaw. Fat is stored beneath the surface of the skin and if an animal has a fur coat, there will be fur covering the outside of the dewlap. …