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Tip 83 – Can my cat get depressed – depressed cat – cat depression

Just like humans, cats can suffer from depression. The usual reasons they become depressed involve major changes (in the mind of the cat, or the human for that matter) to their routine. Changing cat food or kitty litter (both the brands and/or the location) can be reasons why your kitty has become depressed. Moving, the death or introduction of a family member or another pet, divorce, fighting, are all fairly common reasons why cats get depressed. Cats are quite sensitive to the general well being of their owners and if the owners are stressed out and acting unusually, cats are likely to pick up on this. Signs that your cat has become depressed can include; eating very little, sleeping more than usual, loss of interest in playing and exploring, decline in grooming, excessive vocalizing, withdrawal from its owner and not using the litter box. Even though cats are usually lower down on the totem pole, don’t forget about your cat during times of change. Try to spend extra moments with your cat during stressful times or if the cat seems depressed. It will do you both good.

Another common reason cats become depressed is simple boredom. When their owners are away all day every day, there is little for cats to do. If at all possible try to get someone to come and interact with your cat when you are away for long periods of time. Buy a couple of new cat toys and take them out before you go out for the day. Then when you get back, make sure to play and interact with your cat. Some game suggestions can be found here.

If your cat is showing signs of depression, a vet visit is a must. Your vet will help try and figure out what’s causing, and how to treat your kitty’s depression. Sometimes medication for short or longer periods can be of help. Often reversing the stressor and reverting back to a normal routine will solve the depression from the cat’s end. Either way, a plan involving your vet’s input will be the quickest way to cure your cat’s depression.

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  1. Avatar Patricia Moran says:

    My cat is depressed. She and I had to move recently from a large home to a small apartment. She also had to leave her cat companion of 5 years and she is very sad and lonely without Boo Boo. I don’t know what to do…other than love her and buy her new toys and play with her a lot. Nothing I do seems to help. I feel so sorry for her..but I don’t know what to do.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Spending extra time with her is the BEST thing you can do right now in my opinion. If it continues for much longer, a vet visit might be in order.

  2. Avatar alaine says:

    my cat is about 1 year old and i have been with him since he was a baby. but i recently went away to school and had to leave him at home with my mom. he has always been a fairly lazy cat but my mom has even noticed more of a lack of playing, etc. lately.

    my family also just got a new kitten, so he has had to deal with a new cat in the house so he isnt getting a lot of attention and i know the 2 havent really gotten along yet.

    im worried that he is depressed and i would love to take him to school with me next year, but i think that if i move him to such a different environment he would be more upset. i dont know what to do!

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Cats often get depressed when change is happening. Normally they return to themselves after a while. If it continues after a week or two a vet visit is in order. Changing a cat’s environment AND changing the people the cat sees daily can also cause depression. But if you are there daily to interact with your cat, you cat will likely adapt. If this is not the case and you will be very busy then your cat may be better off where it is.
      Good luck.

  3. Avatar emilie says:

    I’ve had my kitten for 2 months, shes 5 months. She sleeps most of the day, under the bathroom sink becuase of the heat in the floor. We’re away 9-14.30 everyday except weekends, i’m scared she is bored and depressed?

    The only sign i see is sleeping alot, but maybe thas because shes a kitten??? She comes and cuddles with me in the sofa and when i go to sleep, she stands at the door when i come home and we recently brought her to our summerhouse in the country, she didn’t cry in the car, just slept and purred and when we arrived she seemed to enjoy it and we even let her out and she came back everytime.

    She gets to come out everyday, but she doesn’t dare to be alone outside for more than 5-10 minutes, but we’ve let her out at night once where she was out for 45 minutes and she really enjoyed it. But the big question is if shes depressed or i’m just worrying to much?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Only your vet can tell you if she’s truly depressed. Kittens DO sleep a lot so it may simply be that. The kitten could definitely use more interaction though. maybe someone can come in during the day to pet her for a few minutes? perhaps a friend/neighbor?
      Good luck!

  4. Avatar Angie says:

    My 6 year old cat has been losing weight, started sleeping all the time, and acting “touchy”. His coat has dulled and when he attempts to play he falls over. He’s been losing balance and is unable to jump onto the couch so he pulls himself up. I took him to the vet twice and they said his blood-work and physical exam came out normal. I spoke with 2 different Vets and both said they felt that the problem was an emotional or mental one. We DID just adopt out one of our foster-cats of 2years however we have5 other cats that are related so I don’t think he has a lack of company or friends to play with. He no longer pounces on the other kitties while playing and makes sniffing noises when he tries to get active and looks as if he’s getting dizzy. He used to be a silky robust healthy black cat and now he’s just listless and “has a froofy” coat and is bony. I want to trust the vets but I’m worried something’s going on that I’m just not seeing!

  5. Avatar Brian says:

    My partner and I live in the basement apartment of our landlord’s house and the landlord’s cat (15 years old) has become a regular visitor in our apartment for the last month, spending most of the day in there. She LOVES to cuddle and spends most the day begging for belly rubs so she can flip back and forth on her back. Typically when we come home from work or short trips out, she greets us by plopping on the ground and showing her belly. She constantly meows for attention and will not stop until she gets petted.

    For the last week, Luna (the cat’s name), has been very standoffish. By standoffish, she doesn’t like to be petted, though she still frequents our apartment and just plops on the ground and takes long naps. She no longer does the sweet things like headbutting us on the couch or as we’re standing at the kitchen.

    We don’t know what’s wrong but these are the things that happened last weekend. The landlord’s son moved out of the house and there was a lot of commotion. My partner and I had an unusual amount of visitors over the weekend and we didn’t see too much of her. We also changed the couch cover since it needed some washing. Also, the landlord changed the cat’s food to another brand (we sometimes end up feeding the cat when the landlord’s gone).

    Seems like she might be stressed. She frequently plops on the ground for belly rubs but instantly sits up when we do and walks away, turning her back. What happened???

    • Avatar Marko says:

      That’s A LOT of changes for a cat. Cats are creatures of habit and they do get stressed when their ‘world’ changes. If I had to bet…the cat is reacting to all these changes….Often cats will return back to themselves after the initial period of readjustment… but if this continues a consult or chat with your vet is probably a good idea.
      Good luck – Marko

    • Avatar irene says:

      have you considered toxic substances? symptoms of poisoning include lack of balance and difficulty breathing which could be causing the dizzy and sniffing noises. the coat problems could also be an allergy (again from a toxin) i had a cat who started losing all her fur and she had to get allergy shots once a month and we bathed her in soothing shampoos.

      other symptoms of toxic substance poisoning include loss of appetite, acting lethargic, and sleeping more than normal, which all seem to be present in your cat. look up lists of toxic cleaning products and plants and see if he may be exposed to those. keep in mind, since your other cats are actin normal, he might just have a specific allergy to a non-toxic substance, ranging anywhere from an allergy to grains in food to a your brand of laundry detergent. when they are exposed to things like detergents through laying on bedding, when they groom they end up licking off the substances and digesting them, causing the reactions.

  6. Avatar Alicia says:

    My cat is almost 2 years old and lately I’ve been working a lot and I’m not always home with her. I think she may be depressed what can I do to make her happy without having to change my schedule. I always make sure to leave her fav toys out and give her cat nip occasionally change her litter wveryother day…I treat her like a princess I just am not always there I work a lot! I just want her to feel happy!! And love her mama again. Help!

  7. Avatar Juan says:

    Me and my fiancee recently adopted 2 kittens (sisters) and one of them just started to sleep all day. She no longer runs around with her sister. She only starts to act energized when we give her wet cat food (it seems she doesn’t like to eat the dry cat food) but after she gets done eating she lays back down on the couch or by her food dish. When we try to play with her she just lays down. We are not sure if she is depressed or not. Any suggestions?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      She might be depressed, or might have a medical problem. It’s ODD for a young kitten to be sleeping all day especially when there is another kitten to play with. A vet visit is in order here. Good luck

      • Avatar Juan says:

        So we took our cat to the vet and she ended up having FIP. She passed away yesterday. Atleast now we know what was wrong with her. Thanks for your help.

  8. Avatar krysta says:

    My have two cats, one is just a year old . She is female and i recently got her fixed, ever sense she doesnt play anymore when before she was fixed you couldnt get her to sit still . All she does now is sleep and eat ,she gain weight and i am worried that she is depressed . My older cat who is 3 now tried to play with her but she doesnt play back just lays there . What should i do ?

  9. Avatar sabrina says:

    my female cat is 1.5 years old i just took her to get her shots Wednesday before thanksgiving. when i brought her home she was fine, then my sister came home with a male cat from the shelter and ever since then my cat just hides under my bed. she wont touch her food that much, wont play, and wont come out. she used to meet me by the door when i come home now she just hides under the bed all day. my sister called an emergency vet and told them that she found a hairball and that my cat has diarrhea and the vet said my cat has parvo or something???? i honestly just think she is depressed, can anyone help me plz?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      If YOUR doctor told you that your child had a disease. Would you then go on the Internet suggesting to anonymous people that your doctor was wrong and ask for anonymous advice or help without a physical exam?

      This is a mistake. If you are not happy with your vet get a second opinion from another real live animal doctor.

      Parvovirus is serious.

  10. Avatar sabrina says:

    it wasn’t my vet. my sister called a vet while i was sleeping so i’m not sure what was said. this is why i came to ask other people what they thought.

  11. Avatar sabrina says:

    also i called the my vet and they can’t see her till tomorrow morning :( this morning when i asked my sister what the emergency vet said last night she said she wasn’t sure that it might be polio? my sister was under the influence when she talked tot he vet so she isn’t sure what was said sadly.

  12. Avatar Ken says:

    We have a calico cat that is 10 yrs old. Last October our dog age 15 died. The entire time the dog and cat were together, our cat NEVER meowed. Well, it was rare if she did and it was very soft. Now our cat MEOWS like a Siamese. I had been unemployed for several months and just this week I started a part time job. The cat is driving me nuts with her meows and running to the door wanting to go out. (She has been an inside cat most of her life) Is this “depression” or just loneliness or just a change in her “personality”? I am a dog person and my wife is the cat person. Only tonight we mentioned the possibility of getting her a companion, but I really don’t want another cat !!!

  13. Avatar Heather says:

    I have a cat who’s about 7 1/2 months old, and I’ve had him since he was only a couple of months old. My husband and I split up in September. We’ve been working through things, and a couple of days ago he moved back in. Now all Pumpkin does is lay on the end table and sleep. He won’t eat, even soft food, and if I pick him up, he’ll sit in my lap for a little while then go back to that spot. I tried his favorite toy, a laser pointer, and he just stared at it. He’s using the little box fine. But normally he’s a very vocal cat and “talks” to me a lot, and he hasn’t meowed once in days. I talked to my mom, and she seems to think he’s feeling replaced and depressed. I know Pumpkin probably doesn’t remember my husband living here, but can he really feel replaced by a human? Other than him being here, my routine is the same. Im even trying to give him extra attention. I don’t know what to do.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Give the cat a few days as changes in environment can indeed affect a cat. …IF the cat is not sick for other medical reasons the the cat should return to normal within a week or so.

  14. Avatar Brit LeQue says:

    I have a two and half year old male cat named Mylo. My partner, who has been his companion since he was born just left yesterday for work. She just started truck driving and will be gone for extended periods of time. After she left, Mylo isolated himself in the bathroom. Every time I brought him out, he goes right back there. I tried to play with him, give him both soft and hard food, and nothing will get him to stay out of the bathroom. He is normally a VERY vocal cat and I have only heard him meow once in the past two days. He also is usually playful, social, and eats a lot. I can tell that he is upset and I think he may be depressed that my partner left. Tonight he also threw up. I am VERY worried and heartbroken because I want to make him feel better, and I also don’t know if it is that he is depressed, or if he is sick. Should I take him to the vet? Is there anything else I can do to help him?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      It sounds like the behaviour is related to this change, HOWEVER there’s no way for anyone to be 100% sure.
      I’d say that if the cat isn’t eating for 2 days then maybe a vet visit IS in order, that’s what i would likely do just to be extra safe.
      Good luck!

  15. Avatar Sharon says:

    I have two cats, they are brother and sister and they are 6 years old. My female cat had a close relationship with my dog, a male Staffy and they often slept together. My male cat is very independent and didnt care for the dog at all. Five months ago we had to put our dog down and my female cat’s behaviour has changed. She rarley wants to go outside and if she does its for a short time and she wont venture very far from home. She has also become very whiney and at times very clingy she also sleeps alot more. Is my cat grieving the death of her dog friend???

  16. Avatar Sarah says:

    My mom is a pastor and about 7 months ago, an elder single lady in her church passed away. She had a cat for a year and the cat really loved this lady. She also loved her home, she was able to wander outside if she wanted but she was mostly indoors. When the woman passed, no one would take her kitty. She had been alone for almost a month, and then I decided I would take Snickers. She was really sad and lonely for a couple of weeks. She was in a whole new town, in a new place, with a new person. After a month, she was fine and we were used to having each other. I do a lot of volunteer work at our local humane society, and after about 4 months of having Snickers, I adopted another cat. I figured Snickers would be fine, because she used to live with dogs. But now she’s depressed again. She used to be very chatty, always sleep next to me, and greet me at the door. Now I find her sleeping at the end of the bed, hiding in the closet, and never being near me. She never wants her treats either. The new cat is a lot bigger than her, and he has claws. He’s only a year old too, so he’s fairly naughty and playful. My boyfriend said he would take the new cat for a while, but I don’t want Snicks to get too used to being alone again. I don’t know what to do.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      The key piece of info missing is how long that the new cat been around. Cats usually adapt after a while and often become friends or at least tolerate each other.
      If this were my situation, so long as the new clawed cat isn’t seriously harming the resident decalwed cat, I might let it last for 1-2 months.
      If the cat IS alone for many hours at a time then a buddy that he can tolerate is better than an empty space (for most cats – in my opinion)…..buut if the resident cat’s personality does not return after say 2 mos, and your boyfriend wants to keep the new cat…that seems reasonable to me.
      good luck!

