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Thomas Churchman
Province, Country:
Austrailian Silky Terrier
Date of Birth:
Date of Death
Coat Colour:
light brown
Eye Colour:

Spot passed on today.  He was sent to heaven in a peaceful manner with the aid of a great Vet staff.  He died of complication of old age.  At over 15 he had a full and happy life.

I had brain surgery in 1999 that went wrong and was permanently disabled.  During the period of surgery and the months mostly in bed he was beside me giving me comfort in my great pain and was with me all of the lonely times my wife worked.  I never will be able to love a dog with the same depth a Spot and he is in my heart forever as he is with my wife Gail who loved him as deeply as I. 

I spend many hours at the computer and no longer have the soft warm fur against my bare feet I have had for so long, at night he cuddled to my leg and I when I needed to rest in a seperate bed due to pain and restlessness he went with me and comforted me.

Now he is gone, and I know the pain will ease and the memories will be there for us in pictures and videos of the fullness he gave our life.  He saw my Grandson from age 1 to 15, my Son from age 15 to 28 and my daughter from age 19 to 34.  There are many tears tonight but we all will get better.

Spot left behind a friend, our other pet named Bonnie a West Highland White.  They were very close, and during these past few weeks of his failing she was never a foot away from him.  She is very sad tonight and walks and looks and just can't find him.  She stares at where his bowls were and walks away.

God Bless our Spot, we love you our sweet boy and will see you again in Heaven.

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