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Pooh Bear

Pooh Bear

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Tip – 19 – Cat urinated on my floor/carpet

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The litter box is too dirty and/or the litter box has a

Lori Brynlund
Province, Country:
AB, Canada
DLH - Tuxedo
Date of Birth:
December 16, 1995
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Black & White
Eye Colour:

Everyone calls me Precious, or Princess! I'm not at all like my two monster babies, Rascal and Rowdy - something strange happened there! Here I am, a perfectly adorable, dainty, 8 pound kitty, and I gave birth to those two overgrown oafs - they are currently registering 16 and 17 pounds each! I'm always getting squashed when they decide to use me as a pillow - can you imagine getting buried under 33 pounds of flab on a daily basis? I'm constantly having to keep them in line. I find a good bop on the head once or twice a day will usually put them in their place. The monsters are so disgusting, and their table manners are atrocious! They pig out on all of the food and usually don't leave any for me. I like to play outside, but only when the weather is perfect! I can't stand smudging my dainty little white feet or getting them the least little bit damp or cold. I'll find a warm, dry spot, pretend to shiver and refuse to move - it's a good way to get picked up and carried, tucked into a nice warm jacket! I'm extremely particular about what I'll play with - only mice and string! The monsters like to play with their toy balls, but I think it's so juvenile! Playing with string is much more elegant - you can just sit in one place and only bat at it when it swings by. You can email me and tell me how precious I am at poozie@cuteandcuddly.com By the way, you can see my two monsters at their own websites: Rascal and Rowdy. I have another website here, and you can also see all of us together.  The newest member of the family is Punkin (my step-daughter?) and then there is my niece, Aja.  Punkin is ok.  So far she hasn't caused too many problems, so I've basically just left her alone.  Aja, on the other hand, is really fun!  I like to chase her whenever I see her, and I discovered that if I hit her really hard as she's running past, I can actually make her do sommersaults!

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