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Elbow Dyslasia in Dogs

You have a perfectly healthy young dog. All of sudden you notice that your dog has started to limp on one of its front legs. You probably think that it was running too hard yesterday or maybe banged its leg …

Entropion in Dogs

Dogs with an entropion have eyelids that roll inward excessively

Entropion is a condition whereby an animal has eyelids that roll inward excessively. This causes its eyelashes and eyelid skin to brush against its eye, leading to irritation. When this condition has been going on for long periods of time, …

Epileptic Pets Can Still be Affectionate Loving Companions

A short article on pets with epilepsy. By Dr. Bernier DVM

Epilepsy and pets – epilepsy and cats and dogs
Epileptic pets can still be compassionate loving companions

Among all the diseases I encounter in my practice, one of the most notable is epilepsy. For most owners, the sight of their …


When is it the right time to put your pet to sleep

These days it is less and less common for a pet to simply ‘die’. With the amazing advances in veterinary medicine, pets are living healthier and longer lives. Veterinarians are able to fix or treat many of the problems that …

Exercise Requirements for Dogs

How much exercise does my dog need?

Most people mistakenly assume that having a large backyard for their large breed dog allows for adequate exercise for their dogs. This is a misconception that needs to be addressed. Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and other larger breeds …

Eyes – Dog eyes – Cat eyes

A general article on your pet's eyes

When the veterinarian looks into your pet’s eyes, he or she isn’t just checking the animal’s vision. The eyes are the perfect window into your furry friend’s state of health, and can reveal medical problems in addition to compromised vision.…

Fat puppies – puppies on a diet

Why some puppies should be on a diet - fat puppies - obese puppies

Everyone likes to see healthy, happy puppies bouncing around. How can we tell if a puppy is healthy? Usually we look at its energy level, fur, and weight. In general, people think that a healthy puppy has a round little …

Fear of Vet Clinics

Dogs and cats that fear going to the veterinarian

For many pet owners, the annual visit to the veterinarian is an annual struggle and an overall stressful event for both owner and pet. The animal may tremble on the exam table, or whimper and bark. They may hide in …

Feeding a Starved Dog

How to feed a starving or abused dog that you've rescued.

“Emaciated” was too mild a word to describe the condition of the young terrier mix. This sad animal had no known history other than obvious hardship. Her pathetic body condition was not the only testimony to her previous existence, a …

Feeding Senior Pets

Older dogs and cats and their nutritional needs.

As our pet cats and dogs get older, they start to develop their own set of age-related health problems in a similar way that we humans do. While some pets tend to slow down in their old age, others retain that same high level of energy that they had when they were young, and this can sometimes make it difficult for us to recognize that our senior pets may need a little extra care and attention.

First Aid for Cats and Dogs – Vital Signs

The vital signs of cats and dogs. By Chantale Robinson AHT Bs

First aid for pets
By Chantale Robinson
Biologist Veterinary Technician

Vital Signs of Cats and Dogs

Recognizing the normal and abnormal vital signs of dogs and cats is the first step in evaluating if an animal is sick and requires …

First Aid for Dogs

A good basic article on different first aid treatments for dogs.

First aid for dogs – K-9 FIRST AID

By Adela Morris & Shay Cook

This information is only a guide for giving first aid to a dog. It is not intended to replace veterinary care, but to give FIRST AID …

Fixing Broken Bones with Bone Plates

This article focuses on fixing broken bones and fractures in dogs with bone plates

Fractures (AKA broken bones) are common in pets and can be caused by a variety of reasons. Old animals can get ‘pathological’ fractures, which happen from osteoporosis causing the bone to weaken, the same way this happens to many elderly people who are deficient in calcium and/or vitamin D. On the other hand, young animals can break bones from jumping off places that cause too high an impact on their fragile bones. Accidents also happen, and many animals are hit by cars.

Bone plates are one of the strongest and most effective methods of fixing a fracture.

