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Kathleen Powell
Province, Country:
NS, Canada
Boston Terrier
Date of Birth:
December 25 2002
Coat Colour:
Black and white
Eye Colour:

Likes: I looooooooove to play with the 2 cats, and lick their ears. I like sleeping underneath blankets or on top of warm laundry. i also like to ride in the car and go for walks.
Dislikes: I don't like having my ears cleaned out or my nails trimmed. Other than that, nothing else bothers me. I love all people, loud noises don't bother me, and I'm always willing to play nice with other animals. I'm a perfect dog!
Pet Peeves: I don't like anyone to pay attention to anyone else. I like all attention to be on me.
Favourite Toy: Balls, Balls, Balls! i looove balls. also, I like my kong filled with a little  peanut butter. Any of the cats toys that I can't tear apart are always fun too!
Favourite Spot: Underneath the covers on a bed, or in someones arms.
Most Embarrassing Moment: One day, I went for a walk with my friend Bergen. He's a Golden Retreiver. Anyways, we stopped at the corner and he lifted his leg to pee........so, not to be outdone, I lifted my leg as well.....This wouldn't normally be unusual for a dog, but seeing as I'm a little girl, I looked kind of silly!

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