  17. Avatar Charlotte watts says:

    I have 2 female sisters, aged 1 years old. They both go out every day while i am at work. But lately 1 of them has not been coming home till about 10.30 – 11.00 at night, is not eating alot, and wont snuggle up 2 me or the other cat any more like she use too. When she comes in she just curls up on the chair and sleeps all night. I dont know if its because im feeling down myself, or she’s being bullied outside, or someone else is feeding her.

  18. Avatar hitcher says:

    MARKO please answer me immediately

    my 6 months cat jumped out the window from the 6th floor to the street , thank god she didnt break it self
    i took it to the vet and i gave the cat the medicine which the doctor told me about
    but she didnt eat first 3 days i gave her milk by the injection , feed her by force, now she eat by it self but too little , dosent play with any one of us (family) despite that she was a non stop naughty cat
    she always lay down under the table , sleep alot , she become thin
    please tell me what should i do

    sorry for the bad grammar and thank you very much

    • Avatar Marko says:

      hi Hitcher,

      First off I am not a vet.

      Normally after a trauma a cat can act overly quiet. This behaviour doesn’t seem abnormal to me.

      what concerns me is the fact that the cat may not be eating enough…and if this were my cat, I’d be calling my vet to make sure her recovery is going normally.

      Good luck.

  19. Avatar Dan Blackburn says:

    My depressed male tuxedo cat (Sean) was very close to great dog which died two years ago. At same time, a very confident, aggressive, dominant male cat, likely a so-called Toyger, adopted my household. Tiger controls the household perimeter; the only cat he can’t dominate is an older, bigger female. Sean exhibits all signs of depression. Is there a solution short of finding a new home for one or the other?

  20. Avatar Ashley says:

    My husband and I have a 1 1/2 year old long haired gray tabby. She usually walks around purring constantly, and loves to play and be pet. Recently, we got a new kitten and she seemed fine with it. She started playing with him and they slept curled up together all the time. Last week, the kitten started having seizures so we took him to the vet several times. Now Abby (the tabby) won’t play with anyone or sleep in bed with us and she wont even let us hold her for more than a few seconds. She barely purrs anymore. We’re starting to worry that she may be depressed about what happened with the kitten.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      That might be the case, most cats return to normal though after a short while if the stressor has been reduced.
      Good luck!

      • Avatar Ashley says:

        Thank you. We ended up taking her to the vet, because she was acting like this for such a long time. The vet said she had an infection and her fever was at 105 degrees. If her fever had gone up any higher, she could have gotten brain damage. She’s much better now, though. She got medication and lots of tests. Our kitten is now almost 7 months old and has kitty epilepsy, but we manage that with medication as well. They’re both great animals and love us so much. I couldn’t imagine life without either of them.

  21. Avatar Nick says:

    My mother passed in February. My mother had her cat for the past 12 years, and had basically raised her from a little kitten. Now Kitty Karslile(the cats name) just lays around and sleeps, eats, and then goes back to sleep. My father refuses to let her sit in her lap, which was one of the staples of my mother and Kitty. I know I hurt, what can i do to help her?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      I’d try letting kitty rest in your lap and giving kitty extra attention. Unfortunately we can’t make others bond with pets but maybe eventually your dad will warm up to the cat.

  22. Avatar Elliott says:

    We moved country (from Europe to Asia) a few months ago. Our two 6 year cats have just flown out here to join us. One of them has adapted instantly and is just as he always has been, very happy to see us etc. The other has become very withdrawn. He has always been the quieter of the two, but is normally a very friendly, very loving cat. However, for the past few days he has hardly come out from under the sofa. I think he is venturing out when we are asleep at night, but when he sees us coming downstairs in the morning he returns there for the entire day. I am really worried that he is depressed and don’t know what to do to help him. Obviously, the journey and move must have been a big change and stressful for him, but it is not the first time that they have moved and he never had any problems before. Any tips on how to cheer him up?


    • Avatar Marko says:

      This is very normal for some cats and might take a few more days. I’d try spending extra time with the cat, petting the cat and feeding the cat extra good treats (if he’s into it) until he snaps out of it. I’d definitely be calling a vet though in my new area and seeking his/her advice on this matter just to be safe. good luck!

      Good luck!

  23. Avatar chanel says:

    my cat is 11 months old and we just got her about two weeks ago, she is very sweet ans used to me, she likes me but i am scare she is depressed, she has all the signs, she is still a kitten so she should be interested in playing with her toys but she barely moves for them, she sleeps most of the day and when she is awake she is laying down, help me please, can you give me any tips??

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Hi there,

      I’m not a vet but if this has been a couple of weeks already then this is worrisome and the cat may well be SICK.
      This cat should see a vet asap. Good luck.

  24. Avatar katie says:

    I have a kitty that I got when he was a mere 6 weeks old, and I loved him dearly but he became very depressed with a mental illness because he so badly wanted to go outside. Where I live is lots of traffic, so he started to spray everwhere and it was so sad to see. So I ended up taking him over to my parents back yard every morning before work and he would be outside almost all day in their yard. Then my parents ended up getting a cat of their own and Peanut (my cat) and Stumpi ended up really hitting it off, so we decided that Peanut’s best option was to live with my parents. That has been about 2 or 3 years ago. Things have been going so great with them, being able to go outside when they wanted, be in and have two loving people to care for them. Then just a few days ago the neighbors decided they didn’t like the kitties to be outside so they called the police on them and my parents got a warning saying they must stay with in the yard and if not they will get fined. But since the kitties are so used to jumping the fence and just wandering around where ever…..its not easy to do. My parents are going to working to figure out something but they are on vacation this week and so I have been house sitting, but my parents said not to let them out until they come back, which is tomorrow. They have both changed this week and it scares me to no end. Stumpi just lays around, eats and sleeps…and Peanut runs around, knocks things down and makes very loud noises….they are meant to go outside…I’m so scared that Peanut (my old cat) will get his depression/mental illness back and that Stumpi will just become fat and lazy….I love these kitties and I just hate to see them suffer like this. Any advice?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Roaming cats/kittens are a problem for people that don’t like cats, it’s a fact. Neighbors have the right to be upset when other people’s cats come into their yards and poop/pee and cause other trouble. You would not want strange animals in your backyard if you were not an animal lover…it’s only normal.

      That’s just the price cats have to pay in modern cities. Just like dogs, they are not allowed to roam freely in the streets.

      Although outdoor cats LOVE the outdoors, they get killed pretty easily by modern cars all the time and that too is a fact. Domestic cats that are allowed to roam also get diseases and get into bad fights with feral or stray cats. The combination of getting killed/injured by cars, disease and fighting will shorten the average outdoor cat’s life by YEARS. I certainly hope nothing ever bad happens to your cats, ever. But accidents happen all the time and the chance of it happening to an indoor cat is near zero.

      What I personally do depending on where I’m living – is give cats access to the outdoors only in a cage outdoors – or in an enclosed backyard under my direct supervision. That’s it – no exceptions, ever. If I were able to build a secure outdoor enclosure, that would be a good idea as well.

      The only way to get an outdoor cat used to the indoors imho, is to set a strict pattern and rarely/never mutate from that pattern. So If you only let the cats out under direct supervision (that also means that there is zero chance of it escaping, so it might also have to be on a leash, again under your direct supervision so the cat doesn’t strangle itself with the leash) that means same time each day if possible for same duration if possible – with no just randomly let them out for occasional fun sorties. If you do that, they will meow at the door (or have a mental episode) until the end of time. Follow a strict pattern and they will accept it eventually and enjoy their cage time or direct supervision time.

      Just my opinion… Good luck!

  25. Avatar katie says:

    thanks for your advice, its just so hard for me to comprehend why people woldn’t like cats….the people that complained have the ugliest most unkept back yard in the whole neighbood and are just mean people….. :/

    My dad is going to work on either a cage or moving to the to a house more in the country….but I thnk he said that out of angerness. they are such a good kitties and have never done anything wrong… is beyound my comprehension. I appriciate you writing back so quickly. Thanks for all your input on this matter……I’m hoping and prayng the kitties will adapt to being outside but w/an enclosed cage……it’s bound to be better then nothing….my mom said she is going to try really hard to watch them so they won’t jump the fence….but it’s not an easy task!!! They are so quick…… :/

    thanks! I i will write back once things get worked out……

  26. Avatar Jessica says:

    I think my cat Meatball is depressed. My boyfriend and I took her in from friends were was having a baby when she was about 6 months. She was skittish at first, but as she got used to her new surroundings became very loving and playful. When we first got her my boyfriend was waiting for a new job to start so she had several months on having someone to play with all day. Now that he has started his job and I am working longer hours, we have noticed that she seems very sad. She appears to be eating less and no longer sleeps in the same spots she used too. She now seems too only nap under our bed. In the mornings when she used to follow me around as I got ready and we would play together, but now she just stays under the bed. We were debating if we should get another cat to play with and keep he company, but they won’t like it and it just make things worse for her. We love her so much, but having nothing we can do to change our work schedules. Is getting another cat the answer or should we just allow her some more time to get used to our new schedules?

  27. Avatar Ashley says:

    I think my cat might be depressed, but I’m not sure. Lola is about a year and a half old now and had a traumatic kittenhood. My mom found her at a gas station hobbling around in the parking lot. At the time, it had been raining a lot and poor Lola looked like a drowned rat. We took her to the vet no more than 20 minutes after we finally caught her. She had a broken toe and they think she may have got a concussion because she kept the end of her tongue stuck out. She got used to living with us and was very friendly and affectionate. Her tongue is back in her mouth now and her toe is all healed up (although when she panics, like at the vet, she tucks that arm tight against her side for some reason..) She loved to follow people into the bathroom and would almost knock people down to get in there with them. She even managed to make our 12 year old male cat friendly, and he used to push other cats off the table just because. She would roll around and coo at him when she was old enough to have such ‘feelings’, and even after she was fixed, they still roll around and play with each other and sleep tight against each other At the beginning of the month, though, she got sick and threw up a lot. We got her some medicine and it stopped after she threw up a wad of hair. It wasn’t really a hairball, just a wad of hair like we might pick off the couch.

    A few months ago, back in February or March, we adopted a 6 month old cat from the vet. Lucy is kind of hyper active and runs around until she can’t go anymore. She had been living in the lobby of the vet’s office since they found her and her family living in a tire 5 months before. She was the only one left in that small cage in the corner, and we didn’t want her to live her entire life in there, so we took her home. Incidentally, we had lost two other pets the previous winter and were sad about that and hoped she might cheer up the others. They tolerate her.

    Lately, Lucy has gotten into the habit of following everyone everywhere and knocking people down to get in the bathroom with them. She always wants to be fed first, but we go in age order to try and establish some sort of order so she knows. Lola used to like the canned food, but now she just nibbles on the crunchy food and spends a lot of time sleeping or laying about. She doesn’t even follow me to the bathroom very much, which really hurt me. Even when Lucy doesn’t follow me, Lola doesn’t either. When she used to follow me, if I closed the door before she got in, she would stick her arm under the door and try to scratch a hole through it, but now, if she feels like following me, she just lays down in front of the door and doesn’t make a peep. When I let her in, she curls up on old clothes and isn’t her chatty self, if she decides she even wants to come in at all. She’s always been a quiet girl, but now she’s especially quiet. It’s almost like she feels it’s her job to make sure I come back out ok; she does it, but I can’t tell if she enjoys it..

    Lola took to our other cats easily, even if they didn’t return it as quickly. Lucy wants to play with her and they chase each other sometimes, but Lola doesn’t make any extraordinary effort to play with her unprovoked. She also doesn’t seem to want to be cuddled or loved on, which she used to live for. Lucy seems unaffected by this whole ordeal. I’ve been trying to pay lots of attention to Lola, but she doesn’t seem to be into it all that much, and sometimes Lucy sees Lola getting pet and loved and runs over and bumps her head on me, which seems to make Lola lose interest, even if I keep petting her and not Lucy.

    I would hate to think it’s because we brought Lucy home.. We’ve only just noticed this sad sort of feeling from Lola in the past week or so and thought it would go away. She still eats and washes, she just seems… sad… Will this go away? We love all our cats very much and try our best to let them know as many times a day as we can. We even sing little made up songs about them when they come to us for affection. When we were getting Lucy used to her new home, we bought her a special toy just for her, which Lola expressed interest in and would run away with just to leave it outside the door, as long as Lucy didn’t have it. It was cute at first, but was it her way of trying to tell us something? Lucy didn’t take it that way. She thinks Lola just wanted to trade toys, so she started playing with Lola’s stick-mouse, which we had bought special for Lola when we were introducing her. :( is Lola suddenly very depressed about Lucy and not being “the baby” anymore? She’s the smallest, so I always make a point to tell her that she’s till MY baby, even if she’s not the youngest anymore. We just want everyone to get along and be happy…

  28. Avatar Angela says:

    my cats like 17 and acting depressed cause shes sick and stuff so i wanted to see if cats can actualy get depressed ^.^ this helped alot. thanks .

