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Cat hurt VERY bad

xFire Angelx
September 14th, 2005, 10:49 AM
my cat was missing for a day finaly this morning my mother woke me up to say that baby was stuck in a hole on the porch that i had missed in my search for him we FINALY got him out and hes got a very big hole on his hind right thigh near the base of his tail... he needs to get to the vet NOW but my mom just had a spinal surgery and can not drive.. i cant find any mobile vets... any ideas? i need help asap

September 14th, 2005, 10:55 AM
Take a taxi, take a bus..

September 14th, 2005, 11:02 AM
Here is a site,

September 14th, 2005, 11:03 AM
bus is likely not an option, as we slaves to public transport know, "NO PETS ON THE BUS!!" SOme taxis will take you, but it will cost more (you have to tell them when you call), what about asking a neighbour who has a car?

September 14th, 2005, 11:07 AM
hmmm, Badger takes cats on public transit regularly in a carrier I believe?

September 14th, 2005, 11:10 AM
:eek: I'm soooooo jealous!!!
sorry.. off topic.

September 14th, 2005, 11:12 AM
I have taken my puppy on the bus, when he was a baby. As long as you carry them, NP, or in a carrier

September 14th, 2005, 11:15 AM
More. Mountain View Veterinary Hospital
13914 NE 16th Ave
Vancouver WA 98685
Phone: (360) 574-7290
FAX: (360) 574-1021
Vancouver Tyee Veterinary Service
Jack Giesy, DVM
PO Box 65635
Vancouver WA 98665
Phone: (360) 574-2281
FAX: (360) 574-9403

xFire Angelx
September 14th, 2005, 12:42 PM
thank you so much all of you i finaly got a hold of my sister who lives about 60 miles from me shes taking him to the vet hes got a very big hole in his hind right thigh and theres about an apple size circle around it missing skin and he wont move his tail his leg keeps twitching and im hoping its just the pain hes been sleeping off and on this entire time so hopefully he'll be ok we dunno how he got into the lil hole or how he got hurt or why but all i can think of is he got hurt and ran in there to hide or to get away from something i hope hes going to be ok

September 14th, 2005, 02:01 PM
I'm so very glad your cat is getting the care it needs. Do you think maybe a dog bit it? Or, hopefully not, somebody shot it?

I hope your cat, and your mom, are both going to be okay.

Please keep us updated!

xFire Angelx
September 14th, 2005, 03:16 PM
they got baby to the vet... hes banged up very bad... they dont think hes going to make it... they arent sure if he was attacked or if he was hit by a car.. they're leaning towards the latter... he's paralyzed from the waist down.. altho i saw him moving his hind legs earlier.. but he cant now... they're doing everything they can to try and help him
maybe if we would have gotten him to the vet sooner he would survive

September 14th, 2005, 03:19 PM
Sorry to hear that. With injuries that extensive a difference in time probably will not have made a difference. I hope that he's able to hold on and make it through. I'll keep him in my prayers. :grouphug:

September 14th, 2005, 04:09 PM
I'm so very sorry to hear that. We always seem to do "what if I did something sooner" talk when our loved ones are injured. BMD is right. If the injuries are that severe, it's doubtful that quicker actions would have different results.

Know that your baby knows you did everything for him. It's all up to him now.

Be there for him. That's the best you can do. IF being PTS is what's best, then know that he'll wait for you on the other side of Rainbow Bridge.

Our prayers with you. :grouphug:

xFire Angelx
September 14th, 2005, 04:10 PM
ok the vet just called he does have some hope
his tail is broken at the base and its pulling on nerves so thats the first thing they're going to do... the wound is a wide gaping hole right down to his bone where his leg meets his hip... they're worried that he might get an infection in the bone due to it being open to the elements for so long.... they said that he isnt able to use the bathroom on his own anymore and we have to give him meds and depress his bladder and keep him in a cage for 4 - 6 weeks because he isnt allowed to move and will have a drain to get the infection out if there is any wich by the smell of it im sure there is
i have a question....
depressing a bladder and giving him meds to help him pee.... how does all of that work? i might be doign that to him 2 - 3 times a day for the rest of his life... anyone have any info on that or pointers or suggestions?

September 14th, 2005, 04:25 PM
Animals are very resilient and have recovered from not only serious diseases but extreme damage to their bodies because the body starts immediately to work towards recovery. If you go to the site they are wonderfully supportive and will help you in any way they can. If you have any questions( how to express the bladder, etc. They even have info on carts so that pets can be mobile) or difficulties along the way with your cat, there is someone who has gone through the same thing with their pet and who can help you. With time and patience, your cat may very well recover.Others have.

xFire Angelx
September 14th, 2005, 05:54 PM
thank you so much for the link it helped me a lot
he just got out of surgery the tail is gone he has a hole from his knee to his back exposing a nerve .... would that be the same nerve that was attached to his tail that helps him use the bathroom or is it a different one? and if it is the same will he ever be able to use the bathroom without help from me? the vet said right now he isnt able to use the bathroom without help because the tail is pulling on the nerves or whatever and preventing him from using the bathroom.(if ya cant tell im very confused as to whats going on)
he's still at very high risk of infection and they arent sure what long term damage there will be .... they've brought up a few times on if we want to put him down or keep trying.. the tone of her voice sounds like theres no hope but i cant just give up
on saturday we're going to assess and see how hes progressing if he isnt we will have to put him down
i just dont know what to do or to think

