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53 (video) – Teaching your dog how to sit

Pet podcast #53 is our first video podcast with dog trainer and animal behaviourist Sherry Bedard. Effective immediately, Sherry will be helping us put together short videos that offer quick tips to pet owners. This first video (about 5 minutes long) is about teaching your dog how to sit but it also talks about other training concepts like “capturing”.

It’s obvious from the video that Sherry’s dog Hailey knows lots of tricks that she wants to perform for the camera, but this technique works well on dogs with no training at all.

In terms of the occasional yapping in the background…sorry about that, this was shot at the SPCA and controlling the background noise is difficult. Gonna choose a different location next time.

Sherry Bedard is an animal behaviourist and trainer working  in Montreal. She founded Animal instincts school in 2005 and she teaches people how to become dog trainers. She also consults on a 1-to-1 basis with dog owners that are having problems with their dog.  Sherry also teaches canine and feline behavior to students in the adult education program at Vanier College and regularly volunteers her time and expertise at local animal shelters in Montreal.



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  1. Avatar Shelley says:

    *L* that dog is just too too precious. I loved the live video, makes it easier to understand when its demonstrated, I had never thought of “catching” them doing something and then treating them and praising, but it does make sense now that its been pointed out. Looking forward to the next installment, hopefully there will eventually be one “how to get your dog not to greet friends so enthusiastically”

  2. Avatar maltipoo says:

    Very good demonstration, I’m going to send this to my daughter her dog is six and doesn’t know how to sit yet.

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