  29. Avatar Nourhan says:

    i recently adopted a 4 month old kitten, and she was really nervous the first couple of days but then started sitting on my lap, purring and playing with my husband and I, we work the 9 to 5 and are often away from home for about 9 to 10 hours, and we live in a neighborhood where i can’t ask a neighbor or a friend to pass by… anyways, my cat has been sleeping a lot and walking away when we come to pet her, she also seems to be limping just a little on right hind leg.

    any help?
    thank you

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Yup, the limp means the cat needs to see a vet.

      Cats sleep a lot by nature but they sleep even more when they are bored.

      I’d suggest the cat will become friendlier to you over time. I’d suggest leaving a worn t-shirt near where the cat sleeps so she is better used to your smell.

      Good luck

  30. Avatar Carla says:

    I’m almost sure my 11 year old cat is depressed… really really despressed. It started about 2 months ago, he started to eat very little and got to the point where he didn’t want to eat anymore altough he was asking for food he would look at it, smell it and just turn his back and go . We took him to the vet… but everything seemed to be normal, he got some blood and urine tests done and eveything was ok. The vet suggested he could be depressed and under a lot of stress, and that all that could be caused by our other cat who is 2 years and very dominant. They’ve been together for 2 years now… and it is true that at the begining it wasn’t easy but after a month or so he started to accept this new member of the family. I can understand that after 9 years of being the only “child” it wasn’t easy for him but even they never have been best buddies they play and groom each other sometimes.
    But anyway after this visit to the vet nothing changed and he was eating very little and getting even skinnier. At that point I was really depressed myself and I guess that afected him too since he’s always been very attached to me.
    I went to the supermarket and decided to buy some of these Fancy Feast Elegant Medley, which they love… and like a miracle when I gave him some he started to eat and keep on doing it for the next month or so. He went back to his normal behavior and even ate his old food (he’s been on cd diet for years), regular fancy feast and Deli cat too. He was eating, I think I could say, normally.
    But… a week or so ago, we went back again to the non eating stage and same behavior of not looking at me, turning his back, sleeping in non relaxed positions… and of course I got desperate again. Noticed his feces were sometimes grey and assumed it was his new food, but then googled it and found it could be his liver… so immediately took him again to the vet (that was 2 days ago). When the vet saw him and checked his file (last time she was on vacation so other vet from the clinic took care of him), he told us he looked fine, she again checked his teeth, stomach, weighed him etc etc… and took some blood for new tests and we will have the results by tomorrow. But she also told us, that he might be depressed, cause otherwise he lloked perfectly fine… and since he was not eating again prescribed him a pill (periactin) to stimulate his appetite. He’s been eating and eating well (meaning good portions), but his behaviour is far from normal… he’s sad, he’s not enjoying himself, he cries in the kitchen desperately like asking for food, but actually yesterday after he’d ate already, he started doing it and I served a plate of every cat food we have and he didn’t want any of them. I know is something else and maybe that is his way of calling attention, but I really don’t understand.
    If it is because of our other cat I really don’t know what to do… I’ve been neglecting him (the little one) emotionally and I don’t think that is fair either.
    I just want him to be happy like he’s always been… yes he’s been always a really fearful kitty, but full of love and tenderness and he used to enjoy being around us so much… would find him sleeping like a king, sooo relaxed on the bed, he would even drool when he was being petted by me. And now he just lokk down to the floor… and I can’t help it but it breakd my heart and I’m sad too.
    I’ve been thinking really really hard, and there’s been no changes at home… it’s only my husband and I and the 2 cats, we live in a small apartment, haven’t changed any furtniture or even moved anything from one place to another… everything is pretty much the same, and don’t think that us going vegan can affect the cats at all, cause there’s no changes for them in that.
    Any advice or suggestions? Thx!

    • Avatar Marko says:

      I HIGHLY recommend posting this for free on our forum – there’s a lot going on here and you’ll benefit from a wider variety of answers if you post there.
      Good luck!

  31. Avatar Chris says:

    I recently adopted a 4 wk old kitten and now 8 wks. I have another cat about 1 yr and it was playful fir two wks and just recently became down low and non energetic I dnt know what is wrong plz help thanks

    • Avatar Marko says:

      The cat could easily be sick. Please take the cat to a vet.
      BTW – 4 weeks is WAY WAY too early to adopt a cat unless it was an emergency situation.
      10-12 weeks is the best time to adopt kittens because that’s when they have learned important stuff like socialization and the bite inhibition reflex from their littermates.

      • Avatar Chris says:

        It was found in a parking lot and we decided to adopt it and it was in bad shape she was ok for the two wks and I think it’s because of no attention we started giving her more and she seems to be getting better day by day since. we are aware to take her to vet and we are going to ASAP we are always working and that is what seems to be the problem for the depression

  32. Avatar Nadia says:

    My dog just passed away a couple days ago. One of the cats we own who was very fond of the dog is now meowing in a very strange meow. Could this be a sign of depression or mourning? He is sleeping in the same spot every night, which is very close to where my dog used to rest. Is there anything we can do for him?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss and I offer you my deep condolences.

      The cats’s strange meow could easily be related. Spending extra time with your cat and playing more with your cat would be what i would do in your case…and the cat’s behaviour should re-normalize within a couple of weeks.
      Again my condolences.

      • Avatar Nadia says:

        Thank you so much. My family and I appreciate it a lot. I played with him tonight and gave him lots of treats. I hope he is okay soon. Thanks for the quick answer and your sincerity. He was an incredible dog and will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him, our cats included.
        Thanks again :)

  33. Avatar Fiona says:

    Hi my two cats were sisters they di every thing together a few weeks ago one of them was killed by a car now the other is acting not well she isnt eating all that well she wont sleep allways making strange sounds i am really worried about her

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Play with her more and give her more attention for the next little while and she should come around within a couple of weeks or sooner.
      Good luck and my condolences.

  34. Avatar Mikky says:

    We just moved and my cat of just over a year is acting strange. He’s completely shut down. He is usually a curious kitty but all he does now is hide. He won’t purr or show affection. Could it just be he’s getting used to the place or is he depressed? How can I get him acting normal again?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Cat probably just needs a couple of weeks to adjust. I suggest playing with the cat more and showing the cat extra affection during this time of transition.
      Good luck – Marko

  35. Avatar Mel says:

    I don’t know if my cat IS depressed, but this is the closest that i think describes his recent behavior.
    He has been getting into fights with other cats recently, so we try to keep him inside.
    However, he seems desperate to go out and stares out of the window for long periods of time. When he does get out, he sits down and stays there. Usually, he would be running around the area, having fun not sitting or fighting. He is very low on energy too.
    We haven’t moved, or had a new person spending more time in the house, he did lose a cat friend as he ran away but that was very long ago. I don’t know what to do, I’m worried about him

  36. Avatar Sara says:

    Hi. I recently rescued a stray kitten about a month or two months old. She seemed very playful at first, but recently she got attacked and bitten by a bigger cat. Ever since then she has been acting strange. Day one she did not eat completely or drink water. After that she started to act a little better but then I don;t know why she acts with drawn and very lethargic. She does not eat or drink anything and she just sits still in a corner. I cannot get it to play with me or with anything else. I hold her for hours and she sleeps but even after that she acts all withdrawn and disinterested. I think my kitten is very depressed and I do not know what to do about it. It has been one week since the cat attacked her. Please help. I am extremely worried! :(

    • Avatar Marko says:

      If this cat has not been seen by a vet, that’s the ONLY answer. This is not about depression anymore. This can be MEDICAL. You cat can easily be sick.
      Especially if its still not eating or drinking and especially if the bite broke your cat’s skin….infections?

      The longer you wait the more serious this can become.
      Good luck, Marko

  37. Avatar Melissa says:

    I have two boy cats (both about 2 years old) recently Cole got very sick with a bladder and kidney infection and was taken to the vet for about a month. Maple stayed home alone, and tended to be a little bit of a loner. Now that Cole is on antibiotics and is feeling much better, Maple has started to turn his nose up at foods that he would normally devour. We did change his foods due to Cole’s illness, but he has never been a picky eater. I am wondering if for some reason, Maple is depressed due to the attention that Cole is receiving from us? Im also not sure if he is getting sick as well. Cole was VERY expensive, and we are hoping on just depression (as sad as that sounds) How is the best way to get these boys out of their funk!?? I dont want to have to force feed him like we did with Cole.

  38. Avatar Sarag says:

    My 6 week old kitten (his name is Simba) shows all but the last two symptoms. A few weeks ago, he and his brothers (Binx and Houdini) lost their youngest brother, Ninja. He died by fleas literally sucking the life out of him. We found this out too late. Simba, Binks, Houdini, and Ninja were all litter mates. He’s had the symptoms for about 2 weeks now.

    Simba is a very loud kitten, meowing or purring. His purrs don’t seem normal anymore, like a skip in his purr (if that makes sense). He is attached to me, but he literally follows me everywhere and constantly want me to let him in my lap.

    I don’t have the money to take him to the vet, so is there any advice I could get that wont cost me so much?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Here’s some advice – start saving a few bucks because just like humans, pets occasionally need to see a veterinarian or they tend to get even sicker …and die…even when the problem is simple.
      Dying from fleas is terrible and how do you know the other cats aren’t infected…flea treatments aren’t expensive and the constant scratching should have been a clear sign of a problem.
      Please save a few bucks and treat your pets properly or give them to a rescue.
      (Sorry to be this harsh but pets are family and we don’t let family members die from simple stuff like fleas….maybe a liver transplant…but not fleas)

      Some cats’ purrs change over time. But I can’t know anything more than to suggest borrowing money and taking your cats to vet or give them up.

  39. Avatar Joy says:

    A couple of months ago, one of my cats ran between my boyfriend’s feet and tripped him…he fell down and there was a loud bang when he hit the floor. I am pretty sure he didn’t hurt the cat but it really scared her, and ever since then when he comes around, she goes upstairs and won’t come near us. He’s trying to make up with her. She was never afraid of him before. I keep bringing her downstairs to be with us but she always runs back upstairs. Do you think she’ll ever get over this? Should my boyfriend try holding her or would that be forcing it too much?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      IMO, don’t force this. I do think eventually the cat will get over this….but do this at the cat’s speed.
      Maybe have the boyfriend feed the cat, or play with the cat IF the cat allows it. Maybe let the boyriend rub catnip on his own arm and see if the cat responds.
      Good luck.

  40. Avatar Jeanine says:

    We adopted a kitten about 2 weeks ago, he is 9 weeks old! I have a cat that is 2 and a half! She was a little up tight in the beginning but started to losen up around the new kitten! Today we got home, she wants to eat but can’t, she cries and seems very tired and lazy! She hides and is aggressive! What can I do? I’m so worried, I think I have to take her to the vet tomorrow!

  41. Avatar Brittney says:

    I adopted two brothers when they were kittens, they are a little over a year now, and one is very happy being an indoor cat. The other is behaving terribly, he scratches at all the doors to go out, meows at them for hours, sometimes he manages to break out, knocks everything over, makes a raucous, and I would even say has anxiety attacks! I love him so much, but I just don’t think it is safe for him to be outdoors, yet he behaves so badly, or he behaves like he is depressed…what can we do?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      There is always a period of transition for cats that are forced to be indoor cats (a GREAT decision btw).
      If the cat occasionally gets out the cat will ALWAYS want to get out. It’s up to you the owners to make sure that the cat NEVER gets out. Not once, not ever, not by accident.
      After a period of time (varies with each cat) of not getting out, the cat will normally accept being an indoor cat.
      Indoor cats on average live MANY more years than outdoor cats because they don’t get killed by cars, catch diseases from other cats, get into fights with other cats and encounter mean humans that hate cats.
      During this time of transition – play with the cats more.
      Good luck!

  42. Avatar Marta says:

    I have two cats and one of them died rdcently so we decided to get a new cat. Squiggles who us about four years old doesn’t like ths idea of our new cat Cookie in the house. We’ve had Squiggles since he was a kitten and has been spending more time inside the house as he liked to go out more when we had our other cat that died dyring the summer. But now he’d come inside then go back out in another five minutes and then looks to come back in again then out etc. He is also starting not to eat although i think he may have started to eat a little this morning. He hisses around Cookie and kind of growls and doesn’t like to be in the same roim as her. Is this normal and if it is, is there anything to stop him from being as “teritorial”?

  43. Avatar Alexis says:

    My cat is 11 years old and we just got 2 new cats ages 11 and a kitten who is 9 weeks. My other cat died almost a month ago. I’ve been trying to pay extra attention to my cat that we have had , but i’m worried that he won’t get used to the change.

  44. Avatar Angie says:

    I took in a 3 year old cat (from a friend) named Bella about 7 months ago and she adapted to the new environment pretty quickly. In September I adopted an 8 week old kitten named cuomo and it did take a few weeks for bella to get used to cuomo being around. They play together and she grooms cuomo but ever since getting the new kitten I feel like bellas behavior has changed. She does not purr as loud or as much as she used to and she doesn’t like to cuddle like she used to either. Also while she plays with cuomo she won’t play with me when I try to play with them. I’ve even tried playing one on one with her but she is not interested. She has been eating as much as she always has and sleeping the same amount as well so I don’t think she is depressed. Any tips or opinions would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Avatar Marko says:

      I recommend posting this same question on our pet forum for free – it’s a good question…and I you’ll get a much better response from different people in the know.
      Good luck!

  45. Avatar Lhazin says:

    Earlier my cat used to play a lot and eat well. Recently she was pricked by a cactus thorn and we saw it only after 3-4 days. She had been acting different. we pulled out the thorn and took her to a vet. Vet facilities aren’t good where i live. They didn’t have any dressing equipment. They gave me a powder to be applied on the wound. He gave her an injection to increase her appetite. Since then, Iris has been feeling weak and eating less and sleeping more. what should i do?