September 14th, 2005, 06:40 PM
Whenever trauma occurs, the body will go into shock- a sort of standstill mode( which may be part of the reason why he is not urinating without assistance) . The tissues will begin immediately to assess the damage and start the repair process but it may look like nothing is going on for quite some time. That's the thing about making short-term decisions on what could very well be a long-term healing process. To aid you in your decision-making process , it may help you to post your cat's situation on the site I mentioned and see what they say. The reason why is because the pets on that site are handicapped from birth defects, accident, disease, and various other reasons. There would most likely be someone there who has gone through and dealt with what you are facing now and would be able to assist you so that you may be enabled with the information that a pet or two had been in the same condition and recovered , which could, in turn, influence what you discuss with your vet this weekend. On for a pet who cannot walk, it is considered just a small glitch in their otherwise full life. And then again, with time, your cat may regain complete use of his legs. The more serious the injury the more time it takes to heal. Sometimes it just can't be rushed.( I am passing to you ( through another route ) info on a homeopathic that is used when paralysis of the bladder occurs after trauma. Hopefully your vet will be homeopathically inclined enough to implement it because it is highly effective.)

September 15th, 2005, 10:40 AM
sFire Angelx,
I just came across some info. Echinicea mother tincture, 5-10 drops given every hour will rapidly regenerate tissue. (You had mentioned that your cat had an exposed nerve from knee to spine) Also, Silicea 6x- 5 globules dissolved on the tongue( or a tiny amount of water and give via eyedropper) given every hour for 5-6 hours then 5-7 times a day will repair nerve injury. all of this is available at any health food store and was recommended by an MVSC vet . Since your cat is at the vet's already, the addition of the above would be very very corrective and because it's homeopathic it works well in conjunction with any other medication prescribed. (hopefully you got the info I sent re what to give to correct a paralyzed bladder due to accident or trauma. If you didn't, I'll post it because time is of the essence in this case)

September 15th, 2005, 11:30 AM
xFire Angelx,
You had mentioned that your cat is at high risk for infection. Here are two sites offering info on grapefruit seed extract and its ability to fight a multitude of serious bacterial and viral infections. Compatible for use with current medications and for use with pets ( click on pet internal use)

Colloidal silver , also, will fight all manner of serious and antibiotic resistant bacterial and viral infections. Super Silver Solution is one brand that's safe for pets. Also compatible with other medications. Cats can be given up to two tsp three times a day for ten days for really serious infections.

Health food stores carry both products.

xFire Angelx
September 15th, 2005, 03:49 PM
thank you so so very much for all of this i appriciate it more than you know. no i didnt get the info
heres the update i just got a few minutes ago
hes moving around a little bit when they stand him up his hind right leg(the one with all the damage) shakes and it drags a little bit they arent sure if its just the pain or the meds or the nerve damage time will tell with that
the vet said that he is moving around a lot more than what she would be moving if she were in her shoes(i take that as hes doing much better than they thought at this point) they are being EXTREMLY agressive with antibiotics... injection and oral everyday... he hasnt used the bathroom on his own yet i let the vet know that he absolutely hates litter boxes and that when we first moved in when he had to be kept inside he would not poo at all and would only pee in the litter box if he really had to go she said that made her feel better and might explain why he is laying in the litter box instead of using it lol so they are still expressing his bladder and arent exactly sure if he will be able to use the bathroom on his own. also with the nerve damage in his leg they think he wont be able to walk completely normal for a long time if ever but he will get by just fine... now my cat since hes an outdoor cat(not anymore now that this has happened) hes had his share of injuries and hes an amazingly fast healer i know that he will fight and fight and make a huge recovery if not a full recovery... i know hes strong and stubborn and will not give up. i just hope they got the antibiotics going in time and are being aggressive enough with it

September 15th, 2005, 04:13 PM
Fire Angel,thank you for the update,your kitty is lucky to have you on his side and I hope he makes if not a full recovery,at least so he can still enjoy a good life. :love:

September 15th, 2005, 04:20 PM
I keep holding my breath when I see you've posted an update. I am thrilled to see how well your baby is doing. It is amazing to see such spirit and a will to live. I will crossing every crossable part of my body. nothing but good vibes coming your way.

September 15th, 2005, 05:01 PM
Great news! Thanks for the update. I'll give you the info as to what holistic vets give for paralyzed bladder in case your vet may want to implement it. If the paralysis occurs as a sequel to an accident or trauma Arnica 6x should be used ( the longer the delay in giving it after an accident or trauma then the higher the strength) in the days following the accident at a dosage of three times a day until improvement is shown and urination is achieved without assistance. . 5 globules dissolved on the tongue each time is considered one dose. If you can't dissolve them on the tongue then dissolve in a tiny amount of water and give via eyedropper( don't touch with the hands or metal because it absorbs the oils, etc and is less effective). No food or water for one hour after each treatment. This( as with alot of homeopathics) absorbs into the system through the mucous membranes of the mouth, not through the stomach. And also, please keep in mind, nerve damage can be healed.

