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Cherry eye in dogs – Pet tip 122

Any owner of a dog who has had “cherry eye” will tell you that it is not a pretty sight. Perhaps you have witnessed it yourself and have seen the large red mass bulging out of the inner corner of a dog’s eye, from which the name ‘cherry eye’ originated. While not the most visually appealing condition (for the owners or the afflicted dog), cherry eye is actually a fairly common and benign occurrence in many breeds of dogs.

Though it may appear somewhat like a tumour or even an awfully big bug bite, the ‘cherry’ on your dog’s eye is actually a prolapsed (or popped out) gland. Known by veterinarians as the nictitans gland, this gland is present in the third eyelid of dogs and aids in the production of tears. Unlike humans, many animals possess this third eyelid which closes horizontally across the eye to provide extra protection and moisture.

Sarah Hatfield
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MD, United States
Terrier Mix
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Winston you will be missed forever and we will never forget you.  This was the hardest decision I ever had to make and I hope you will forgive me for it-I did not want you to suffer anymore but I cannot bear the thought of never seeing your beautiful face again.  We have been through so much together and I never imagined there would be a day that you wouldn't be by my side.  I'm sorry that I didn't do more for you-I should have taken you on more walks and car rides.  I'm sorry that I fussed at you for the accidents in the house.  I'm sorry that your legs hurt you so badly---if I could have taken that pain from you and suffered it myself I would have a thousand times over.  I love you and I always will my little Baby Boy!  We donated the rest of your medicine to the vet's office that took care of you so well-we knew that you would want another family to be able to provide some comfort to their pet too.  Dr. Nichols has continued to be a comfort to us just as he was to you.  The guilt and pain I feel for your loss is overwhelming but I know that you wouldn't want us to be sad forever, so we try to remember all the good times too.  Everything we do triggers a little memory of when you were here-when we get up in the morning we remember how you would prance to the door, when we fold laundry we remember how you used to knock all the stacks of folded clothes over, when we tried to play a board game you would walk through all the pieces....it feels good to remember you but it also hurts a lot too.  Hopefully, the memories will eventuallly just be happy and the hurt will go away.  I know you loved to take walks and you would almost float as you happily trotted along.  Please wait for me in heaven and I know we will be together again.  I cry for you all the time---we miss you so much!!!!   Daddy and Quincy send their love and I do too!!!!!   Rest in peace little Winnie and we will see you again someday.

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