The Birdie Treats Cookbook

The Birdie Treats Cookbook

Detailed Description:

Discover the fun, easy way to bake love and nutrition into your bird’s diet. Our professional kitchen tested hundreds of birdie treats to discover the top favorite recipes. Birdie Treats add a much needed variety to your bird’s diet. In addition, they are easy to bake and sure to make your bird sing with delight.

Potato Chirps, Coo-Coo Puffs, Tweet Rolls, Wing Nuts, Apple Flutters, Slim Peckin’s (the diet treat for the low flying bird) are some of the fun, wholesome recipes in this book. A musical note cookie cutter comes with every book. Veterinarian approved recipes. Color illustrations fill every page.

A fun time to be had by all birdie lovers:

  • Beautifully designed book
  • Great gift for bird owners
  • Fantastic activity that you can do with the kids
  • Delicious treats that birds love
Price: $12.45