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Old July 8th, 2004, 04:33 PM
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Death in dogs after Proheart 6 shots

I copied this from another site. It appears to more than a common occurance :

My name is Erin Thomas and I am here to tell everyone about ProHeart 6. This is a bad drug, it harms more than helps. My babys name was Brandi and she was a full bred american pit bull terrior. She was called up to heaven at only two years old after getting this horrible shot. Not only did it kill her, but it was slow and aganizing. She got the shot about 11:00am and passed at 4:45pm. She was hooked up to oxygen and an IV. It was terrible, she was actually crying. I miss her so much. She was my best friend. Please do not let this happen to yours, save them. If I leave you with one thing it is NOT TO GET THIS SHOT. Thank you for listening and I hope you check out a website for more info on this shot. www.dogsadversereactions.com Please go and see all the stories along with info. If I would have looked at this site before, my dog would still be alive.}

Subject: Death after Proheart 6 shot
Date: 8/21/2002 9:55:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: mKirkland@carolina.rr.com
To: luswinton@aol.com
I lost a perfectly healthy 6 yr old shih tzu after Proheart 6 shot. He started diarrhea and vomiting within 5 days of the Proheart 6, and over weeks continued digestive problems which I now understand is a side effect of the shot. His not being able to regain normal access of his digestive system threw his immune system haywire and caused him to develop IMHA and die within days.

Even though he had blood transfusions and medications he still couldn't pull through. Duker was with me constantly and I knew this dog extremely well----He never acted the same after that shot. I know that the Proheart 6 shot led to the death of my dog. I have reported to Fort Dodge and to the FDA concerning this drug and they have established a case number on Duker. I hope the owner of the Collie has done the same.

I too have been spreading the word to watch out on this shot, and I'm trying to research and do as much as I can so that another dog does not have to go through what my beloved Duker had too. If you have any additional info or have heard of other problems, please let me know.

I just find out 3 days ago that a friend of mine in another state who also with in for a routine annual visit for her dog was given the Proheart 6 shot. Within 2 days he started diarrhea and vomiting and within weeks he died but she gave him CPR on the way to the vet. His heart stopped 2 more times at the vet, and they think now that he has heartworms and are giving him arsenic. Just like Duker her dog was given the test prior to the shot to be sure no heartworms were present. Both of our dogs tested negative.

There are even some vets I have heard of that will not give the Proheart 6 shot--I wondered what they know! In addition, I discovered on line that after mixing this shot it needs to sit for 30 minutes before injection. I wonder how many vets do that. By the way how is the other Collie that you mentioned in the email. I know this is long and I apologize but I'm just trying to spread the word. Thanks, Myra

If you suspect your dog has had an adverse reaction to the ProHeart6 shot, and you would like to be in touch with others like you visit the ProHeart Message Board

Danny's Death - The Truth About Proheart 6
Danny was a perfectly healthy five-year-old part Golden Retriever mix who was energetic and happy. He would spend his days swimming in the creek behind our suburban home, playing fetch with my son, and lounging about like any other pampered pet. Early this spring, we decided to switch to a new heartworm preventative called Proheart 6, which was supposed to be better because one injection would last all summer. The only problem is that it killed Danny.

From Janice Storey, Houston, Texas
Sat, 19 Oct 2002

My dog, Trouble received the ProHeart 6 shot on 8/20/02 in conjunction with other vaccinations. He died on 10/17/02 (58 days) after the shot. He was VERY healthy prior to the shot being given. He was 11 years old - which by most means, means old. However, he was very strong, could still jump into the back of the bed of a truck. He suffered a horrible death and died in my arms while transporting him to the vet to put him asleep. His "storey" is better told in an summary I wrote. If interested in it, I will be happy to e-mail it to you.

After three different vets and three different diagnosis, he was finally diagnosed as having "lung cancer". In asking this internist as to how long the cancer had been in his system, I was told about two months. How coicidental would it be to determine that the cancer arrived at the same time the shot was injected? PLEASE, IF YOU VALUE YOUR DOGS HEALTH, DO NOT LISTEN TO THE VETS THAT THIS DRUG IS SAFE. I WAS TOLD AT LEAST 3 TIMES, IT WAS SAFE AND NOW MY DOG IS DEAD. He did not deserve to die the way he did - and I do not deserve to feel the guiltiness I do in electing to allow the shot to be given. PLEASE LISTEN!

Manufacturer's Letter to Veterinarians Warns of Side Effects A letter was sent to veterinarians by Fort Dodge, the manufacturer of ProHeart 6. Amongst other issues, you will see just some of the known side effects of the medication. This is an excerpt of the letter. (I highlighted some sentences to emphasize the adverse reactions) Symptoms of Reactions

Read other testimonials (memorials)
ProHeart Message Board
ProHeart Complaint Form
Report An Adverse Drug Experience Veterinarians and animal owners are encouraged to report adverse experiences and product failures to the government Agency that regulates the product in question.

