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Sassy and Sophie

Sassy and Sophie

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Hairless Cats – Pet tip 145

For many, just the thought of a hairless cat is enough to make them shudder. For these people, the sight of a hairless cat is shocking, and touching one is downright scary. If you are one of these people, then this article is unlikely to sway you in the other direction. However, if you are the kind of person who has always been a little bit intrigued by the unique look of hairless cats, read on. Behind their striking appearance is a fascinating background, and if you are considering making a hairless cat part of your family, there is also a plethora of information to know about the proper way to care for these beautiful creatures.

Congenital hairlessness in cats is an extremely rare trait. Essentially, a hairless cat is the result of genetic mutations in one or more of the genes which encode for normal hair development. While the word ‘mutation’ implies that this genetic condition is unwanted and accidental, there are actually many breeders who select specifically for the hairlessness trait and work to maintain the hairless lineage in their cats.

Nicole Bulgin
St. John's
Province, Country:
NF, Canada
Domestic Shorthair
Date of Birth:
April 13, 2003
Coat Colour:
Grey tabby and white
Eye Colour:

Hi, our names are Sassy and Sophie. We are twin sisters. We are two lucky kittys because our orginal owers left us on the side of the road when we were just 5 months old. Some nice people found us and brought us home. They could not keep us though because they had to many pets already so they placed ads around town looking for a new home. Our mommy saw the add and adopted us. Now we are happy and safe in a wonderful home.
Likes: One thing we like to do the most is eat. We like to eat all the time, and we will eat anything anyone will give us, although our favourite food is kraft dinner. We also really like chicken (especially Mary Brown's), and cheese. We also like playing with our toys. Our favorite toys are little mice. We spend hours playing with them, but we always lose them in under the fridge and washer and dryer. We like to hide them in our owners boots, and we sometimes put them in the toilet to keep them safe. I don't think my mom likes that because she keeps the lid down now. We also really like spending time in the windows watching the birds outside.
Dislikes: There are not many things that we do not like. We don't really like when we get our claws clipped, and Sophie don't really like loud noises and a lot of people around. She seems to get scared.
Favourite lounging spot: We like to sleep on our kitty condo. Sassy usually sleeps at the top, and Sophie likes to sleep inside of it. Sometimes we switch. We also like to cuddle up together on our owners bed, and  stretched out in the middle of the kitchen floor in the sun.
Most embarressing moment : For Sassy, she is really clumsy and she is always falling off things and tipping things over. She also doen't land on her feet all the time. I think her most embarressing moment was when she was sat on the edge of the bed cleaning herself in front of her mom, and she leaned back to clean her stomach and fell off the bed. For Sophie, she haven't had one yet.

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