  46. Avatar Carol says:

    I have two cats two sisters who are now 18 months old. One (Dauber) is very frisky, clumsy and playful and the other (Percy) is more svelt and affectionate. Recently Percy has started to act very strangely. She has stopped eating and playing, all she does is lie around. However if you pick her up she will lay with you and gladly accept the cuddling. She is drinking and using the litter box to pee but she has stopped scooping the litter to cover up the pee. I have checked. She appears to have no fever, her eyes are clear and her long black hair is shiny I am home all day. There have been no changes to their food or environment. Only the change in season. I really would appreaciate your advice. Thank you.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      “…he has stopped eating and playing, all she does is lie around.”

      Especially if this has been going on for more than 24 hours, in my opinion….The cat’s behaviour is clearly saying “Please take me to a doctor because I am sick.”.

      Good luck.

  47. Avatar Jessie g says:

    I’ve had my first male cat for about four years. We moved into a house about 4 months ago and decided to get another kitten. It is a female cat.. They didn’t get along that well the first day or two days but after that it was fine. The older cat seems depressed now sits alone everyone and doesn’t come near us… The older cat used to scratch at the fireplace glass door and the glass back door but nothing now.. He doesn’t make any noise or anything! I’m sad I hope he get through this…

    • Avatar Marko says:

      try interacting with him more- catnip – rubs. If it’s a few weeks or a month already I’d likely phone my vet for a consult. If it is indeed severe depression the vet may prescribe meds.
      Good luck

  48. Avatar nichole says:

    My kitty reggie has been around My cat Shadow all his life, and reggie followed him everywhere, passed away about 3 weeks ago. I belonged to shadow (he made this very obvious to his lil brother) well reggie has become ten times more affectionate than he was when shadow was still here, sometimes he won’t let you NOT touch him, is this typical? I get he’s probably depressed a bit just making sure its nothing to he overly concerned about

  49. Avatar chassity says:

    hello i just recently received a one and a half year old kitty cat from a friend of ours that can no longer keep the cat. we have had the cat for 48 hours and she has yet to eat or drink any water. i have given her extra special attention and then she will run and hide under the couch. i have to lift the couch get her out from under there. then when she is finished sitting on my lap she runs and hides again. i am afraid that she is depressed and i am worried about her health for she has not eaten or drank in nearly two days. what should i do?

  50. Avatar m. says:

    I just purchased a 5 yr old siberian cat. He is gorgeous but breeder kept 3 kittens in a room where she and her husband visited. I brought the cat home . He won’t come near anyone hid in the litter box which is clean as he has not used it. He has not come out in 15 hrs to drink eat nothing. He does not respond to anything. The breeder said it is normal give him 1 to 2 weeks in a room alone before introducing him to my yorkie.I am wondering if he has mental problems as he has no interest in coming to us. He did not at her house either I chose him because he was so beautiful.
    Help please

  51. Avatar Jennifer says:

    My Kitty usually is a really energetic cat and she isn’t old at all. Lately, she has been sleeping in random spots like in my parent’s closet, under my dresser and under the table on a chair. She hasn’t been playing with any of her toys and she has no energy to even jump up on my bed. She has barely eaten any of her food for a couple of days. I play sports and work all the time, my mom works days, my brother doesn’t live at home anymore, and my dad works out West so is barely ever home. She has been meowing loud and a lot lately which is really uncommon for her.
    So please suggest some tips on what we could do to make her feel better,

    • Avatar Marko says:

      This does not sound like depression – it sounds like a medical issue and possibly an emergency.
      What would make her feel better is a trip to a veterinarian IMMEDIATELY.
      Good luck.

  52. Avatar Jack says:

    Cats do get depressed. Unfortunately, our 4 year old cat (Raul) suffered from depression after the introduction of our first child. Even though we had another cat for a companion, I think he started to feel a sense of loneliness. Depression in cats can lead to decreased appetite which can eventually become fatal to your pet. We just had to learn this lesson the hard way. Over the past month, his appetite had been declining and we failed to notice how much until late last week. Up until that point he had seemed normal for the most part. Still played with the same toys and socialized with us, visitors and his brother a fair amount.

    When we finally started to notice him avoiding the food bowl and litter box completely we felt it was time to take him to the Vet. The diagnosis for Raul was that he had Fatty Liver Disease (Hepatic Lipidosis). At the time the diagnosis was made we began aggressive treatment to get him eating again so his body could absorb the proper nutrients. The stabilization, tube feeding, extended hospital stay etc. proved to be too little too late to reverse the damage to his poor liver. His noticeable decline happened very quickly (within a couple days).

    We really wish we would have noticed the signs much sooner. In hindsight, he did have small changes to his personality that knowing what we know now should have prompted us to take him to the Vet. After learning this hard lesson I would like to stress the importance of close observation on your cat’s behavior when it comes to depression. It is essential that they are eating the proper amount daily. We thought we were very observing and loving parents to Raul and are devastated that we let this happen. Fatty liver disease is very harmful to your cat and can have deadly consequences. Please use Raul’s struggle as an example and take your cats to the Vet as soon as you see change in their appetite. It can make a world of difference.

    *Although we are not certain, we feel strongly that our cat Raul suffered from depression because his ultrasound showed no other complications which would have caused his lack of appetite. He basically just stopped eating.

  53. Avatar Nero says:

    Hey, I have a 5 year old cat that has always been a bit lazy. When he was 1 we got him a friend to play with. He loved it it seemed. They always played together and were the best of friends. About a year later they had kittens and we kept one from the litter cause he was to cute to give away. Shortly after the mother started bringing mice in the house (we have a cat door so they can free roam) for the young on to catch. Our original male cat never showed interest in mousing or anything or that sort. We had to get rid of the mother and child after that. Now 2 years later we found ourselves working more and found him getting VERY needy to the point we could not get 5 minutes without him at night. He is a Bengal and as he is large, he even broke through our door one night to the bedroom to sleep with us (we let him sleep with us now to avoid this again). We decided our best bet is to get him another friend. He took to the new kitten right away like a father. The new kitten was thought to be a girl but it is a boy. Its been 5 months now and our original car seems like he just eats and sleeps, he doesnt seem to care about much else. Our vet said he is fine and I trust that but since we got the kitten he just has not been the same. What do you think

  54. Avatar Daniella says:

    Hi, my friend’s grandma gave me a 2 year old cat. I supposed he used to be playful, and eat more. but, ever since I got him he sleeps all day, I haven’t seen him eat once. He only went to the bathroom 2 or 3 times. Is he depressed? He’s been here about 4 days, I’m starting to worry. Should I wait some time for him to get used to the new house? Or visit a vet?

  55. Avatar Sam says:

    my cat Ally is 9 months and i have had her 3 months and she eats little,plays little and she always is on my bed and purring and she only leaves my bed to eat or go to the bathroom,is she depressed or does she miss her brother who got eaten by our neighbor’s dalmation?

  56. Avatar Skylar says:

    I have a 5 month kitten and she has been laying down a majority of the day. To be honest thats all I ever seen her do scince the other day. She just lays down anywhere she wants to and you could even pick her up from where ever she islaying and put her on your lap or where ever you want to put her. Im really concerned about this because I dont know if its normal because shes never done this. I know that cats are supposed to get about 16 hours of sleep but this is unusual for her.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      unusual behaviour often indicates illness. If your cat is regularly sleeping more than usual – just like if your child is sleeping more than usual…it can mean illness.
      If this were my cat I’d be making a vet appointment.
      Good luck!

  57. Avatar BIC says:

    My cat is so much into “daddy”. She would only sleep on his side of the bed, stick to him like crazy, and eats way better when he sits next to her. The only issue is that my husband works in a different city, and therefore he gets to see us (the cat and I) only on the weekends. So every Monday (when my husband leaves)I feel that she goes into a phase of minor depression. She becomes so vocal, looks around for him, eat less, and hide a lot under the bed. Although I give as much attention as I can it doesn’t help much. Throughout the week things get better slowly. I must say that we have her for about 3 months now, she is 9 months old. We adopted her from a shelter home, and she was previously left by her owners in a box inside the apartment while they moved out. My question is how can I reduce this weekly stress that she goes through? Is it some sort of a separation anxiety? Will she get over it with time?


  58. Avatar Tammy says:

    we recently got a new cat from our upstairs neighbor they had him for 5years and they were going to take him to a shelter because they didn’t want him anymore so I took him in. He seemed fine at first just didn’t get along with my other cat but they get along now for the most part. he seems a bit sad at times and ive been showing him extra attention but doesn’t seem to help. when he was upstairs they had a dog that he loved to play with so i guess my question would be if i got something that smelled like the dog if it would help?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Interesting question – not sure about that. I would suggest that time, games and the extra affection will help – you just have to give it a few weeks.

  59. Avatar Bridget says:

    My husband and I have a 7 month old kitten. we’ve had him for four months and he is the most affectionate cat. He’s always with us on our laps or in our faces purring. But 2 days ago we brought home a 3 month old kitten and our older kitten is acting aloof with us. The two kittens chase each other and seem to be getting along, but our older kitten is completely different with us now. He will show some affection towards us when he doesn’t see the other kitten. I know it’s only been 2 days, but i’m worried that he won’t go back to being his affectionate self. Does anyone have any experience on this matter? any advice???

    (Both kittens are neutered. My older kitten is male and the younger is female)

  60. Avatar Jackie says:

    Hi ,I have to cats one is abnout 8 the other one is about 5, they have been brought up on a farm and use to open spaces, we have now move in a suburb and i have built the cars a enclosure as I dont want the cats wondering as they have never seen a road before , So im scared if i let them wonder they will get run over or the dog behind us will kill them , They dont seem happy in teh eclosure, the enclosure itsnt small its about 5mx5mx5mx5m , they have heaps of scratching post, grass etc in there but they always want to get out, I let them inside at night but they dont seem happy, I know they want to get out and explore but i dont feel its safe for them , im looking at getting harness for them so they can explore the back yard with out getting away , do u think there is anything else i can do to try make my cat happy, I havent seen them play since we have been here . please help

    • Avatar Marko says:

      BRAVO! You are so doing the right thing…..though indoors is best imo.
      Your fears of death by cars, disease and dog fights is 100% real; on average cats live YEARS longer when they are indoors.
      An enclosure that’s 100% secure is a decent alternative imo – they will get used to it. Maybe plant some cat grass or buy some for them.
      Personally I’m not fond of harnesses/leashes UNLESS they are being supervised as they get tangled up and many cats die in this way each year.
      You may also want to post this on our forum for additional advice from members with more experience than I.
      Good luck!

  61. Avatar Tammy says:

    I have a five year-old cat, Lancelot (that’s the age the vet said). Lancelot came to us about 2 years ago & he was wild. It only took about a week to get him to come to me. He stayed close to our house & we cared for him. He was neutered about 4 months after coming to us. Lancelot became very close to another stray, Merlin who we also cared for. Both cats lived outside. Just before Christmas, Merlin died. He had FIV, FeLe, and a severe mouth infection. Afterwards, Lancelot rarely came to me when I went outside. He didn’t even come to eat. I took him to my mother’s vet yesterday (since they have Sunday hours). Lancelot was tested for FIV and FeLe and was negative for both. Because he seemed so lonely, I brought Lancelot inside. I already have 11 cats inside. Crazy, I know, but I live in the country and get many drop offs and strays and can’t turn any away. Anyway, I’m trying to slowly introduce him. Most of the cats are snarling at him because he is the newcomer. Lancelot doesn’t snarl back at all. He sits on my lap or right next to me. He’s not interested in exploring or anything. I did see him take a couple bites of food. He hasn’t used the liter box (or anywhere else) in over 24 hours. The vet said that he is healthy so I think this is all depression> Any suggestions? Please help.

  62. Avatar Michaela Kennard says:

    I have a cat that isn’t even a year old yet. She will be on March 28th. I’ve had her since she was 2 months old. Recently, she has seemed down..
    She went from very fun, and loving.
    So lazy, and being a loner..
    I think my brother may have done some things to her and she’s scarred.
    He would shove her under his blankets and not let her out..
    But anyways, recently, she has lost a lot of weight. She used to be a giant butterball with fur. Now, you can put her and literally count her ribs..
    She eats maybe once a day, when she was eating three times a day.
    She doesn’t want to move.. She wants to be carried everywhere.
    My papa, he works with animals, and thought it might be F.I.V or feline aids.
    But I just can’t come to accept that. I think she’s just depressed. How do I find out if she is for sure or not?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      This cat sounds ILL not depressed – please take her to a veterinarian and then you can find out what’s wrong with her.
      Doing nothing and diagnosing her yourself is a sure way for her NOT to get better.
      Please do the responsible thing and take your pet to a vet. Good luck.

  63. Avatar Shelby says:

    My car has been showing all of those signs and I have been trying to cheer her up but my dad Is mad t her because she has been peeing on everything and every time he sees her he yells at her and he wants to get rid of her! Please help! We also can’t find a high tech vet office ! She is too rough wih the vets so the said we can’t bring her back there and we have to bring her to a place with temporary sleeping gas an we can’t find any place with those ! Please I really need help!!

  64. Avatar Jess says:

    I had two cats. One was 3 1/2 which we’d had since he was a few months old and the other is a little over 1 1/2. We got the younger one a year ago to keep the older one company. The third week of December our older cat died unexpectedly and for reasons we haven’t been able to determine. My husband and I were scheduled to leave town for 10 days for Xmas and New Years and had to board the younger cat for that time. I hated to do it because he was clearly showing signs of bereavement a week after losing his companion. When we picked him from the vet on Jan 2 he had lost a lot of weight, but we figured it was typical because he was out of his element. However, almost a month later, he has continued to lose weight, is not eating unless we force feed him, and is so despondent and lethargic. He just sleeps all the time. I know he is depressed, but I’m not sure what to do. The vet is so expensive, so I’m hoping to find an at-home solution. Any suggestions??