Debby's Horrific Testimonial
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003
Email: FireWolfRN@aol.com

I want to share our HORRIFIC experience with the ProHeart 6 injection. Our little dog, an Italian Greyhound, recently received the Pro Heart 6 injection and almost died. I wish that I had read and found all the actual data on this drug before we used it.

I am also a registered nurse with a critical care background and it is that background that helped me recognize the complications in my little dog and get immediate treatment. Reddy started vomiting within 48 hours of receiving the injection. At that time I had only read the information packet given at the vets office with the Proheart medication. I did remember that in the adverse reactions section it stated that gastric distress occurs "in less than 1% of the animals tested." I thought that Reddy might be in that group so I started him on reglan and backed off feedings. The next day his stomach sounded like it was at war, the rolling was high pitched and tympanic, not good for bowel sounds, and by that evening he was vomiting only bright red blood and weak. In human terms to me, Reddy was having an upper GI bleed from severe gastritis.

I now know from some data received concerning the Proheart 6 that the number one severe reaction is hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. We took him to an emergency animal clinic who thought perhaps Reddy had ingested something and they did x rays for a foreign body. I had told them about the shot but they did not think that the Proheart was a factor in the bleeding. To make this story even more horrific, Reddy over reacted to the sedation they gave him so that they could perform the x rays and he quit breathing. The doctor had gone into the developing room and as my room mate hollered for him to come back out, Reddy lay limp in my arms.

I have only performed CPR and emergency measures on humans in ER and ICU, but quickly put those skills to use and after several rescue breaths Reddy had some mild seizure like activity and resumed breathing very irregular. The vet worked with him and gave him an antidote to counter act the sedation.

They gave Reddy an injection of reglan, an antibiotic injection, and told us to only give him pedialyte in place of water to drink until we could get to our vet the next morning. Our vet found him dehydrated and weak, and kept him the whole day placing him on fluids and treating him. We now have Reddy home and I watch him like a hawk for any other complications as the information says that it can happen again and I have read everything I could on this drug ProHeart 6. It is a killer and vets are not being told the whole truth and owners are not being informed about the facts.

Keep telling anyone and everyone about ProHeart 6 which is a horrid killer. I have read several pieces that expound that vets are out to make money and I believe that most vets are like doctors. They rely on drug representatives to tell them the truth about medications that the FDA puts out. They are not as well informed about each and every drug as is needful and do not have time to read all the information and brochures sent as handouts. We need to inform the vets as well as the public and everyone else to think twice about this medication before ever letting their dog get the injection.

Please pass this info along on any other sites you know of to warn others. It would appear that death in dogs from taking this product is not enough of a deterrent to pull this product off the market.
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Old July 8th, 2004, 05:29 PM
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Heartworm preventative is insecticide. Pumping 6 months worth of it into a dog in one shot is not something I would ever do.

Giving a once monthly dose is not that much trouble.
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Old July 8th, 2004, 05:44 PM
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my vet will not use prohart, he says it has not been around long enough for his comfort. he will not use anything that has not been around for at least 5 years in australia, i agree with him and have taken this on as a practice to. luckily i went to him, another vet may have sold it to me . i often wonder how much testing is done on this stuff and how long it has been around for ofcourse.
REDUCE, RETHINK, REUSE, RECYCLE.. "We only Conserve what we love, We love only what we understand, we understand only what were taught"- David Suzuki....NO WAR.
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Old July 29th, 2004, 10:21 PM
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Exclamation ProHeart 6 given to Collie

I was reffered to this posting from another Collie message board member. She told me of all the problems that this shot has caused dogs... including death. My 15 month Collie female was given this shot Saturday, after being diagnosed with hookworms the same visit. She was also given a Metoclopramide shot to settle her tummy (from the hookworms). Since coming back from the vet Saturday, she has nothing to do with her food and water bowls. We have tried different bowls and plates, but she is literally scared and fearful of them. She tries so hard to approach them, slowly, skiddishly, but cannot make herself eat or drink from them. I have had to resort to giving her water by a cup held up to her, as she will not drink out of anything that is on the floor, unless it is poured out onto the floor. She will only eat food handed to her or poured out onto the floor. Most of the people I spoke to think it has to do with either the hookworms, or something that happened near her bowls that has scared her. Now that I have had other people tell me about Addison's disease (mostly the bowl aversion after getting the ProHeart 6 shot) and all the problems with the shot listed in this thread... I am rethinking everything. She mostly lays around now, but gets to her normal peppiness sometimes while outside running and while inside playing chase with the cat and my toddler, as well as jumping up to greet us and others.
Can someone tell me about the owner of the Collie mentioned in this thread? What happened to the Collie? Do I have to worry about her health? What signs and symptoms should I look for. She is now eating and drinking good, it is just not in her bowls.
Thanks, Karen
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Old July 29th, 2004, 10:35 PM
Lucky Rescue Lucky Rescue is offline
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Collies are sensitive to certain meds and ProHeart 6 is on the list.

