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Amy Wilhelm
Clifton Forge
Province, Country:
VA, United States
Date of Birth:
06/25/04 - 07/05/04
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Coat Colour:
Not Provided
Eye Colour:

Well, when I was about 6 weeks old or so my handmaid found me hiding under her porch. I had been the victim of a drop-off and I was very malnurished. Therefore, I didn't trust humans to well! My handmaid was diligent though. For three days she tried to lure me out. Finally I realized she wasn't going to hurt me so I decided to see what she wanted. I am so glad I did. She found me to be so special she named me "Blessing" because she said that's just what I was. When I first came to my home, I was small enough to hold in the palm of my lady's hand. Now at 8 months old I take up most of her lap. It's the cat's meow here for I AM the queen of this house. My handmaid has a husband and two children who love me to death. There's not a moment that goes by that I am being ignored, but on those occaissions I would rather be, I love to nap in the shoe bin of my handmaids closet. I have a variety of balls and mice that the children like to play with with me! Plus they have pet Cavies that I take pleasure in pestering on a daily basis. At night I like to sleep on my handmaids chest or in her arms. It seems to comfort her when I am near. And believe it or not but I can't stand seafood! Anything, with tuna or shrimp or any fish in general I refuse to eat. I'd much rather have turkey and chicken and beef. I am also very particular about my litter pan! I expect it to be cleaned as soon as it is soiled and I will sit there and meow until it is taking care of. I also only drink fresh cold filtered water from the fridge. There's no use trying to give me that nasty tap water because I will not drink it! Needless to say I am very well taken care of here and I thoroughly enjoy being the queen of the castle. I had a rough start but just look at me now.

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