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48 – Dog games – Dog aggression and dominance – Interview with Tenderfoot Training

48 – Dog games – Dog aggression and dominance – Interview with Tenderfoot Training

Pet podcast #48 features an interview with our expert trainers Doug and Elizabeth Simpson from Tenderfoot training.  In this podcast we help answer 2 questions posed by members of our pet forum. The first question by Elliesperfect asks about games and interactions with dogs that don’t involve training. Elizabeth suggested hide and seek games, tracking, obstacle courses and so much more. The next question answered is by Benmax who asked about the differences between dominant versus aggressive behaviour in dogs. Doug Simpson answers this one by focusing on the basics.

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Links mentioned in this podcast:
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Original thread that spawned this podcast forum
Bubble blowing toy
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  1. Avatar C. Moore says:

    I have had my 3 yr old male Chihuahua neutered, but he still shows aggression towards dogs he doesn’t know. The ones he does know, he is friendly and sniffs around them. It doesn’t matter if the dog is approaching us or across the street. I have tried correcting him, but have not been able to stop the aggression completely. I make him sit and try to get him out of the red zone. He listens, but within a few seconds he jumps into the barking and pulling on his leash. I have put him down on the ground laying prone until he has calmed down. By this time the other dog has gone away and I have not been able to get rid of the aggression only for the immediate situation.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      I recommend you post this on the forum. tenderfoot training as well as other members should be able to guide you.
      Good luck.

  2. I have a 7 month old husky lab who is having separation anxiety and has mounting and humping issues and is aggressive with my 11 yr old female lab. his been in 4 foster homes due to mounting kids and the issue was never addressed so he doesn’t know it’s wrong his also deaf but responds to higher pitched .
    his aggressiveness is ripping my female dog skin and he bites her legs she has a lump on her due to cancer but in general is a healthy dog he growls when he is petted is there any suggestions that any one can give

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Yes – get the dog obedience trained. There are multiple issues going on and since the dog has been in 4 foster homes, if these issues are never addressed….how can they get better?
      I recommend group obedience training from a trainer that comes referred by someone you trust.
      Good luck!

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