xFire Angelx
September 15th, 2005, 05:13 PM
thank you guys for your support it means so much to me
if i had not seen him show his will to live when we found him then i would be very worried about him not knowing how hard hes going to fight
see he was missing for a day and a half and i looked all over for him but unless you look directly down into this hole you wouldnt be able to see him the hole on the porch is only about 6 inches wide and 13 inches long and about a foot deep a tiny rectangle so i didnt give it a good look thinking hes a good size cat he cant fit in a tiny hole yesterday morning my mom woke me up at 8am yelling she found baby and hes stuck and by this time im thinking stuck? what is he just not moving and have an injury that makes it hard to walk.. i get down there and i see that hes stuck in a hole my brother and i right away get knives to start the long process of cutting the side shingle off the house to make it wide enough to get him out(we tried to pull him out but his shoulder blades seemed just too wide my mom brother and i were trying to figure out a way to get him out and i was getitng so frustrated that i couldnt help him at the moment all of a sudden he started growling and meowing so loud and grunting i thought he was going into a fit or something and he growled louder than a dog could have and squeezed himself out of it on his own my brother grabbed him and handed him to me and it was when my brother handed him to me that they saw how badly he was hurt thats when we began the 3 hour process of trying to find a way to get him to the vet... im just about to go outside now and see if i can find something that might have impaled him im thinking he might have jumped off the fence might have gotten his tail stuck somehow(wich might have been what broke it) lost his balance and landed on something that impaled him and ripped his skin
sorry for the long post but i just now relized you guys didnt know what had happened that morning

xFire Angelx
September 15th, 2005, 09:16 PM
ok heres another quick update on him the vet called about 40 mins ago
he's eating everything they put infrton of him but will not seek it out on his own. he's moving a little more than he was. they looked under his bandage today and he seems to be draining on his own. they expressed his bladder again. of course knowing my cat and worried for the vet techs i asked to see how the expressing of his bladder is going. she said that hes letting them do it without fighting. and seems to be more comfortable after they do that. they still have no idea if he is able to pee on his own or not also no idea if hes clear of infection or not. He hates it when people try to give him his meds and such and growls like crazy at them. so the vet is going to make sure there is a pain patch in place when we bring him home on saturday.
My boyfriend has made a website for me so i dont have to keep posting in here and buggin y'all so heres a link i will be doing my updating from now on in there. i have a picture of him on the site plus there will be more pictures of him and such when we bring him home on saturday. there is an email address on the site to reach me. its still being tweaked and such to pretty it up a bit.
again thank you all for your help, info and support. i appriciate it more than you will ever know. :o

September 16th, 2005, 07:16 AM
First of all,you are definetly not"bugging"us,I think I can speak for everyone here,we are now very interested to read how Baby is doing and hoping for the best outcome :fingerscr
He is absolutely beautiful by the way :love:
I checked yours and Baby's site and read you have 2 more kitties,we love to see more pictures!!
Please stay on here and let us know how Baby is doing!

September 16th, 2005, 11:02 AM
Even if you have started your own link( which I will be following with anticipation), hopefully you will also continue to update on Baby's progress on this site. The whole thing is an example of what can happen if a person ( and the vet(s) involved) can look beyond what seems like almost insurmountable odds and see instead the hope for and possibility of recovery. So many times immediate decisions are asked for when a pet is seriously injured, and many times, if given time, the whole picture can change from one of hopelessness and impossibilities to one of hope and possibilites .

xFire Angelx
September 16th, 2005, 12:43 PM
thanks guys :o its really nice coming here and seeing the things you have said i look forward to it everyday we were going to visit him today however my mom just had surgery on her back at the begining of the week and can not move around very much so im not sure if we will be able to make it. if she cant go i need to stay with her incase she needs help so im stuck between a rock and a hard place. we get to bring him home tomorrow and the vet said that she will show me how to express his bladder. im waiting to hear from her about how hes doing today. but i will keep ya posted on here and my site will be updated as well as a few more pics of Baby and my other 2 kitties Smokey and Weatherby.

September 16th, 2005, 02:27 PM
I do not post here often, but do read, and I want to say I think it is wonderful that you are keeping us all informed of Baby's progress. I have often observed that people ask for help, but then do not follow up and tell us how their pet is doing. Baby is so lucky that he belongs to you and that you care so much. As you say, he will now become an inside cat.

I have had dogs all my life, but over the years had 3 cats who I loved dearly. They were all inside cats mainly because I was too chicken to let them go outside. I am praying, along with everyone else, that Baby does well, and I am sure he will adjust to being an 'indoors' cat. I too will be following Baby's site, but hope you will continue to post here. Take care.

xFire Angelx
September 16th, 2005, 04:37 PM
hey everyone i have some good news and some not so good news ill start with the good news first
hes doing pretty well and getting around a bit better. he stands up and tries to walk but drags his hind right leg. hes dribbling urine on his own after only being on those meds for 2 days so thats a good sign but wont know if he can go on his own for another week and a half or so. hes not fighting the vets very much anymore when they change his iv/meds/express his bladder so the vet is comfortable with us bringing him home and letting me do it on my own. she said hes eating some but the medication can sedate him a little bit and he wouldnt be in the mood to eat but it could also be stress and/or pain. i asked her about any signs of an infection... so far so good normal temp and seems less painful also there is little oozing.. she said that because the wound is so deep that a little ooz is to be expected but also because its so depe it might take a while to find out if there is an infection.
she told me that we need to get a very large dog kennel for him to be in or a baby playpen or something. wich will be something that we will need to go out and buy. hopefully they're not too expensive.

now for the bad news
its going to cost about 450 bucks tomorrow when we get him... there is going to be more pain patches, antibiotics and the bladder pills and what not so it will cost more and my mom isnt sure if she can afford it all.... like i said we just moved in this area so im still trying to find a job so i can help pay for this but im not having much luck there. im not sure what to do because shes talking about if it costs too much she wants him put down... and i WILL NOT let her do that to baby.
any ideas guys on what i should do?

