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52 – Neglecting your dog – unintentional neglect – Interview with Tenderfoot Training

52 – Neglecting your dog – unintentional neglect – Interview with Tenderfoot Training

Pet podcast #52 features an interview with our dog behavior trainer from Boulder Colorado, Elizabeth Simpson from Tenderfoot Training. In this podcast we discuss the consequences (insecurity, separation anxiety, barking, lunging, running away, destructive behavior etc.) of unintentionally neglecting your dog on different levels. We also discuss how you can correct the common problem behaviors that result from this.

Links mentioned in this podcast:
Tenderfoot Training’s excellent DVD
The American Dog Magazine photo challenge – December 2009 – Naughty and/or nice

You can download this pet podcast directly by clicking the first link in this post link or listen to it almost immediately, with the embedded player below.


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  1. Avatar DeVonna Robinson says:

    Great broadcast! I am going to order the Tenderfoot Training DVD. Snoopy (my pal) could use some training. He doesn’t interact with dogs like he should. I don’t walk him because it has gotten too cold. But tomorrow morning I will start again at least for about 15 minutes just to get him out the house. I do play with him most days, but some days I’m just too tired. After I get the DVD I will let you know how he is doing. Thanks so much for sharing thoughts on how to revive a neglected dog. I never thought of Snoopy as being neglected, but I guess he is and I will do something about it. I have always thought that he was a happy dog. But he does have behavior issues and that scares me. I can’t even take him for a ride without him barking at everyone he sees. He even does that while he is outside on his 30ft leash, he barks at everyone he sees.
    Thanks again,

  2. wow….this is unreal, thank you for doing this topic that is near and dear to my heart. why keep collecting dogs if you never walk the one you already have, an argument that I have often with my friend. Its funny, I just made a “rant” posting about dog walking on and then I listened to this. I always considered it neglect but am often told “well at least they have a home”……once again, thank you for doing this topic and doing it so wonderfully!!! I’ll be passing it along to my friends.

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