Here is an article about this. Hope your girl will be o.k.!

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Old July 29th, 2004, 11:26 PM
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Is it really that bothersome to give a monthly dose instead of every 6 months?

I have a friend on another forum who almost lost her dog to proheart 6. It was horrible to have to read and hear about their agonizing experience. She was one of the lucky ones that survived though.

MollyCollie, I hope everything goes alright! Please keep us updated. *fingers and paws crossed*
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Old July 29th, 2004, 11:50 PM
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glad i found this thread

I am so glad i found this thread. I had no idea that proheart 6 was killing dogs. my moms dog gets this shot and has been fine (thank god) but who knows about next time. i'll have to let her know about this. my little dog was going to be started on this proheart 6 but there is no way i will do this now. i had no idea this was going on, i'm really glad i found this thread. thanks everyone for letting me know all this stuff even if it wasn't directed toward me.
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Old July 30th, 2004, 06:17 PM
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Please spread the info about the toxicity of Proheart 6 to other sites. There are still so many people out there who do not know about this product. Because it's still on the market and vet-recommended they feel there's no harm and they are giving it to their pets. Don't know if this will do much good but copies of the original post sent to your local vets might help too. It would depend on whether or not they are willing to link the two together. I've come across numerous posts where the person has a very sick or dead dog after Porheart 6 and the vet has said it just HAD to be something else.
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Old July 30th, 2004, 06:24 PM
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Some technical info on Proheart 6( from another site):

Proheart 6(Ph6), Vanguard 5 shot dangers:
Proheart 6(Ph6) and Vanguard 5 shot(Pfizer) given to pets have resulted in severe reactions sometimes resulting in death.Some people have lost entire litters vaccinated with one or another of the above products. The manufacturer doesn't seem to be taking steps to correct the problem. For more info check out these sites: http://www.dogsadversereactions.com and http://www.i-dog.com/board/messages/46/27619.html

"I just want to share new information on Proheart 6. Due to a doberman in Dallas, we now have documentation to prove that PH6 in fact mass clears all microfilia in a dog 100%. Note: No drug is approved to clear microfilia 100%. THe dog became ill after receipt of PH6 shot.....the owner began to research PH6....and found us. I sent an email to her since her dogs symptoms were so very similar to my own dog who had died in 2002 from PH6 due to pulmonary thrombolesiums (due to dying heartworms) forming on his lungs. I advised the vet to test the dog for microfilia and he did...sent the bloodwork to the lab to find out that even though the dog was adult hw negative....he had microfilia....which mean he had hidden heartworms. As you know the FDA concluded in June/July/August 2003 that PH6 would kill adult heartworms and removed its use for offlabel use in treating hw+ dogs. I had sent a letter to Dr. Hamsphire addressing the fact that many dogs have hidden heartworms....perhaps as much of 20-25% of the dog population in the US (out of 53 million that is quite a number). I never received a response as to this concern. My vet, Dr. Bob was the only vet to come forward by appearing in CBS news for Boston and CHicago. We have so many stories now posted by the media and all are posted on our website. Both my dog and this doberman tested negative for heartworms. My dog even had a microfila test that was negative. What I am trying to state is this: Any dog on a monthly preventative for at least 9 or so months may test a false negative for adult heartworms due to the preventative making the female heartworms sterile if present. In addition to this, the monthly prev. will continue to slowly diminish (key word is slowly) the microfila and thus the dog will have none present....yet hidden heartworms will be present in the dog....this is what happened to my dog and when PH6 was administered it began to kill the adults and he died as a result of this...in my opinion and my vets opinion. So, what is important to all of you is that the vet send the microfilia off to a lab to be tested.....this will be sure to have more accurate results. Let me close with this statement: Fact - FDA concluded it would kill adult heartworms and my dog and the doberman in Dallas have proven this to be true. Fact - label states it will SLIGHTLY DIMINISH microfila.....yet we have documentation that is not correct....it mass clears the microfilai and to 100% which means it should not be labeld as a preventative that is for sure and be removed as a preventative due to risks. Fact - Label states it will kill larva stages....this would be the L3,L4 and L5......so what stage is left...NONE...this product kills all stages of heartworms and that is why it is dangerous and risky to any dog receiving it......I do hope this may help some of you in researching Proheart 6 prior to giving this product to your dog.

Add the fact that there is a recall on Lots produced from August 29, 2003 through January/2004 and the contaminatin in their plant which is also responsible for production of PH6....you have the picture. Plus ask your vet this question...how can the vet, the manufacturer and the FDA possibly monitor microspheres once injected into a dog to confirm that they are releasing correctly as planned? The product could overdose or underdose a dog....it would be impossble to know if the microsphres work as planned! "
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