Flea Prevention

Pets should be on flea preventatives

Pets Should be on Flea Preventatives

Why should I use flea preventatives on my pet? Common reasons pet owners forgo flea preventatives include the age of their pets, the fact that their pets stay indoors, are city dwellers and that …

Food Allergies in Dogs & Cats

What food allergies are and how to treat them

Many people have allergies and it’s no fun to have them. Maybe you have a mild allergy, perhaps to pollen. In the spring and summer you sneeze and your eyes get red and runny. You can take some medication that …

Frostbite and Hypothermia in Pets

Protecting your pet from the cold is crucial. By Chantale Robinson AHT Bs

It is wise to prepare our pets for the cold winter temperatures coming ahead. It is a misconception to believe that cats and dogs can withstand cold temperatures because they have fur. Some large dog breeds are well equipped for …

General Care for Pets

General preventative care for cats and dogs

General pet care

To most people, a companion dog or cat is considered as much a family member as a child. The health of a pet then is of utmost importance to its owner. Illness can be stressful for both …

Getting a Dog

Things you need to consider BEFORE you get a dog.

Dogs are truly a man’s best friend. Their unconditional love and non-judgmental nature makes them the greatest companion. They are always ready to play, but if the moment is not right, they are just as happy to sit quietly by …

Getting a dog – Should I Get a Dog?

Should I get a dog - what you need to know about getting a dog - is Canada's source for info on pets including dogs cats birds and more. We have articles and information, pet store, free petsites, ask the vet, contests, breeds and breeders, bulletin board, dog parks, lost and found, pet cemetery and more.

Dogs are truly a man’s best friend. Their unconditional love and non-judgmental nature makes them the greatest companion. They are always ready to play, but if the moment is not right, they are just as happy to sit quietly by …

Getting a Second Dog

A second dog may be a good thing or a bad thing for your family

Are two always better than one? It is often tempting to add a second dog to the family, whether for your own enjoyment or just to keep your current dog company. Two dogs will give you twice and fun and …

Giving Medication to Pets

How to give a dog or cat oral medication. By Chantale Robinson AHT Bs

Your dog is sick – your cat is sick and you have to give your pet medication.

How do you give a pill to a cat or dog?

Pets will tend to resist being handled with force more than actually …

Good Breeds for New Dog Owners

Not all dog breeds are good for new dog owners

You have decided to take the big step and own a dog. However, you are at a loss for how to choose one. You may have flipped through dog magazines or dog breed books, but are overwhelmed by the vast array of breeds. This article is a guide to help you narrow down your search to choose a breed that is suitable for you.

First-time dog owners may have difficulties training their dog at first because they are still learning how to read and understand their dog’s body language. Therefore, it might be easiest to choose a breed that is easy to train. All dogs can be obedience trained, but some are more willing to learn new things and are eager to please.

GPS Systems for Cats and Dogs

How to track your cat or dogs using a GPS system

GPS or global positioning systems are everywhere these days. These pieces of hardware track your exact location on a portable device by sending and receiving information about your location via satellite. One of the more common uses for these devices …

Grapes Raisins and Kidney Failure in Dogs

This article discusses how grapes and raisins can lead to kidney failure in dogs

You have a healthy, happy young dog. All of a sudden you notice that your dog feels really sick and is urinating a lot. You rush to the veterinary clinic, looking for an answer. Your veterinarian starts asking questions to get a good history, and starts running tests. Blood work and analysis of urine seems to indicate that your dog is in acute kidney failure. How did that happen? Your veterinarian asks questions- is there any chance your dog got into anti-freeze? No. Lilies? No. Grapes? Yes.

There are a number of different toxins that can cause acute kidney failure in an otherwise healthy dog. Many drugs can predispose dogs to this condition.

Greeting Strange Dogs

How to approach or greet strange dogs

Are two always better than one? It is often tempting to add a second dog to the family, whether for your own enjoyment or just to keep your current dog company. Two dogs will give you twice and fun and …