    • Avatar Marko says:

      This cat sounds more than depressed, he sounds sick.
      There’s no way to know what is wrong based on this but continued illness, not eating and losing weight…(just like with humans) is a bad sign gets worse without treatment.
      He needs a doctor. Please take this poor cat to a vet ASAP.
      Good luck!

  65. Avatar ashlee says:

    I got my boyfriends cat when he went to jail and its been almost 6 months since he’s been gone I can tell he kind of looks like me as his new owner well just recently (he’s 1 1/2) he has become very noisy he’s always meowing and only wants me I work 9 hrs five days a week and every other weekend 12 hrs. I try to play with him when I’m home but all he does is meow and look at my boyfriend and i’s picture and meows. When he does want to do something and all he does it lay on me. He was always a playful cat. I’ve never changed food or anything and he’s lived at my house before and everything is the same way. He’s throwing up a lot more well he iis unlike before. Is this depression or what? Lol

  66. Avatar Jackie says:


    I have a cat whom I’ve had for about 8 years. I got him as an adult but I’m not sure how old he is. He is a good cat, very friendly, eats well, and is very lovable. Ever since I moved to a bigger apartment he cries a lot and very loud. Bad enough I’m not supposed to have him in the apartment. I do not know what else to do. I cannot afford a vet right now and I don’t want to put him in a shelter where they’ll just put him to sleep. What should I do? :(

  67. Avatar Coltrane says:

    I think my cat is depressed? Shes not pucking or having any “litter box” problems, so im not sure if she sick, but she’s been sleeping non stop for the past 2 and a half days. First in my bed, and today shes been on the couch all day. Her name is little kitty, and She’ll wake up and just stair off into the distance, and rarely gets up to eat and drink, though she’s not against it, and sometimes I have to pick her up and put her by her food.
    I thought maybe it’s eat mites causing an inner ear infection, so I’ve been giving her eat mite medicine for it (which she hates) and she stays up and around for about 10 minutes after she’s treated, but then goes back to sleep. Now, she’s a little over 4 months and I had a two year old cat when I got her( when she was 6 weeks old ) My older cat, bella, really never fully adjusted to her, but little kitty loved playing with Bella. But bella ran away 3 days ago. So maybe this is causing little kitties depression?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      maybe. Or maybe your cat is also sick. why are you giving her ear mite medication?
      This cat needs to be seen by a vet – refusing food and not eating for 2 days can also be a sign of illness.
      good luck.

  68. Avatar lynsey says:

    we have a cat called theo he is about 5-6 months old and has been neutered. we recently got another cat who is 8 weeks younger and a female we called button. at first button didnt like theo she wouldnt even let him near her but she is now ok with him around, however, he constantly tries to jump on her he also goes straight for her neck especially when we are not looking, we now have to seperate them by putting her in the kitty playpen (she likes to sleep in there as she feels safe and warm) so they can still see eachother and bond but he cannot bite her. he has never hissed or meowed at her so i dont think he is being aggresive. he no longer purrs and he avoids us he also doesnt let us pet him as much. the only time he looks interested in anything is when button is out of her playpen and he wont leave her alone. any time we arent looking or he corners button he jumps on her bites her neck and tries to roll her around. i am very concerned that he is depressed he seems like a totally different cat and i would like to know is this normal behaviour and will it change or is he trying to hurt her because he doesnt like her being around? we have only had her for 3 days so i know its still in the settling period but he is showing no signs of stopping this behaviour. and he only started doing it the minute she showed him signs of being submissive.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      This is a bit involved for a blog post comment. i recommend you post this on our pet forum for a better back and forth with members that have had similar experiences. I might put some type of cat turtleneck on button though. Good luck!

  69. Avatar marcy says:

    just adopted 5yr old cat he hides under my bed you have to make him com out .He will purr a little and lay there but as soon as he gets a chance right back under bed. They said the owner couldnt have him anymore where they moved to. So i assume he is depressed he also had another cat in home but it had already been adopted . I was wondering how long it would take for him to come out and be part of the family? Thanks m

  70. Avatar mike says:

    i can understand the depression junk} but how who ever wrote this post they did make it sound like the cat is sick and not eating or drinking any water that ta me sounds like a sick cat i can say is if the cat is pooping all on the floor thats tape worms and once the poop drys up on the floor you’ll see white specks in the dried poop on the floor and then you may need to get it some 3 weeks or a months worth of worming pills from the vet not at the stores it really does sound like your cat is more sick than depressed well to me it does.

  71. Avatar Susmita says:

    hi friends,
    i brought an orphan kitten, Chico, to our home who is about 2 months old.. he was a very happy cat after coming to our home. recently another queen gave birth of some kittens in our home and my Chico saw the kittens and after seeing them he seemed very scared.. Chico’s behavior has changed completely. he keeps sleeping the whole day without playing at all. his toys does not interest him anymore.. although his eating, drinking and eliminating habit is okay as before, but he seems very depressed or scared. can u suggest me what to do now to help my Chico.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Please get all of these cats spayed and neutered as if not many of them will likely end up in shelters and euthanized or the endless litters they produce will end up in shelters. Then there are issues with marking, aggression etc.

      To answer your question it often take a few days to a few weeks for cats to become accustomed to new roomates. Just play with the cat when possible and the cat will likely come around.
      Good luck!

  72. Avatar vicky says:

    My cat who is nr 1 lost his brother yesterday due to accident im really worried he might get depressed how can i help him???? also he is booked into cattery on sunday for 5 days next wk im really worried if this could effect him!!!!

    • Avatar Marko says:

      The more you change a cat’s environment, the more the cat is likely to be affected and possibly suffer from depression. If a cat has lost its housemate AND it’s going to a cattery for 5 days, this will surely stress the cat out and the cat might get distressed and depressed. If at all possible, i’d recommend keeping the cat at home and paying someone to check in on the cat for the 5 days as opposed to paying cattery fees.
      Good luck!

  73. Avatar Gianna says:

    I was about, 5/6 when we found Ashley. She was the runt of her mother’s litter. She’s only a year younger than me (she’s 10 turning 11) and I’ve known her since my dad found her in a garage. She’s a pure Russian Blue with greenish yellowish eyes. Very small. Since my dad left, she would isolate herself in my mom’s room. If you caught her when she was sleeping, she would let you pet her otherwise she would hide under the bed. She loves my mom. She only comes out to eat if my black kitten, LittleFoot is nowhere to be seen. Is this normal? She and the kitten sometimes sleep near each other ,but otherwise she is a loner. Is she depressed because my dad found her or because of the kitten?

  74. Avatar Lizzie says:

    I moved into a new flat about 6 months ago and shortly after got Otto, a mix between a Siamese and English short hair. I was nervous at first as we had no way of putting in a cat flap, and I had never had domesticated indoor cats before.
    As he has got older, Otto has become very active and verging on hyperactive. I take him into the garden as often as possible but when I leave him, he usually gets incredibly bored within 10 minutes and meows to come back in. I feel like he really is a cat who needs exercise because when I let him out he immediately stretches and contorts himself as if he’s been really tense inside the flat. He sprints around the house from room to room in a really manic way and also bites. He always bit really hard when he was a kitten, but we put this down to being separated from his siblings and mother at a young age (8 weeks) and not really comprehending how hard he was allowed to bite. Recently his aggression has gone too far and he is biting viciously and sleeps most of the day, but wakes up at 5am every morning to come and nibble my feet! His aggression worries me and I am concerned that it’s a result of his own cabin fever. I realise that to compensate we should give him more things to play with and cat trees to run around etc, he does have toys but I’m sure a few more wouldn’t hurt. My other concern is that we are all students and so he does spend alot of time on his own. What I wanted to ask you is that could it be possible that some cats are just not suited to indoor living at all? I hate the feeling that we could be making him really unhappy.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Not sure why you posted this in a depression article….buuuuut I have opinions on everything :)

      Cats are not “as” domesticated as dogs so they still maintain some of their “wild” characteristics like hunting even though we feed them amply.

      We do NOT let our dogs roam freely on the street and imo, the SAME principle should apply to cats. Most cats that belong to people cats are no longer capable of surviving for a long time outdoors relative to exclusively indoor cats. Cars, disease, mean humans and other cats tend to wound them or kill them such that the life expectancy of outdoor cats is YEARS less than exclusively indoor cats. The more they are outside, the higher the risk.

      In terms of the aggression, a LOUD “NO!” should be the first thing you try. cats are indeed capable of learning not to be aggressive. I’d ask my vet for additional advice on this matter, but deterrents do indeed work for cats.
      Good luck.

  75. Avatar Mike says:

    yeah Marko but i really think that the cats should be able to run freely as they feel like it when ever they want to but the inside cats they probably would get killed outside from a car, and yes these smaller cats are still a bit “wild” because i have this creamy-gray-striped cat that showed up at my house last year in December some time and i fed him but he still does like getting his own food like birds or mice
    and sorry but i can’t agree on the dog thing your talking about because some folks do let their dogs roam freely i can say at lest cats don’t charge at you when your walking down the street like dogs have done to me when i was walking and when i was riding my bike here they come running towards me barking and all’s im doing is walking so NO i don’t think its the same principles cats and dogs are different man

    anyways i wouldn’t let any of my indoor cats outside not anymore not after my last cat i had people act like they can’t stop and let the cats cross the road even for a dog i know i would stop fuck the cars that may be behind you so what i really think that people just like to run over the animals if the laws were different i would run people over for the hell of it like they do to animals and see how they like it and leave them laying in the roads in pain

  76. Avatar Mike says:

    i know people wouldn’t like being ran over all the way so you couldn’t walk anymore its that they don’t give a FUCK anymore about animals any animals and they run um over like the animals are nothing people think its funny and fun running animals over and i think its bad and sick that they like doing this crap just how can you get a joy from smashing a animal how

  77. Avatar Ursie says:

    My kitty is depressed. She has all the symptoms listed: eating very little, sleeping more than usual, loss of interest in playing and exploring, decline in grooming, excessive vocalizing, withdrawal from its owner and not using the litter box. We know why she’s depressed. Our other cat recently died and he had been with her her whole life. Then 5 days after he died we had moved from Kansas to Texas because my husband, who’s in the Army, got orders to transfer. She hated the drive, as did we. So now we are in an extended stay hotel looking for a place to live which means we have to leave her alone most of the day! We don’t have much money to take her to a vet right now. We spend as much time with her as we can and constantly dote on her when we’re here but nothing it working. This all started 2 weeks ago exactly and we’re hoping to get into a new home as soon as possible. We feel so bad for putting her through this and are still very raw from losing our other cat so seeing her like this is freaking us out. Any suggestions? Please?

  78. Avatar Ashely says:


    My cat Gracie has changed within 3 days. My boyfriend and i have split after living together for a year and he has been gone for 4 weeks, she hasn’t seemed any diffrent. But with Easter Weekend I had to return to my parents home and left her behind when i got home she hadnt used her litter or barely ate. her bell was wet like she peed and layed in for a day, but after me being home for 30 min she was jumpy but she waqs drinking and eating slept with me all night. Next day she was ok untill i left for work see wouldnt leave the closet where i keep her litter so i remved the litter and she peed in the closet and layed in it. it took her about 30 min of me being home and she went back to puring and laying in the same room with friends and myself.

    Getting up this mourn she was noraml self untill i was puttig make up on she wouldnt leave my side then i left returning home just 20min later she hid herself in the bathroom and got stuck in the wall so my room mate and i had to pry her out which scared her, but after her having me home for 20 min she slowly warmed up.

    What is wrong with my girl :0( I have had her for 4 years and after this break up she is all i have, she doesnt seem sick, she is eating and drinking and i heard her use her box last night, i have closed the bath room door so she cant hide and put her box in my room where she is now hiding. looking at her eyes she looks pissed. but she warms up to me and will be fine while im there.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      You may wish to post this on our forum for additional responses.
      Imo, there’s a good chance that this is transitional behaviour that will settle down soon….if it does not, a vet visit might be a good idea.
      If you have a neighbour that can look in on the cat once a day when u are gone for long hours, that may be an option that can help.
      Videos for cats might also alleviate some of the boredom when you are gone.
      Good luck!

  79. Avatar Natasha says:

    I have had my cat for 5 years. We have lived alone and then in August we moved in with my roommate and her 2 cats. He adjusted fine to that. This March I got a puppy and since then he has slept most of the day, often not even moving from the same spot. He looks like he has gained weight and is walking like he almost has difficulty. He eats around once a day now and he was much more social before. He still sleeps with myself and the puppy at night but is vocal when she gets too excited around him. They are sleeping right next to each other right now actually which is nice to see. I have been giving the cat more attention and I hope he is going to pull out of it and if not in a few days then I guess to the vet! Makes me so nervous I want my animals to be happy :(

    • Avatar Marko says:

      You sound like a great pet owner! I too would be playing more with the cat. Let the cat chase a laser, feather on a string etc.
      And if it does not help – vet time for sure.
      Good luck!

  80. Avatar Megan says:

    I recently took in this 5yr old cat named Shadow. My friend’s cousin needed to give away his cat as he is moving out of state, and they could not take care of all their pets. He was an outside cat for 3yrs, and then an indoor cat for the past 2 yrs. They said they took him to a shelter, but after a week the shelter said they needed to put him down because he kept hurting himself against the cage and the bills were becoming significant. Other than this, I was promised he was playful, friendly, loveable, just he doesnt like being caged (which hey, is normal).
    Well, I show up to pick up this cat, and he is locked in a dark filthy bathroom with no light. The ENTIRE HOUSE was so gross. I was so tempted to not take him, but I felt bad. They gave me proof of his updated shots (just done May 6th). Cat is neutured as well.

