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Questions to Ask when Choosing a Breeder

Questions to ask when choosing a breeder.

A personal recommendation from a satisfied owner is an excellent way to find a breeder. Ask any of your dog-owning friends or a veterinarian. They may have a client who breeds and would know about the quality of the pups. Be prepared with some questions to ask the breeder, for example:

  • How long have they been breeding this breed?
  • How many other breeds do they have?
  • How many litters have they had?
  • What are the most significant problems within the breed?
  • What is the breed’s lifespan?
  • What temperament problems can be encountered? Is it an easy breed to train and housebreak?
  • Is the breed good with children?
  • What type of contract, conditions or guarantees are involved in the sale of the puppy?

Remember that responsible breeders will want to ensure their pups will go to good homes, so do expect to be asked some questions yourself.

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