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58 – Wolf Mixes and Wolves are Dangerous Pets – Interview with Dr. Stanley Coren

58 – Wolf Mixes and Wolves are Dangerous Pets – Interview with Dr. Stanley Coren

Pet podcast #58 features an fascinating interview with psychologist and dog expert Dr. Stanley Coren. They key question of the podcast is whether wolves or wolf  hybrids make good pets. Lately it seems like we are seeing more wolves and wolf hybrids (wolves mixed with dogs) for sale. But just because something is for sale, it doesn’t mean it’s safe for you and your children and it doesn’t mean that the seller has your best interests at heart.  So as the title suggests, the answer to this question is a BIG FAT NO.
We divulge the answer right away just in case people only have time for the headline.

Why are wolves and wolf hybrids dangerous pets?
Are wolves and dogs from the same line?
How come we were able to domesticate dogs so easily?

For those answers, take a listen to the podcast as Dr. Coren takes us on a brief history tour of wolves, wolf mixes, dogs and dog domestication.

Shownotes and links of interest:
Dr. Coren’s website
Dr. Coren’s blog
Dr. Coren’s books on Amazon
Dr. Adam Miklosi
Wolves as pets and working animals – Wikipedia article that mentions the researcher Erik Zimen
German Wikipedia Entry for Erik Ziman
Dr. John Fentress

You can download this pet podcast directly by clicking the first link in this post link or listen to it almost immediately, with the embedded player below. This podcast is 00:28:30 in length.

Pet podcast 58 – Wolves and wolf mixes as pets


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  1. Interesting podcast. I have purebred Alaskan Malamutes – and they are wolfy enough …

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