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Water Consumption – What’s Normal?

Water Consumption – What’s Normal?

Have you ever paid close attention to your dog’s water drinking habits? Probably not, since it’s such a normal part of his/her everyday routine. What is the norm though, and why do some dogs drink more than others?

Weather obviously plays a huge factor in water consumption; on warmer days, your dog will certainly drink more. Larger dogs will drink more than their smaller counterparts. If your dog is on medication, you may notice him/her drinking more. It is often a side effect of certain medications. These are normal reasons.

BUT if you notice that your dog is drinking more than its normal habits, contact your vet immediately. There is a limit to how much water dogs can safely drink and drinking more than this amount can lead to water intoxication which is serious.  There are several diseases that will also cause dogs to drink more than normal. These diseases include diabetes, Cushing’s disease and kidney failure.

So take the time to pay attention to these habits. It may save the life of your pup! For more information on this topic, visit this thread in our pet forumDr. Lee also contributed another excellent thread on cats and dogs drinking too much water in our forum.

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  1. Avatar pam says:

    but how much is normal?

  2. Avatar Marko says:

    Normal will vary by breed, size, age, activity level etc. This is a question best answered by your vet.

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