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Tip – 29 – Outdoor cat to indoor cat

One of the easiest ways to extend your cat’s life is by keeping it indoors. Indoor cats that eat well often live to 15, 16 17 years and more. Outdoor cats on average live far shorter lives due to road accidents, disease and injury.

If you want to turn your outdoor cat into an indoor cat you’re going to have to provide it with stimulation and other goodies that will substitute for what the cat was getting outdoors. Good sturdy scratching posts are a must and a multi-platform cat tree is something that your cat will love. Cat toys, even movies for cats are all good ways to keep your cat stimulated. Extra petting, grooming and lounging with kitty is another good way to keep a cat happy indoors.

The key factor in a successful conversion from outdoor to indoor cat will be determination on YOUR part. Expect that your cat will put up a fuss. It will probably meow and lead you to the door or window constantly during the transition. NEVER EVER GIVE IN. Choose the day and stick with it. Give your cat access to several GOOD WINDOW SPOTS OR LEDGES. Extra toys, catnip, edible grass etc. will all help make the transition easier. Pet kitty more. In about 2 weeks or less cats usually adjust.

If you have a balcony, a cage for a large dog is a great compromise. Put a blanket inside and once in a while treat your cat with some edible cat grass which is available at most pet stores. Remember to double check the cage door when you lock it.

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  1. Avatar Meghan says:

    My cats are all indoors, and to keep them happy I give them a big cat tree and play videos like these all day for them on my computer monitor

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