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Roaming cats can be a problem

Roaming cats can be a problem

Your neighbors have asked you time and again to keep your cat away from their property. Hmmm… that certainly sounds like a harsh request, doesn’t it? Well,  if your cat is roaming in your neighbor’s property, and in turn being a burden or causing friction towards other pets and/or people, then the ‘harsh request’ may be required.

There are two type of cats – indoor cats, and outdoor cats. If you are the owner of an indoor cat, then you need not read further (but the rest is interesting, so keep reading!) . If you are the owner of an outdoor cat, remember that you still need to keep an eye on your feline. He/she could get into trouble and it is your responsibility as a pet owner to assure that the trouble isn’t too great. What kind of trouble you ask? Well, many cats like to check out other yards and scratch at fences, hiss at other animals (including your neighbor’s dog trying to take a nap by the back window),  filter through garbage cans etc.

These activities ARE normal for cats, but if you are not vigilant about your cat’s extra curricular activities, this may set your neighbor(s) off. Cats that are too mischievous and cause repeated trouble often have to deal with the municipal authorities (likely from a neighbor’s phone call). Also should your neighbor be able to prove that your cat damaged their property, they have every right to sue you. You the owner of the outdoor cat are legally responsible for its actions outdoors.

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  1. Avatar Joe says:

    also 1 domesticated free roaming cat kills 1.8 million law protected song birds in one year, it is our human responsibility to protect wildlife, be a responsibile cat owner and keep your cats inside.

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