    WELL, in a week and three days, the cat has managed to pee on everything in site, tear my window screen, and break my window blinds. I try to play with him every day at least 1/2hr day and pet him, but all he does is hiss and get pissed off. He is eating and using the litter box which is good. I decided I should take him to the vet, since his one nail was bleeding a few days ago and half his ear is chopped off (he came to me like that), but when I tried to lure him into the carrier with treats, toys etc, he would not go.
    Finally, I decided to pick him up and he almost bit my arm, and then ran around my apartment like a nut job and hissed at me because I would not let him hide under the bed. This is A LOT for a week and 3 days.

    If this continues for a month or more, do you think I should give him up or have him put down? I’ve had 4 cats before in the past and so, I’m doing everything in my power to take the best care of him that I can.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      This is a touch one because it sounds to me like this cat was neglected big time. But just over a week is not a long time for this cat to transition.
      Here are a few tips – Is the cat neutered? If not neutering will often stop the peeing.
      Litterbox – should be cleaned of solids every single day and the whole litter changed weekly. This is the #1 reason cats pee outside of the litterbox. Just like people, cats hate a stinky bathroom and their nose is considerably more sensitive than yours. The litterbox should be in a low traffic area.
      I would get some feliway to calm the pet down. It helps many cats and can be purchased in more pet stores.

      Finally, this cat is in transition, please give him a break.

      For a better ‘back and forth’ please feel free to also join our forum where other members will also offer advice. Good luck.

  81. Avatar Kim says:

    I recently rescued a stray that showed up to my house one day. He was un-neutered, had significant hairloss, folded over ears, and was extremely thin. I fed him regularly for 2 weeks before deciding to take full responsibility for him. I took him to the vet to be fixed and vaccinated. Unfortunately, while there, they found that he tested positive for FIV. Since the diagnosis, I have confined him to my screened-in porch to keep him from spreading the disease to the neighborhood cats, and also, shield him from anything that his immune system may not be able to fight off.

    Before he showed up, we already had a cat of 8 years who has tested negative for FIV. She is an indoor/outdoor cat, so when she goes out, Mr. Cat comes in. He enjoys spending time inside at first (constant purring for about 5-10 minutes), but then gets bored or aggressive and wants to go back to the porch.

    I am positive he is depressed, b/c I would guess that he spent the rest of his estimated year and half life outdoors, and hates being confined to a porch/house. He does not typically want to play, and tends to be very moody (purring one minute, then clawing or biting the next). He spends a lot of time looking out windows and standing by the door, hoping to be let out. It kills me to keep him indoors b/c I know all he truly wants is to go back outside, but everything I’ve read/heard advises against letting an FIV+ cat outside.

    Is there anything I can do to lift his spirits?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      What about a specific area where the cat could be in a cage on the balcony? Or perhaps let out on a leash and harness under your direct supervision at around the same time each day?

      Here’s an article on FIV btw. Good luck!

  82. Avatar alejandra says:

    My place is really small, is there a chance my cat is depressed because of the lack o space? he looks like a lion on a cage, keeps walking in circles, crying. Should I let him go outside? Im scared he never comes back

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Good hunch. Cats get killed all the time outdoors or they lost, stolen, harmed, catch a disease, get a bite wound etc. Indoor cats live years longer.
      If this is a recent move, your cat is probably anxious because of the move, not the size of the space.
      Good luck!

  83. Avatar Angela says:

    Hi there, i have a 3 year old cat and was considering getting a rough collie puppy for my daughter next year, however i am very worried that my cat might become depressed if bring a dog into the family and she means the world to me and i dont want t do anything that would make her depressed.
    Do you have any advice and do you think it would be a bad idea?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Personally, I’d post this on our forum where lots of members can offer advice…and probe you for additional advice that is missing here in order for us to give you a good answer.
      Just 1 missing piece of info for example is how old is your daughter?
      good luck

  84. Avatar jaimee says:

    My cat is about 7 years old and is hiding under the bed and won’t come out unless I make her. We got a new kitten about 6 weeks ago and at first my cat was fine, they even played together. Now within the past week she’s started hiding, not eating very much and hissing at the kitten when she sees her. What should I do?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      I’d let her be. I would not force her. I’d let the cats work it out on their own.
      Good luck.

    • Avatar Tamara says:

      An older cat can have trouble with a kitten, since the kitten will have a lot more energy, and generally will not have learned all the ‘proper cat manners’. It could be that your kitten was unintentionally terrorizing the older cat. Ideally, you should make a no kitten area for the older cat to escape to, perhaps in a closet or a seldom used room. You don’t state how old the kitten is, but if she has not learned to jump yet, a board across the doorway will keep her out. If she is able to get over the board, you will have to teach her that she is not allowed in there. But do not try to force them to interact. This will just frustrate your older cat and make her less inclined to get along with the kitten. Also make sure that you’re not accidentally neglecting her in favour of the kitten. Some cats can be VERY jealous.

  85. Avatar Abigail says:

    Hello, i have 2 cats, one around the ages of 17/18 and the other 4. The youngest as recently started acting all depressed and sleeping a lot. He hasn’t eaten anything bad and has had all his vaccinations although he is not neutered. He still eats and uses his box, however he just seems to be moping around as if he’s giving up and cannot be bothered. He also likes to just be on his own. Before hand he used to sit with my mum all the time, however lately my eldest cat has taken to my mum a lot more and therefore the youngest one cannot sit with her and generally just ignored everyone. I really don’t know whats up with him and we don’t want to stress him out by taking him to the vets. Have you got any advice? Thank you

    • Avatar Marko says:

      With respect….even young children gets stressed out when they are sick and need to see a doctor. And yet, we still take them to the doctor…because they tend to get sicker when we don’t.

      You cat sounds sick. Please take it to a vet before it gets even sicker. Your cat cannot heal itself.
      Good luck.

  86. Avatar lamees farran says:

    Hello, I have two siberian kittens both of them when first came here they were afraid but then slightly started to adopt with us, because me and my siblings play with them all the time. and both the male and the female were loving us and love playing with us but then suddenly the female started to avoid us and when we play with her she leaves, she is eating very little but she plays with the male only running around and having fun together but when we play with her, carry her or even try to tickle her as we did before she leaves us, today she jumped from the first floor (aha btw she is an explorer) and we’re leaving in villa but she can climb the stairs up and down but today she jumped and we thought she did this because she is bored or depressed and tried to figure out a new thing but even today she is not playing with the male. we don’t even know why is she depressed before jumping. if you have any advice please tell me, thanQ :)

    • Avatar Marko says:

      To me it’s possible that the cat is ill. Has the cat seen a vet?
      A decrease in appetite and a change in behaviour is a red flag for me and if this were my cat, the first thing I would do is see a vet to make sure the cat is not physically ill.
      good luck!

  87. Avatar Sally says:

    I think that my 14 year old cat is depressed. I recently had to move away to attend university and leave my cat behind with my family. I honestly feel terrible about it, I got him when I was 4 and I chose him out of a litter of kittens. Since then we have been legit best friends. He has always been terrified by the rest of my family and well hide usually from them but he has always been amazingly friendly

  88. Avatar Sally says:

    To me. He slept in my bed every night and would always follow me around the house. Since I left apperently he has been acting really strange. He sleeps all the time or wanders around the house howling, hes not eating very well and he is just completely not himself. My mom took him to get a check up and our vet said hes completely healthy and it could be depression and to just wait it out. I’m just worried about him, my parents have been offering him more high valued food that he would usually love but he remains disconnected. I can’t have him with me since I live in residence. Next year I’m hoping to rent an apartment and bring him with me then. Im home for this weekend and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him happier now! I’m just worried that once I leave on sunday he will be upset again. I’m going to try and make it home every weekend but I’m in bio-medical science so I’m constantly busy and it’s hard bring everything home sometimes. Does anyone have any advice for what my family could do?

  89. Avatar Becky says:

    My cat, Noah, of 6 years seems depressed. We just lost his companion suddenly to heart failure. Noah was moping around, avoiding me and my husband, and was generally not himself. We thought it might help to get him a new friend and went to the humane society. we adopted a 5 monrh old kitten. The new cat has made himself right at home, but Noah seems to be making little progress. He is avoiding the kitten and hissing when they see each other. I try to spend time with him, but he walks away and hides. Is there anything I can do to make this easier on him?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Hi Becky – you neglected to mention how long ago it was that the other cat passed. Cats normally need a few weeks or more to adjust and if you got a new cat in that time…that was probably a mistake and new cat equals new stressor in many cases. I’d say just try to keep playing with Noah and if this continues a vet visit is in order.
      Good luck!

  90. Avatar Maria says:

    My simmiz cat is depressed. I just resently lost my other kitten. I think she misses her because all she does is eat sleep and use the restroom. I want to get another kitten so that she can have a buddy again. What can I do for the mean time so that she will not be so depressed. She looks really sad and miserable please let me know what can I do for her?

  91. Avatar Robyn says:

    We adopted a kitten from a shelter and about 2 weeks later we noticed bald patches on his head. The vet said he’s got ringworm and to isolate him from our dog and minimise the kids interaction with him until he heals. He had complete run of our house, so I feel so cruel isolating him and fear he is becoming increasingly depressed (still purring and wants cuddles, but doesn’t play as much as before). I’m a working mum and can’t spend heaps of time with him (except the daily bathing routine). I feel his pain when i leave his room. The intense house cleaning involved in removing the environmental spores is also taking me away from my kids, husband and dog. Please help me deal with this situation – I can’t see the light at the moment and its making puss and me depressed.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      I’m so sorry you are going through this – Ringworm is such a hassle to treat. But the cat needs to stay separated till it goes away.

      I recommend posting this on our forum as it gets more action that commenting in a blog post.
      But off the top of my head, One idea might be to set up a TV in the room where the cat is, if this is possible.
      There are videos made for cats that don’t cost too much and that might alleviate some of the boredom.
      Good luck!

  92. Avatar Katie J. says:

    Dear Marko,

    To make a long story short:
    I’ve had Milo (our only pet) since he was just a small stray kitten living on someone’s porch. Now he around a year old. He’s always slept often an he’s been neutered and taken to the vet enough for us to know that he hasn’t had any past medical conditions. About two and a half months ago Milo survived our home catching fire and us relocating to a smaller home with a neighborhood filled with stray cats. Ever since we’ve been here he stays in the window and watches and sometimes escapes outdoors which is not permitted (to avoid outside dangers). He sleeps often but this has been normal for his adult life. But he gets extremely hyper in the mornings and late nights. However.. Recently (past day or two) he’s shown a decrease in appetite. But oddly he shows excitement for food but then never really eats as much or as eager as he did. Whenever I shake the treat bag he comes running but then loses interest shortly after I pour some food out. I haven’t noticed him sleeping more or less but he’s been vomiting maybe twice a day for a few days. It’s clear,foamy,and liquid. I have taken up hairball precautions now that I have researched some on the web suggesting hairball extraction issues. And I have also issued a daily digestion vitamin. (He took his first one tonight.) He’s always been funny about drinking water when he’s being watched but I have noticed he doesn’t drink as much either. We haven’t changed anything in our schedules or anything and he’s loved and held and played with often. I do admit that hes not so great on the amount of toys. He still plays just not as vigorously but I can just sense something’s off. COULD MY LITTLE MAN BE DEPRESSED?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Your little man could be depressed, but to me, it sounds like he’s medically ill.
      If he hasn’t eaten much in 2 days and is drinking less than normal and is vomiting clear liquid….then he is at severe risk for dehydration.
      Even though vets cost money and in the past he was fine….he is not fine now. If this were my cat he would be at a vet today, not tomorrow.
      Good luck.

  93. Avatar Peace says:

    Katie J.) Are you feeding you’re cat more then one kind of CatFood
    or even Cat Treats. you said = “Whenever I shake the treat bag he comes running)
    if all you feed you’re pet’s is treats of course it’ll get sick like us humans would
    if all we ate was candy even like dogs do the same as cats

    you need to keep you’re Cat on one or 2 other type’s of CatFood’s
    like i do.! You have to keep looking for the right kind and the right
    amount of vitamins and nutrients in the Cat Food, if your cat likes
    what your eating you need to share it with the cat or even with the
    dog nothing bad though keep him or her on a regular balance daily.

    i don’t think he is depressed now he may just be bored.

  94. Avatar Saz says:

    Well i got two kittens 6 months and 4 months they were brother and sisters, Snowy and Kitten. Yesterday Snowy passed away his sister is acting really weird she just sleeps, i dont know what to do please help me. And also what could i do to get over it im 12 years old :( :( :( i miss him so much, i know who killed him and i really hate them now well i never liked them but they just left him on the street (they ran him over) but there was no tire marks or blood but when i put him on a soft mat blood started dropping from his nose, :( its so sad

    • Avatar Marko says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss, this is so sad – please accept my condolences.
      For the surviving kitten, playing with her more in the short term is a great idea and she will likely return to normal in a short while.

      I’d talk to my parents if I were you to try and get over it. It will take time.

      You are 12 so you likely don’t have much say in the house…but INDOOR cats never get killed by cars, get into fights with other cats, or encounter mean humans that hate cats. On average, indoor cats live years longer than outdoor cats.

