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Bee stings in cats and dogs – Pet podcast #21 – Interview with Dr. Lee

Pet podcast #21 features an interview with Dr. Lee of Advanced Animal Care Hospitals in Arizona. In this podcast we discuss and answer toonces’s question from the pets bulletin board on bee stings in cats and dogs. Actually, Dr. Lee gives us a primer on bee stings in general so there is A LOT of extra good information.

We also introduce a new segment into the pet podcast called Pets in the News. We are looking for a title (The Good Mews, The Woofy Times, etc.) to the segment so please send your suggestions.

This week’s ‘Good Mews’ story is a story from The North Bay Nugget on Michelle Jameus who is running across Canada to spread the word on spaying and neutering pets.

You can download this pet podcast directly by clicking the preceding link or listen to it almost immediately, with the embedded player.

Pet podcast written transcript #21


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  1. Thanks for sharing this podcast to us. I’ve already forwarded this link to a vet friend. Bee stings on pets are rare cases in his clinic but still it’s always best to be prepared for any untoward or unexpected events. By the way, do you have any podcast about pets suffering from some illness due to contaminated pet food. One of his patients is now suffering from renal failure after eating a stained dog food. He hates to admit the fact that the dog will soon big goodbye to its owner but it will really feel less sad if he could at least do something to extend the dog’s life and to lessen the pain each time the dog wants to pee.

  2. Avatar Hannah says:

    Hey, Hannah here from New Zealand.
    Just a quick question. Today I got home from work and my partner told me that one of our cats face/head had been really swollen this morning … quite badly so he was struggling to keep his eyes open.. When I got home from work he was fine, apart from looking abit swollen around the face. And also on his head he had a raised, swollen area.. that when pushed quite hardly kind’ve gave way? Weird I know, might be an obvious reason. On his head in around the same place as well he’d had a scratch… where he’d scratched off the scab, leaving the scab open. This became kind’ve raised and swollen. Quite a hard lump. We were wondering if this would be symptons of an infection in the scratch, or if these would be more symptons of a bee or wasp sting? Quite worried, want to take him to the vet but hadn’t had a chance as its the weekend. Will take on monday if still swollen, just wanted some peice of mind in the meantime.

  3. Avatar Marko says:

    That lump should be seen ASAP by a live vet.
    Good luck – Marko

  4. Avatar Christina Szeman says:


    I was listening to one of your earlier podcasts about Krinkles. I did feel angry. But then again I think that the Humaine Society where it happened probably was too busy to call all the other numbers on the tag or didn’t have enough space on their print out. But I have another experience that is not pet related. I was looking for another job a few years ago, and I thought that I might leave both my cell and my home phone #. But the Temp Agency kept on calling my home phone # which got my parents thinking that it was a talent agent and not a Temp Agency. I found that out when I got a call on my cell phone from the Temp Agency which found out that I have a job (Which I was trying to leave at the time). But now I only give out my cell phone number. That is because people are affraid that they might be interrupting or something like that.

    Anyway, I do have a cat that is the same age as Krinkles and he is an indoor cat. He only goes out in our backyard supervised everyday (That is if my parents do supervise him).

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