September 16th, 2005, 05:17 PM
I know that some vets have payment plans, where you can pay over a few months. You can always put it on a credit card, if you have one. Would you be able to talk to your vet and arrange some partial payment and maybe work the rest off in the office? Would a vet actually put the cat down after all they have already done? I really hope you can work on some sort of payment plan. Sorry I don't have a really solid idea that may help you out of this situation, but I hope your vet is understanding.

xFire Angelx
September 16th, 2005, 05:27 PM
thanks for the ideas ill speak with the vet tomorrow and see what can be arranged
i doubt a vet would put any animal down that doesnt really need to be put down
i would hope not anyways

September 16th, 2005, 06:06 PM
It would be a rare vet, indeed ,who would consider putting an animal down that he/she fought so hard to save . A regular payment is better than none.

The sites below may offer some financial assistance. You'd have to check to see if you qualified.

Acme House of Cats( they have an Acme fund)

This is an organization that will try very hard to help you if you cannot afford vet bills once in a while. Or maybe you find a hurt or sick stray that needs medical help. They're called Help-A-Pet

September 16th, 2005, 06:24 PM
What about asking the vet to let you make payments? I don't see how putting the cat down is an option- that would make all the money spent already a waste and it still doesn't get rid of the vet bills right now...

xFire Angelx
September 16th, 2005, 07:57 PM
i completely forgot to mention that the 450 bucks is ontop of the 500 bucks that was for the surgery

September 17th, 2005, 07:06 AM
Fireangel,I was surprised at the"low"fees of $450 for Baby's treatment,which seemed extensive.I would have thought more like at least $1.000,glad you clarified.
Like Prin said,putting the cat down will not change the fact the bills have to be paid somehow,it will just add the fee for euthanazia and Baby ends up dead after all he's been through :sad:
Since the procedures have already been done,I cannot see any caring vet refusing a payment-plan....and he/she should be understanding if you explain the situation with your moms problems.
After all the pain and suffering Baby has gone through,he certainly deserves to comes and goes,but Baby is a keeper :love:

xFire Angelx
September 17th, 2005, 07:11 PM
ok guys my baby kitty is HOME!! woohooo!!! and we have some great news.... he groomed himself for the first time today... plus he used the litter box ON HIS OWN!!! it was a tiny bit but that is huge progress the vet said that she wasnt expecting that for a few more days of him being on this medication. They were force feeding him baby food but the moment he got home i plopped some canned food in his face and he ate half of it... it was one of those tiny cans of fancy feast tuna kinds. the vet showed me how to express his bladder but said now that he is gaining the ability to do it on his own he might not let me do it. if he doesnt let me and doesnt pee at all then we need to take him in right when they open on monday. but if he does ok thenbring him in on tuesday and talk about how he's doing. its taken me about 45 mins to type this out lol ive been helpin him get situated he finaly decided that he wanted to sleep on my bed so im keepin a close eye incase he gets up and wants down. the moment he saw my step dad and i at the vet he started meowing like crazy and the said she didnt know he was a meower(he is a HUGE talker).hes been purring and making biscuits and everything now that hes home. hes walking better than i thought he would be and hes even walking better now that hes home. his incision looks really good. its not red except for the 2 spots where the drain was and theres a little drainage coming out but its very little. the pain patch seems to keep him half sedated so hes a lil wobbly and his 3rd eyelids are half closed. i will be adding pictures of his incision and all of that on my site when i get a chance to take pics.
he has about 4 different kinds of meds to take
does anyone know an easy way to keep track of it all? i do not want to miss a dose or anything.

September 17th, 2005, 07:50 PM
Boy, can I tell you about meds..... My daughter is on 5 fo them now, 3x daily....

Anyways, make a chart of what med gets given at what time and what amount. Then if you have an extra alarm clock, even one on a cell phone will work, set it for the time he gets his medication. When it goes off, set it again for the next dose, right after you shut off the alarm, so you don't forget.... I had to do that for months before I would remember on my own, to give my daughter her medications....

xFire Angelx
September 17th, 2005, 08:10 PM
thats an awesome idea i completely forgot about that... when i was really sick i had to take medication every 6 hours no give or take an hour it was 6 hours on the dot so i set my alarm to go off but what i did was push snooze take the pills and if i forgot itd go off again and id remember lol
thanks for the idea for the spread sheet. i think ill set one up right now :)

the gang
September 17th, 2005, 09:14 PM
you are!!!!!! a wounderful person!!!!! you will get this back ten fold i am so impressed thank you for carring and best of luck to you.

xFire Angelx
September 17th, 2005, 10:09 PM
ok guys lets see if i can figure out how to post a picture lol
this is a picture of baby laying on my bed earlier
ok quick question... why is he laying in the litter box?
and another small update he's had a quarter of a small can of food still no water though since hes been home.
also should i try to keep my other 2 cats away from him or is it ok if they're around him?

September 17th, 2005, 11:48 PM
Thanks for posting of pic of your sweet boy. He looks very happy to be home. Don't worry if he doesn't drink, canned food has plenty of water. He's probably lying down in his litter box because he's tired from his ordeal plus the meds are making him dopey.

I would be very careful that he doesn't jump down or up on the bed, or exert himself in any way, to protect the incision. When you're not there, you may want to make a nice bed for him on the floor. As for the other cats, for now I would keep him isolated unless you are there to supervise their visits. They'll probably want to sniff him and make sure their buddy is OK.