      Here’s an article that may help if you decide to make Kitten an indoor cat.
      Good luck

  95. Avatar lance says:

    we have a cat about nearly a year old, and recently we adopt another cat is a year old from a friend. adopt cat has been living with us about two and half week with us.
    our first cat use to be hyper and play alot and running around. lately she hasnt been doing any of those since this new cat shown up. she been laying and sleeping whole lot more then usual. we thought she might be sick or depressed cuz of this new cat we have.
    its took times for them to get use to each other and they do get along and fights at times.
    we tried to play with them both much as we can at same times.
    so what should we do? she depressed cuz of the other cat? let her get use to all this?

  96. Avatar Brittany Oyola says:

    I recently adopted two kittens. They were both 11 weeks old.I also have a 4 year old cat. we’ve had these new kittens for about a month. We got them for Mother’s Day. A couple of days ago, one of the two kittens got really sick. I had to rush her to the emergency clinic. They kept her overnight, but she did not make it. They stated she may have had a birth defect. this is very hard on me as she was such a lovable kitten. I feel she knew she was going to die and give us all her love at once. I am very worried about her brother as she was very close with him. He did not see her passed away but since she is no longer in this house he is looking all over the place for her. He also lays down wherever she would lay down. he’s becoming slightly antisocial. I know we were supposed to give him lots of love and affection which we do,and play with him a lot. He just does not seem interested in playing anymore. I am worried about him a lot. Will he be okay? Also my 4 year old cat has been very distance the past couple of days since our little girl has passed. She’s now hiding underneath beds and couches which she never did before. Even though our kitten wasn’t here long, could she be suffering from depression is well from this situation? Or could this be related to the fact that we are trying to comfort the other kitten? Please help I’m very worried about both of them.

  97. Avatar Aspen says:

    My cat and my sisters cat recently had kittens together. The kittens are about a month old. My cat Jupiter is hardly eating. Not grooming or using the litter box. She will not let me pet her or sit beside her. I got her before she was weenied. . My sister has a cat and they are like sisters. I don’t think it is because of companionship. Please help. I want her to be fun and like she was. Sincerely, Aspen

  98. Avatar Mary says:

    My children wanted a cat as our dog was to big for them to pick up and cuddle with (Old English Sheepdog) well that was about 8 1/2 years ago. The cat has always had the run of the house and has been the only pet since the dog passed away a few years ago. My daughter just moved out of the house and took the cat with her. She moved to a two bedroom apartment one month ago. I should say this is a brand new apartment no cats or animals have ever lived there before. I have seen the cat recently and he doesn’t seem happy. His coat is a little dull, he seems lethargic . For the first few minutes we see him he acts stand offish then starts to smell our things rubs him self on them sticks his head in my purse When we pick him up he no longer likes to cuddle up around our neck. My daughter says he wakes her up real early even when he has food. (he is an indoor cat) That is not unsuall as we always were early risers and hes just use to someone being up when he is.
    My husband and I are thinking that perhaps we should bring him back home. But I must say as much as I love the cat, it has been nice not having the hair or the responsibility of him being around. How long should we give him to adjust and should we hold on our visits to her apartment to give him time to adjust. Now we have only been there a couple of times, mostly to do things in the apartment. When we leave he kind of gives us this look like, hold on let me get my coat and I will go with you, look.

  99. Avatar Rida says:

    My cat gave birth to 3 kittens on 15th july and after a week one of then died and dat was a sudden death, like the kitten was perfectly fine and ot died suddenly. And the same thing happened to the other 2 kittens, like they were perfectly fine and suddenly one of them died after like 3 days and now 1 was left and that kitten was the most fattest or u can say healthy kitten , so u know v couldnt find a chance to take them to the vet because they were fine and the same thing happened with the last kitty and now my cat is extremely depresses, she goes near the cat house where the kittens lived and she starts crying. I love my cat alot so i dont undersand what to do , i give her alot of time and i try to play with her but she is very depressed, so please tell me what should i do… I will be very thankful..

  100. Avatar Dani says:

    My cat recently went outside he is an indoor outdoor cat and alway seems to come home no matter the circumstances. He went out for a couple hours the other night and found him to take him inside for the night. Ever since the he has barley ate and has been sleeping more then usual he barley gets up and does anything. We have a dog that we just got a month ago which my cat always hisses and grows and “attacks” the dog everything the dog gets near but lately the past 3days my cat has not hissed or growled or anything at the dog at all.. I don’t understand why he is acting this way.

  101. Avatar Nicole says:

    I got my kitten in early June- she was about 8weeks old! She’s always been very playful and loves her food! But last week we had to move out of our house so work could be done on it! Since then she’s been sleeping all day and hardly eating, shes also not interested in playing! She’s also been separated from our other older cat. Could this be to do with our move or could it be more? Im really worried and not sure what to do, any advice would help!?

  102. Avatar Madison says:

    I recently rescued a cat (3-4mo. Old) and she was very playful. A month later, we introduced a new male cat and after a little hesitation (like a few hours) they were best friends. They often from each other and sleep together. The male is not yet neutered but the female (the first one and one in question) is. 3 months after I got her and 2 months after the male, she is extremely different. She will stay in one spot all day and only move to use the restroom or eat. I never see her play. She is not mean, rather you can touch any part of her or hold her for long periods of time without a problem. Normally if you hold her wrong or touch her belly age would freak out. Now she acts like a doll, starting in any position you put her in until gravity or an outside force moves her. I see her walk healthily to eat or to and from her litter box but that’s the only movement I see. I can’t afford the vet right now, Is there something wrong?

  103. Avatar Gillian says:

    I am blessed with fur-babies that get along very well, perhaps too well…

    My rat Ezma died of old age last week and my boy Garfield is now extremly depressed, he’s already situated in a large dog cage, with his fuzzy blanket, food etc… He is so upset that its breaking my heart, he has 3 step-sisters and his best friend Felix (a Papillon) have all tried to cheer him up to no avail..

    He is usually a very curious cat, he studies everything I do and when he isn’t watching me, he’s usually curled up on my lap, all of my cats are indoor as I live near a main road but they have more toys then a human child, all fixed and almost human in friendlyness and attitude… Any further advice is welcome but if he doesn’t perk up by monday, we are taking him to the vet

  104. Avatar hannah says:

    We have 2 cats of a year old a male and female, they are about a year old.
    We have been away for a weeks holiday and had family members come round to play and feed them.
    Since we have returned the female has been fine and really affectionate and seems normal but the male has lost weight has diarrhoea and has been hiding under the bed.
    We only came back yesterday but our family noticed he seemed different a few days ago and have been giving him lots of attention but wanted to check if it was cat depression or something else.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Normally a cat’s behaviour will return to normal after a few days.
      For a better back and forth I encourage you to post this in our forum.

  105. Avatar Sarah says:

    My cat cookie used to like her toys and play now for some reason she just looks out the windows all day and all night. I try to play with her when I come home she’s still affectionate purrs when you pet her but just won’t play as soon as she has her fill of being petted she goes right back to the window. I don’t get it. She eats well drinks water and goes in her box just fine but is obsessed with the window. Any ideas what’s wrong with her?

  106. Avatar Kelly says:

    My husband and I adopted our kitten when she was 7 weeks old. When she was 6 months old we adopted a 3 month old kitten. Unfortunately this kitten was scratching up our 9 month old daughter, and didn’t want anything to do with us, she only wanted our older kitten. A few days ago we returned her her to the original owner, since then, my cat is barely eating. I gave her a cup of food two days ago only about half of its gone, but she has been eating about a half a can of food as long as I leave it out all day. There have been no other changes with her other. She’s sleeping the same amount of time, using the litter box just fine, she does seem to want more attention from me.

  107. Avatar marianareza says:

    Hi, i have a siamese cat and we’ve had what i think is a pretty close bond. When hel was a kitten I would let him sleep in my bed so he adopted me as his mom. I will usually spend large periods of time cuddling and petting him each day. Yesterday i had a bit of a personal crisis and when i arrived home i stormed into my room crying and absolutely emotionally devasted my cat noticed this. My mom told me he was depressed as he often meows in order for my mom to let him into the kitchen and feed him, this morning however he did not. He was lying in a corner with a sad look. When i left for school that same morning (today) he went immediately to my room, jumped on my bed and slept without touching food or water. When i arrived home I went up to my room and told him that everything was going to be okay and cuddled with him. He immediately got up, jumped off my bed and started eating his food off his plate and drank water. I know this sounds silly, but is there any way that my cat felt my deep sadness and was affexted by it. And this being said, is their some kind of deep emotional link between me and him? Thank you.

    • Avatar Marko says:

      Wonderful story and I’m glad you have such a sensitive cat.
      I have heard similar stories with both cats and dogs…..consider yourself lucky!

  108. Avatar Donna says:

    Hey I have two cats sisters. We got a new puppy 1 month ago and one of my cats stopped eating and drinking, no cleaning her self, and stopped using the liter box. Any advice was be greatly appreciated

  109. Avatar Sabine says:

    Hi, I have picked up 4 abandoned cats (between 6-8 months old) from 2 litters. Managed to get 2 adopted (one from each litter), got the 2 others sterilized and brought them home 3 days ago. They have their own quiet space to settle down but we do go and stroke them about every hour. We keep the other cats and dogs away for a few days – although they have seen 2 of my other cats.

    One of them seems to take things in her stride and has started exploring while the other is hiding in a corner and will not even come out for food. I need to put the food in front of her. She purrs when stroked but that’s all. Is there anything I can do except give her time and attention? I do realize that they both have been through a lot of change: from living in the wild to being sterilized and a new home. thanks for your advice

  110. Avatar Tracy says:

    I have a five year old cat (mother was feral/father was house cat) who has started crying all night. We had to move suddenly and he was placed in the shelter for a month (his mother was put down in there) before I could get him back out. He is now an indoor cat (was an indoor/outdoor). What can I do to help him adjust? I work long hours 7 days a week and where we live I cannot let him out because of the high traffic and neighborhood.

  111. Avatar Cecilia says:

    I just got a 5mth old cat we have her for over 24hrs no she hasn’t had a wee or poop, she also hasn’t ate anything.She will hide behind the couch all day and wont do anything,she gets scared when she hears and noise or anything like that another thing is she every so often pops her head out to see whats going on the she will go behind the other couch. Any ideas on what I can do??

  112. Avatar Dee says:

    My cat suddenly stopped eating. She just sits in the same spot away from us and when we try to interact with her she moves. She even stopped interacting with our other cat although they always played together and got along and she stopped grooming herself. We took her to the vet and had blood tests but everything was fine. Its been over a week and she lost SO much weight and looks very unhealthy. We even have to forcefeed her. I dont know what do :(

  113. Avatar Abby says:

    My cat is always allowed outside in the mornings and is also allowed to freely come in and out during the day if someone is home.
    A few days ago he broke his toe so he is suddenly not allowed to go outside (due to his paw being wrapped). At fist he chewed the cast off so was given an Elizabethan collar but thankfully he tends to be leaving the bandage alone now so the collar can be skipped.
    He is mowing a lot(mostly in the mornings) and runs (hobbles at a super fast speed) whenever it looks like someone will open the door. He is spending a lot of time just sitting in the hall and I feel terrible whenever I have to go to Uni or work (and its only been 3 days).
    I have heaps of toys for him but he had always been a cat who requires you to physically move the toys to get him interested and the cast makes it hard for him to play :(
    Any advice is greatly appreciated

  114. Avatar Destiny says:

    We just got a puppy and I think my cat is depressed he wont come out from under the bed he hasnt eaten in atleast 4 or 5 days I can lure him out with a string but as soon as I try to hold him ( which usually he would love) he bolts back under the bed. He is usually an outdoor cat he used to barley spend any time inside but now He won’t go outside. Help Iim really scared :(

  115. Avatar Gillian says:

    Just an update, my boy Garf is totally fine now. It took about two weeks to perk him up again, he didn’t need the vet luckily… just mega loves and snuggles <3

  116. Avatar ingrid says:

    My spykly don’t recognize me or my children he run away and don’t want to come home eversince I found out I am pregnant, i wonder if my pregnantcy affected him, he comes at out late at night to beat up my other cat kiggy kiggy and then he leaves and they were best friends , I am sad because I love all of my pets and I worry for his safety . But him not responding when ever we call him it makes me wonder why he won’t come he runs away if he see us approaching him like he do not know us or he can’t hear us, the other cat seems to be more lovely to me and my little dog wing wing he lays in my belly like he keeping my baby warm.

  117. Avatar Donna Walters says:

    Hi. So I found my cat outside 4 yrs ago and she was 6 weeks old. She’s always been a little skittish around others but she is just fine with my roommate and I and his 2 older cats. Unfortunately my roommate and I are parting ways and he is taking his 2 cats with him. My question is will my cat be o.k. eventually without those 2 cats? I’m just so scared she will become depressed and never be the same again. I spoil her rotten and give her all my attention so I am hoping she will be o.k. Any and all advice would be extremely helpful because I have been such a wreck having to do this. Thanx!

    • Avatar Marko says:

      If you spoil her with play and treats the transition should be easier.
      You will likely notice a temporary change in behaviour during the transition.

      Good luck and feel free to post this on our forum for a better back and forth.

  118. Avatar Charn says:

    Hello, I’ve had my cat ollie for a month I took him to the vets 3 weeks ago for chip and vaccines that was all fine he was fine wen go home! He was due on Monday to go bak for second vaccine, my sister was here who ollies met several times we tried to get him the box for 45 mins to take to vets we couldn’t go as he got so stressed hiding and I thought it was enough! Ollie was fine for the rest of the day and Tuesday fine! I put some treats in his cat box tues nite to try and get him used to it but they were still there in the morning weds he didn’t eat at all which is very unusual he eats loads and will always come running for treats! Me and my partner wrapped a towel around him that afternoon and put in cat box he was very calm which is unusual vets was fine! Since then he’s meowing at us won’t let us stroke or touch him he just meows he won’t eat or have treats or play wat shall I do? He’s usually so loving and happy and do anything for food???

