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Finding Lost Cats

Finding Lost Cats

A fear of yours unfortunately comes true – your family pet Whiskers has disappeared and is nowhere to be found. What steps should then be taken to assure the safe return of your lost cat?

Many people scour the neighborhood, put up signs, call their neighbors and *some* check their local animal shelters. Yet sadly, an incredible amount of cats are never found because the search stops there.

Here is a tip that may help: There are separate rooms at animal some shelters that stray cats are kept in,  sick rooms hold those cats who have come in ill from outside, and feral rooms are for those felines that could have acted feral because of all the stress they endured.  Maybe, just maybe, if you are allowed to visit all the rooms your cat may be in one of them.

If your cat is not at the shelter, keep looking around your neighbourhood; cats are territorial creatures and often will not stray far. Go out early in the morning and late at night when it is quieter. Shake a can of your cat’s favorite treats. Perhaps leave some clothing of yours just outside the front door so your cat can more easily catch the scent.

For more information on finding your lost cat visit our pet forum from the preceding link.  Here’s a lost cat pet tip as well. Good luck!

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