Thanks for taking such good care of him. Don't worry about the money, things have a way of working out when you do the right thing.

'Making biscuits'? What is that?

xFire Angelx
September 18th, 2005, 12:06 AM
hmm i think other people call it kneeding.... when they're kittens they do it to their mother when they're drinking her milk trying to get it out by pushing with their paws.
the vet said to only have him out of the kennel if someone is there to keep a VERY close eye on him. also i am not letting him jump at all hes been walking from 1 spot to another to another but i think its because hes trying to get comfy. im bedroom isnt that big so he only walks 2 feet and lays down for a while. he just peed on his own about 15 minutes ago it wasnt in the litter box but it he peed!!!! :grouphug: ive let my other kitties say hi to him and see that he was ok because they saw him hurt before he went to the vet other than that hes been in my room with the door shut. he wouldnt let me get anywhere close to even see if he had a full bladder but a few minutes later he got up and peed on his favorite hoodie of mine that he loves sleeping on.
he walked a little bit in the hallway because its sort of warm in my bedroom so after a bit i brought him back in my room and put him in the kennel but he is sort of pacing in it and isnt happy that hes in there. i dont want him over walking tho when hes out of the kennel he lays for about 10 mins then moves to another spot. lol sorry im so noobish i havent had to do anything like this with my pets before sorry if im asking dumb questions lol

just got done posting and i found him trying to climb and find a way to get out of the kennel... what should i do while i am sleeping? let him wander around or put him in the kennel and possibly hurt himself while trying to get out of it? of course her could possibly hurt himself when hes out of it as well.... oi what do i do? of course in the kennel theres only so much he can do in there. sheesh

September 18th, 2005, 01:11 AM
Hmm, tough one. I'd be inclined to leave him in the carrier, as long as you're sure he can't hurt himself (other than moving around). What worries me is the pain patch probably means he's not feeling much pain and doesn't know his own limits. Line the cage with your hoody, even it's not too clean, or something else with your smell on it. I hate to suggest another expense, but there's this product called Rescue Remedy (available in health food stores and some supermarkets) which is a herbal calming remedy (about 10 $). It might help him, and avoid adding tranquilizers to his medication list. I expect his restlessness is partly to do with the medication. Keep a close eye on the incision - any swelling, or if it gets hot, an indication of infection. You don't want to lose him to a crummy infection after he's come so far.

xFire Angelx
September 18th, 2005, 01:35 AM
yes im keeping a very close eye on it... i caught him on his hind legs with his front paws on the door of the kennel trying to get out.... i know thats not good but im worried while im asleep if hes left out he'll try to jump on my bed or something....
of course i could just go tonight without sleep lol
just gave him his liquid meds he took them pretty well i had to have help though to hold a towel over him so he cant scratch me. he ate about half a can of the canned food and i think he drank a little water.
he seems to be positioning his foot on that leg a little better he was able to lift it up and clean himself a little bit earlier as well
thank you for the info hun i will talk with the vet about that when we take him in and see if we could try that

September 18th, 2005, 04:06 AM
It's great to hear how well Baby is coming along and what wonderful and watchful care you are taking over him. You are certainly to be commended for your handling of this, right from the start. Your willingness to take on whatever responsibility is needed to help Baby heal is invaluable right now and Baby is most fortunate to have you there to help him. The healing process can't be rushed. Sometimes a pet, when feeling better, feels he can become more active than he should so a watchful eye is needed to keep that in check until the healing is well underway. Providing a small , comfortable, safe, and quiet area is also very beneficial. Sometimes if you provide "steps" to places such as your bed,desk, or any area that would require jumping to get to , it can help- a small stool in front of a chair positioned by the side of the bed or desk, or a small ramp.

September 18th, 2005, 07:10 AM
FireAngel,wow,that must have been a terrible injury,was his tail partly amputated?
You,your family and Baby are certainly the heroes of the week :love:
I know he has a long way to go,but he could not be in better hands and no questions are"stupid"ones,so ask away!
I would be the same,I've had many cats,but none with this kind of injury.
I had one Maine Coon cat,who ran out and was rescued under a carhood,but even he was not that badly injured..
The fact Baby is eating,drinking and peeing is a good sign,pooping might be difficult,he looks really sore :sad:
I pray no infection will set in,but even that,with your loving vigilance he'll probably be able to fight.
Baby is one lucky kitty, :grouphug: to both of you :love:

September 18th, 2005, 07:25 AM
WOW...I am so happy to hear that baby is home and recovering. Home is exactly where the the healing will happen; in his little heaven. Keep up the great both will need each other now.

xFire Angelx
September 18th, 2005, 12:24 PM
thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. it would be so much harder to do this without you guys supporting me throughout this ordeal. it means so much to me i cant even put it into words.
heres a little update:
baby did great in the kennel last night. i figured out why he tried to get out... he wanted to lay in his favorite spot... so when i went to bed i picked up the blanket in his favorite spot and such so it wouldnt tempt him. he didnt try to get out once.
he has been in and our of the litter box A LOT.. i should know because i wake up every time he scratched in it lol. also the water in his bowl is half gone so hes drinking water and i noticed he ate some of the food in there.
i woke up at 7am to give him his 2 liquid meds he didnt fight me much on it so im glad. i gave him another can of cat food and he got right up to eat it he had about a quarter of it. by the looks of it his appitite is nearly back to normal. he usually doesnt eat a whole lot at once but he eats about 4 times a day.
he isnt really licking his wound or anything i think its too sore to go after it.
oh also here a list of his meds just incanse you guys might be wondering what hes on
the 3 day pain patch of course
Clavamox 62.5mg 1 tablet every 12 hours
Baytril 20 500#(not sure what that means that was just on the bottle) 1 tablet a day
Phenoxybenzamine 5mg 1/2ml every 8 hours
Bethanechol 5m 1ml every 8 hours
im going to try and express his bladder again the last few times he wouldnt let me get anywhere close without freakin out
its really hard to scruff him with the pain patch on so i think i will put a towel over his front end and give it a go

