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Senility and dementia in cats and dogs – Pet podcast #20 – Interview with Dr. Lee

Pet podcast #20 features an interview with Dr. Lee of Advanced Animal Care Hospitals in Arizona. In this podcast we discuss Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS – commonly referred to as senility or dementia) in dogs and cats. We talk about both the signs and various treatments for these ailments which will affect the majority of our pets in some way as they age.

You can download this pet podcast directly by clicking the preceding link or listen to it almost immediately, with the embedded player.

Pet podcast written transcript #20


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  1. Avatar Roxann Sangiacomo, MD says:

    Thanks, I have an old guy that is getting demented. I am going to put him on a small dose of an Emsam Patch which is transdermal selegiline. I’ll let you know the results if any. Very good and helpful podcast.

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