  119. Avatar Holly says:

    I’m wondering if anyone has any advice. I adopted a kitten this week from a rescue (about 10 weeks old) and i think he is depressed and he’s been that way even since I first got him…that’s why I took him to be honest. He was so depressed there was no way he’d survive where he was…. so I hoped to help him by adopting him. He just lays there like a rag doll and wont eat or sleep. I showed him his litter box (by putting him inside) and he just laid down and stayed there until i took him out an hour later! I put him in front of water, dry food and wet food, and he just laid down beside it. When I put it in his mouth, he spits it out! He wont play, he wont eat, he wont drink and he just seems generally lethargic. When I hold him he sits for a few minutes and then jumps away and goes to lie in a corner. I have an small dog who is older, and he lets her lay with him and clean him and lick him, but he doesn’t actually respond, he just lays there like any other time, although he wont get up and move away like when im petting him. He was just at the vets on June 4th and got his first shots and a clean bill of health (the rescue took him). Anyone have any suggestions on how to help him?

    • Avatar Marko says:

      I hate to say it – but if this is going on for 2 plus weeks – this sounds like a sick cat that requires a vet visit.
      Many rescues will pay or help pay for this vet visit.

      Good luck and feel free to post this on our forum for a better back and forth.

  120. Hi I think my cat is depressed we recently moved and she was fine . But a cat that lives near by has been bullying her in the garden for the past 2 weeks now she lies down a lot and has lost intrest and life about her, she eats fine and I can’t find any wounds on her . Could her getting bullied be the cause? Is there a way of keeping the other cat away.

  121. Avatar April says:

    i adopted my cat 3 years ago, she was 2, very relaxed great around baby, gentle,lovable, couldnt ask for a better cat, in the past week she been eating very little, not coming when i call her, and she NEVER hides, i caught her a couple of times underneath things, having a feeling she is sad,, i have been paying more attention, but it doesnt seem to help, i feed her blue buffalo cat food, and shes only drinking water, i put some food in my hand and she only smells it. i no i half to bring her to vet, but do you have any suggestions,

  122. Avatar Dan Fortune says:

    Fraidy is my 3 Year old yellow tabby that showed up in my life after being “let loose” from a car that went on down the alley further and dropped another, a calico sister. Within minutes a bawling “vocally gifted” kitten was under my shed and planted there calling for momma I assumed. Food n water evaporated the second I went out of sight. Many years since I had a cat friend but this guy needed me and to turn my back would’ve been just so wrong. Having trouble even feeding myself made me doubt that I could be a good friend and “trainee” for this cat that seemed to choose me,,well,,,somewhat anyway. I had to use a milk crate and a stick trap which Fraidy zipped right out of on round one day one. He fell asleep after I slowly pushed old microfleece and acrylic cold weather gear into the night. I worked out some weights for that crate so it’d really hold him, ran the string from the stick into a camper and sat there peeking out curtains knowing it’d be time to eat again in the early A.M. Believe me I knew he was already awake he was bawling since before daylight,,,just broke my heart for him,,that asshole car driver!. Quickly into my welding gloves to my elbows, a couple long sleeved shirts and my old snowboarding goggles ( THANKS GORDINI ) where in a few minutes as soon as he set foot near the food and trap I had him. I figured that I would be in for a really hard and lengthy time attempting to keep him as he was afraid of his own shadow, obviously traumatized by the experience but right away when I got ahold of him, can you imagine what I looked like with those goggles on?,,he PURRED. Still afraid of any noise I could see with limited knowledge of cats that this animal came from an environment NOT peaceful. Fraidy CAT I said to myself as I began to prepare for cleaning messes, stink, how would I let him potty during my attempt to “house” and befriend him? SO many things to do and do right and I wanted to give him every chance to be well cared for with me, he’d seen enough in his life. I remember hoping that no visitors came to see me while this cat, soon named FRAIDY, and I gave each other a shot at life together. See at the very time FRAIDY came into my life I was honestly at the very lowest of the worst depression ever. I seriously held doubt that I would be wanted by FRAIDY as a friend. Well right at 3 years now and I’m going to get to my point. I love FRAIDY more than I knew I could love an animal. Since he is the best darn cat anybody could ever befriend and he may have literally saved my life from uncertainty never known to me, is at least mostly affectionate and extremely loyal to me I mean to never let him down. I thought much about our lives and knew I could never neglect him, leave him, give him up or away unless unhealthy for him to be with me. So I did a lot of “training” in ways that’d make you laugh, he responded amazingly well to and was geared to serve HIM through life. It did take a LONG time to warm up to friends but I did see how more exposure meant more growth despite his “Hit the Nail on the Head” name FRAIDY. Getting to my troubles,,my son has come back from working out of state and showed up with a PUPPY. A wonderful puppy and I do encourage my son’s growth as a steward to his pet. This at exactly the same time I was forced to move!,,AAARRRG! FRAIDY had to adapt to this new place that has more danger with coyotes in all directions if a stones throw from the house at night. But a much larger albeit different living space is a bonus for living indoor 75% of the time at the least. So FRAIDY is puppy tolerant, gentle with claw and shows such amazing restraint to this puppy’s desire to rush up to him and bowl him over FRAIDY has this puppy trained to approach slower now:) But FRAIDY is heartbroken and I can see it in every way possible and it’s crushing me, I mean I was upstairs earlier tonight acting like a fool begging him to come down and just sleep on my bed again BTW I SWEAR that since I speak English to FRAIDY he understands a lot of what I say. But he is clearly hurt inside that I’d let an animal around and I just simply don’t know what I can do about it. FRAIDY is possessive or at least he was much more in previous weeks. But now FRAIDY is so crushed despite all my attention with dedication to focus primarily upon him in every way I can. He is getting further away from me, seeks me out less and less and mind you this is just 2 months now and instead of better with it we are getting worse with it IT’S GOT ME WATERY EYED more than now I am crushed that I’ve hurt him this way. Please try not to feel it ridiculous this is like witnessing a child that was so energetic and full of life just skid to a halt, look the other way all the time and walk away instead of seek me for all the things I gave thus far in life. This sucks and I’m not happy I didn’t even know such a thing could take place. Other than waiting out my son’s economic growth and eventual moving on and out with puppy I can see no remedy for my best companion and loyal friend of 3 years to feel better. In fact at this point I have begun to feel that maybe I have even lost him forever that he feels so violated that he simply may not be able to recover and take his earned and deserved spot as one of my very best friends in these last 3 years of my life. FRAIDY has seen me give food and water to puppy. I talk to both of them still constantly when they are together calling their name first in gentle fashion to let them both know that it is they I’m speaking about..I just haven’t dealt with such a mess before. If there IS advice for my little friend please share it with me. He is going to the vet soon because of one major reason to me. He hasn’t been grooming himself to the point that his fur is crazy soft like he always has. He also has improved stalking skills and his hunting and stalking are incredibly progressed by instinct and he is staying busy he isn’t laying around. He wants out ALL THE TIME DAY AND NIGHT TOO and I can’t let him loose at night here or he will certainly pay with his life. He isn’t happy about that at all despite our living area it just seems he isn’t happy with me now. All timed to puppy and moving all at once. Hope this changes for us both soon or at least I see him happy as he always was even if that means little to very little time with me. I want to help[ him life the best life he can and now I am not so sure that I am doing very well by him.

  123. Avatar Hattie Bucek says:

    We have a one year old male cat. He is so sweet and affecrianite when we got him he would sleep with us and I would always give him generous amounts of love and attention. He would purr like crazy. But we recently got a new kitten. He isn’t himself. He doesn’t sleep with us. He doesn’t purr when I pet him. He eats and drinks just fine. But he’s not himself. I play with him and give him just as much attention but I’m afraid I lost him…

  124. Avatar Miranda says:

    And may I add, he was rescued along with his 5 brothers and sisters. We found four of them homes. His brother Simba is perfectly fine. At first he was really distant and now hes playing like Fatty use to.

  125. Avatar byrd says:

    Just adopted 8 month old kitty he’s huge I love him he just got here today he’s not eating or drinking and he’s been under the couch he came out sfter my kids went to bed yay I have been caressing him he came to me but large amounts of fur is falling out I know he’s stressed in a new noisey home with new Ppl but how long will it take for him to get used to his new permanent home

  126. Avatar Alicia says:

    I left my husband a week ago and took our two cats to live with me at my parents’. One of our cats was raised by us from a bottle, but we adopted the other cat when she was about 6 months old. Both cats are just over a year old now. I know that my parents house is causing a lot of stress because there are new smells, new noises, and new animals to interact with. But I feel like my cats are stressed being away from their human dad, too. They had a really good relationship, especially the cat we raised from a new born. I have noticed that she sleeps a lot more and have noticed her trembling in her sleep. I feel so terrible about ripping my cats away from their human dad. I’m considering asking my husband if he would like the cats since he most likely will stay in the apartment, but I don’t feel like he’s mature enough to take care of them on his own, and he’s slightly allergic to their dander and feces. I know I should just give my cats more time to adjust, but it breaks my heart to see them so upset. They have started cuddling with me again at night, so that’s a start. Should I return them to my husband? Or should I give them more time to adjust?

  127. Avatar katja says:


    My cat is about 1.5 years old. We found her on the streets and took her home at about 6 months old. 2 months ago, me and my boyfriend broke up and my cat hasnt been the same. Although me and my ex didn’t stay together, he would come over on weekends to be with our cat and is very attached to him, cuddles with him and sleep next to him when he is over. The 1st week of the break up, she was eating random things and puking a lot, 1 night she puked 4 times. To add to this, she was already sick before the break up happened, she was having feline uti. I found blood in her puke and rushed her to the vet but nothing was wrong with her. Kept monitoring her for any changes. She started eating but very little and lost weight as well. For the past few weeks, she just doesn’t want to play, sleeps alot, looks very lethargic and lost. She stares around at times and it’s pretty scary to watch her changed to be like this. I feel like she’s missing my ex. She just seems lost and weak and it worries me because she just doesn’t want to do anything. Only me and my ex would hold her all the time, my family don’t really touch her but they take care of her while I am away for work. She would wait by the door for me to come home from work then continue waiting after I close the door thinking her dad would be right behind me. When she realise he’s not coming, she will mope for a while then comes to me and sleep next to me when I get the chance to sit down. I give her all the attention I can. She is not the type to play on her own and cannot socialize with other cats or humans beside me and her dad. I can’t afford another cat at the moment but I’m also worried about bringing another cat into her life to keep her company and forget her dad.

  128. Avatar JACKIE says:

    I don’t know what to do. My husband and I will be at the beach this summer for 2 months. My cat is 7 yrs old and has become more and more like an “old cat” lately wanting lots of affection. I would like to take him with us but I know they don’t like change. He is an indoor/outdoor cat so in summer he would always rather be outside. I have someone to stops and feeds him outside every day but they aren’t cat lovers so they don’t interact with him. Should I bring him with us to our beach house rather then leave him home? I’m not sure which would be more stressful.Also in a few weeks we will be away for a week and its winter here in NJ-should have someone let him in and out of the house while we are gone since its so cold? In winter he likes to be inside most of the time. We used to have two cats but one passed a yr ago and he was very depressed for weeks after that. Any advice would be helpful. I am also thinking of changing cat sitters to someone who will play with him while we are gone.

  129. Avatar Ryan says:

    I had to put one of my kittys down a few days ago and now the kitten that he raised is very non social. It worries me because he was a very active kitty before the put down. Now he sits at the door waiting for him to come back home and it breaks me heart. I just got him some new toys but he seems uninterested.

  130. Avatar Tommisa says:

    My 4 year old female cat seems depressed or stressed I’m not sure which one or both but I’ve noticed that she rather sleep instead of play. Last year my husband and I adopted a 3 month old male kitten and brought him home to meet our female cat. After about a week they loved each other however, when I take out the cat toys only the little one wants to play and the eldest yawns and then hides somewhere to sleep. She looks so sad when I find her. They both eat there meals and drinks cold bottled water and both of them have healthy coats. They both go to the Vet for there regular check ups but for some reason my female cat just isn’t the same. Her attitude and her habits have altered. What can I do to get our cat back to her normal playful self. Please Help.

  131. Avatar Windingdown says:

    Tell me if this has happen to any one you know or even your self… ..
    I think Sammie must have came to my house with a few other kitties in tow! Sammie’s sister Presouz at 1:30 am sitting at the top of the stairs staring down stairs, shifting from side to side slightly to keep still in the same spot. She wouldn’t respond to me or Ashley calling her name, or my 3 rubs across her back, she just sat and stared like a statue. I got the treat jar shook it and even opened it, *she loves her treats* and SHOCKINGLY she didn’t even move or look at me. I’m freaking out. I finally believe she was communicating with her sister Sammie who passed on Friday night here at our home with the help of our vet… If I had doubts before of past pets coming to visit when I feel them walking across my bed at night, but nothing is there.. I have no doubts now… Something starting to make Presouz uneasy though after her 8 + minute statue stance, I wonder if Sammie brought other kitties with her was making Presouz uneasy because after the nearly 10 minute trance Presouz kinda did a slink walk into my bedroom. I went down stairs with a flash light nothing was there. Presouz came slowly down with me and looked around. Freaky is all I can say! It was very special to witness if that was in deed what was happening, or Sammie’s sister Presouz is loosing her mind.

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