just felt his bladder... his bladder is really small i cant see any pee in the litter box tho but it might be so small that i cant tell

sheesh i keep forgeting things
i tried to give him some of his kitty treats today and he ate them so i brought him some of his hard cat food and mixed it with his canned food... he seems to really like that.

xFire Angelx
September 18th, 2005, 01:53 PM
well he peed on his own a few minutes ago
im thinking he doesnt like the newspaper litter so he peed on the newspaper i have laid out for him
he peed about 3 teaspoons full maybe a lil bit more so that is a lot better concidering yesterday at the vet he peed less than a teaspoon andthey had to express the rest
later today i will have pics of baby up on my site
yay his bladder is getting better :grouphug:

September 18th, 2005, 02:34 PM
I don't know anything about all those meds,but I am sure somebody else does...cats don't generally like to take pills,but it sounds like you are doing great.
I tried the"Yesterdays News"litter with my cats(3)and there was no way they were using it :D
I am hoping Baby will continue to pee on his own,what about pooping,is that ok? He must be really sore...
I am glad we could help,even if only emotionally,we are all animal-lovers here in the Forum and certainly appreciate when someone like you goes the extra mile for a little cat.
I know I would,because I love my cats...but other than the people here,I don't know many who would.
So Baby...keep on improving,ok!!

xFire Angelx
September 18th, 2005, 02:40 PM
yes thats the litter i have he scratches in it but for the most part will not go thats why i laid regular newspaper down and thats what he used
but he did use the litter box a few dribbles came out
every little bit that he does on his own is GREAT
my mom is really worried about the enrve damage on his leg because hes knuckling it when he walks
the vet mentioned amputation of his leg but its too soon to tell because that could mostly be from the pain
i do see him left that leg to lick it and straighten it out i havent seen his paw move yet at all tho

September 18th, 2005, 03:49 PM
Even if you end up with a beautiful kitty with 3 legs or a limpy kitty,as long as he is not in pain,that's the important thing.
He will probably start licking his wounds more,as he gets stronger and hopefully gets better.
The reason,he is not moving his paw,is probably because it is painful,the poor little guy has tons of stiches :sad:
Is he going back for checkups??
Aftercare should not really cost you anything extra,but every vet is different.
Cats or dogs for that matter,seems to heal pretty quickly,I hope this is the case with Baby,one very good sign is that he is eating :love:

xFire Angelx
September 18th, 2005, 04:05 PM
yes deffinetly im glad he is eating... an even better sign is that hes seeking it out on his own too
yes we go in on tuesday to talk about how hes doing and possibly replace his pain patch
what worries me is i tounched the paw and rubbed the pads softly and he didnt do anything at all
and he hates(stressing the word hate) the pads on his feet being touched
im not sure if he just doesnt care right now or what but youd think he would try to move his foot away or twitch or something
hes sleeping right now and its a little chili in my room so i put a little blankie over him for now
and im figuring out a nice lil cubby hole thing that he can sleep in while hes not in his kennel cuz he likes his own little places to sleep
it seems as though he is gaining more and more ability to use pee but he has no control over it as of yet
unforunatly he hasnt pooped at all and its been probably 4 days maybe more since hes pooped
im begining to wrry about that becuase im sure he has to go but is too painful and im sure thats making him uncomfortable
he peed a good amount on my bed while he was laying there and again in another spot on it a few minutes later
im so proud of him
hes come such a long way concidering what happened to him

September 18th, 2005, 04:20 PM
Anglefire,I had to laugh,because you are the only person I've ever heard who is proud the kitty pees on her bed :D
He probably is uncomfortable if he has not been able to poo,but I guess it would just be to painful for him,I am sure the vet can help him so he is relieved,just hopefully no more meds.
Maybe the reason he did not react when you touched his paw,is that he is a little dopey from meds,hopefully not because he has no feelings in his paw.
I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the vet says..hopefully good news :fingerscr

xFire Angelx
September 18th, 2005, 05:49 PM
well i dont care where he pees all of that stuff can be replaced im just glad hes peeing YAY!!!!
and i never thought that it oculd be the pain patch but you're right it could be that :)

xFire Angelx
September 18th, 2005, 07:40 PM
today his nose and tongue seem to be a pale pale pink
and his nose is cold
usually they're a really dark pink/light red
should i be worried?

this evening he seems pretty unhappy sorta down hes stumbling on his hurt leg more and he was more himself yesterday and this morning... it sorta seems like hes getting worse as the day goes on
he doesnt seem to be sleeping... just sitting there with his eyes half open
i dunno i just feel like something is changing

September 18th, 2005, 09:38 PM
today his nose and tongue seem to be a pale pale pink
and his nose is cold
usually they're a really dark pink/light red
should i be worried?

this evening he seems pretty unhappy sorta down hes stumbling on his hurt leg more and he was more himself yesterday and this morning... it sorta seems like hes getting worse as the day goes on
he doesnt seem to be sleeping... just sitting there with his eyes half open
i dunno i just feel like something is changing

There may be too much activity too soon, much like a person who has a leg in a cast and tries to walk on it. That's why crutches are given because it's too much stress to bear the full weight of the body on damaged nerves and tissues that are trying to heal. Of course, you can't put a cat on crutches but the equivalent would be to restrict the amount of activity Baby is allowed. Maybe more kennel time. It's only been a few days since he was so badly injured and if there is nerve damage, bearing his full weight upon the injured leg for long periods may slow the healing process and may even further damage nerves. As I said in an earlier post, " ..., Silicea 6x- 5 globules dissolved on the tongue( or a tiny amount of water and give via eyedropper) given every hour for 5-6 hours then 5-7 times a day will repair nerve injury. All of this is available at any health food store and was recommended by an MVSC vet ." No food or water for one hour after each treatment or it will weaken the effect. Before you consider amputation, look into trying Silicea.( As for the pale pink nose and tongue you could keep an eye on that for possible anemia. Try giving him several tablespoons of pureed raw liver every couple of days . It may help. If not you may have to have your vet look into it)

xFire Angelx
September 18th, 2005, 09:45 PM
yes i will bring it up to the vet on tuesday when he bring him in
im taking notes of everything so she can see his progress
and yeah i will give him more kennel time he seems to have gotten used to the idea of being in there at home lol
all day hes just been laying there staring at the wall so i lay by him for an hour or so and he falls asleep
then of course in the process of getting up he sorta wakes up lol

xFire Angelx
September 19th, 2005, 01:17 AM
ok well this may sound gross but im VERY proud of him
he pooped for the first time since before his accident
WOOHOOO :grouphug:

but it just keeps oozing out and getting all over him he wont let me clean him very much
what do i do?

September 19th, 2005, 07:57 AM
Fireangel,I am glad he pooped :p I am certainly no expert,so do not take what I say as gospel,but meds cause all kinds of trouble to a cats system,I know he needs them right now to fight any infections,the oozing of his poop,is probably associated with meds and the fact he's been eating but not relieved.
I would be more concerned with the paleing of his gums,tounge etc...him being lethargic could again be the meds,but as I said I am no expert or have any experience with something as serious as what Baby is going through.
If he seems much worse,please bring him in to the vet earlier.I would not even bother with an appointment,just take him there,that way they cannot refuse him.
You are doing the right thing,writing down your observation of his progress,usually once you are in the vet-office things get forgotten.
I hope Baby does not get any worse,both you and Baby need a break..
I am eagerly waiting to see what the vet says tomorrow :fingerscr

September 19th, 2005, 08:17 AM
ok well this may sound gross but im VERY proud of him
he pooped for the first time since before his accident
WOOHOOO :grouphug:

but it just keeps oozing out and getting all over him he wont let me clean him very much
what do i do?

I don't know if this would help but I used to work at the vet and we had many "poop" issues. If you have someone to help you, wrap him in a towel and gently hold him in the tub. If you have a handheld showerhead, get someone else to spray his bum, make sure the water is a comfortable temp, and low pressure. Try not to get his incision wet. Pat him dry with the towel. Better to do it before it hardens, then you may have to snip it out.

You're doing a great job, you should be very proud!! Baby is one lucky boy to have you!

September 19th, 2005, 08:27 AM
My white cat Vinnie,has a problem with dirtying himself and it's not an easy task cleaning him,usually hubbie will hold him and I take the worst off,before he rubs it all on the few area-rugs I have,the rest he will clean himself.But Baby being hurt is different..
Although a great idea,I could never get the shower-head even near any of my cats :D would not even attempt too,but cats are all different.

September 19th, 2005, 08:35 AM
My white cat Vinnie,has a problem with dirtying himself and it's not an easy task cleaning him,usually hubbie will hold him and I take the worst off,before he rubs it all on the few area-rugs I have,the rest he will clean himself.But Baby being hurt is different..
Although a great idea,I could never get the shower-head even near any of my cats :D would not even attempt too,but cats are all different.

Trust's a 2+ person job, but if it can be done, it works. Especially with such a large incision, not a good idea to have feces around it.

But yeah Chico, I hear ya, it generally works on good natured or sedated cats ;)

xFire Angelx
September 19th, 2005, 01:30 PM
well we dont have a handled shower head so ive been trying to clean it with a warm wet washcloth
he lets me do that a few times then isnt so happy
i called the vet and they said bring him in
but my mom has a doctor appt for her back and wont make it back in time, my sister has an appt and wont make it back in time and my dad cant make it.
i can for sure take him in tomorrow so i will just have to keep him as clean as i can until then
the poop has been getting all over everything because it seems as though he doesnt really have full control over it so we're thinking about picking up doggy training pads and put them whereever he lays
would that be ok? we've already gone through 5 towels since he started pooping last night

xFire Angelx
September 19th, 2005, 01:48 PM
on another site someone suggested getting baby a splint for his hurt leg so he stops knuckling it
ive only been able to find one for 39 bucks and im afraid my mom will not go for that
anybody know a place to get them cheaper?

September 19th, 2005, 02:21 PM
If you go to this site:

and click on Splints ( left hand column). When the next screen comes up click on Free Classifieds( also on the left hand column) . You could place an ad for whatever you need and specify if you want it gratis(free).(Maybe check with your vet first to see if a splint is a good idea). As for the diarrhea, watch that Baby doesn't get dehydrated. Maybe broths would be a good idea because they help to replace the fluid loss. As another member mentioned, medications tend to disrupt the intestinal flora and that can lead to diarrhea. Acidophilus capsules can help to replace the intestinal flora. For whatever you feed him, it will just go out in diarrhea, kind of a trigger response, so broths might be the way to go until you can get to the vet.

xFire Angelx
September 19th, 2005, 02:36 PM
is there any kind of certain broths i need to give him?
and thanks for the link
when i speak to the vet ill see if he can get one
hes getting to the point where he just doesnt try to use it and just uses his 3 legs but sometimes he tries not often tho

September 19th, 2005, 03:14 PM
Usually it's a simple matter of taking a piece of chicken(raw) or beef( raw, lean), adding just enough water to cover the meat, bringing it to a boil, then letting it simmer for about 20 minutes or so. Cool. Skim off the fat. Broths help the digestive tract to rest, the bowels too. If that is acceptable and no diarrhea follows, then tomorrow morning you could try adding a little cooked white rice to the broth . At least this will stop dehydration and not trigger diarrhea until you can get to the vet and follow his/her advice .

September 19th, 2005, 04:06 PM
Fireangel,you got some great advice from people with experience..
I am assuming you are a young person and as most young people(at least my sons!) would go"ugh gross"!!at the thought of cleaning up loose stools,you are doing wonderfully :love:
Poor little Baby,if it's not one thing,it's the it possible his gums and tounge are pale because of dehydration?
Good Luck tomorrow at the vet,I'll be anxious opening your post,but am crossing my fingers,that nothing else will be wrong with Baby.
Also,your mom having her own medical-problems,is one heck of a mom,to you and Baby,for not giving up.. :love:

xFire Angelx
September 19th, 2005, 04:21 PM
well i worked in a vets office for a short time cleaning kennels so the poop and pee thing doesnt bother me at all
this morning while i was cleanign him he pooped a little on my hand... now if my brother were in the room hed just straight out puke but i know that if i would have freaked out when that happened it would have made him uncomfortable and i dont want that
plus pooping and peeing is normal everyone does it and all i have to do is wash my hands afterwards and its gone
i got the puppy pads and once baby wakes up ill put one of those in his kennel so i dont have to use up all the laundry detergant by washing the towels every couple hours lol

xFire Angelx
September 19th, 2005, 05:43 PM
the vet just called to see how baby is doing
shes excited that hes eating, drinking and pooping. shes completely thrilled that hes peeing on his own. i let her know that one of his bladder medications was nearly gone and she said thats ok just continue it until its gone.
she asked how his leg is doing and i told her its about the same as it was but he seems more sore (i think its because the pain patch is wearing off). she said that if the ooz type poo gets any worse take him in today otherwise just give him chicken broth or a chicken kind of baby food.
we're going in tomorrow in the afternoon so the vet can check out his leg. she said that she doesnt want him on a splint at least not at this time because it would pull down on his hurt leg and might be more painful. she said they're going to do some blood work to see why his nose, gums and tongue are pale.
his ooz type poo does seem better right now its not just coming out anymore. and he isnt not wanting to walk around i have the kennel door open and his favorite spot is all made up and he hasnt walked to it to lay in it. im sure hes just very sore because the pain patch doesnt have him all dopey. hes getting his stubborn attitude back thats for sure. lol

September 20th, 2005, 07:35 AM
The"stubborn attitude"is a good thing,actually any attitude is :love: as long as he's not lethargic.
I cannot wait to hear what the vet has to say,hopefully the pale gums is not something serious :fingerscr
As for the pooping,not only young people would go"yuck",my husband won't go near the litter-boxes,although he loves our cats.
Fireangel,you certainly are a young hero in my eyes,your dedication to Baby shows a wonderful character,Baby is soo lucky to be loved and cared for by you.

xFire Angelx
September 20th, 2005, 09:54 AM
baby wasnt doing good at all last night
he wasnt the baby kitty i knew
he wasnt moving much and just had a blank stare he wouldnt eat and even gaged when i tried to give him chicken broth
he had so much clear liquid dripping out of his nose and his mouth was partially open and was drooling so so much
he didnt fight me anymore when i gave him his meds and even for the most part stopped growling
the poop has slowed down to pretty much a halt
by the looks of it he hasnt had any water since night before last
i woke up to him eating but his hind end was flat on the floor and he was stretching as far as he could to eat and not bother his leg
whenever he walks now he hyperextens his foot
he flattens out the long part( it looks like a long heel to me) and walks on that
the vet opens in 45 minutes so we're gonna take him in when they open i think itd be good to get him in
because now the look in his eyes..... he is begining to just suffer
i want him to be happy and last night i saw the fight in him almost completely disapeare he almost didnt make it the look in his eyes its just not him anymore

September 20th, 2005, 11:25 AM
[QUOTE= ..because now the look in his eyes..... he is begining to just suffer
i want him to be happy and last night i saw the fight in him almost completely disapeare he almost didnt make it the look in his eyes its just not him anymore[/QUOTE]

Chronic persistent pain can do that. Maybe the pain patch is wearing off. Hopefully that's all it is and it can be easily corrected. Another member mentioned Rescue Remedy. Very effective. It's used for great difficulties and pain. As needed. 5 drops . Even every five minutes . You mentioned trying to give him chicken broth, also that he was trying to eat on his own in the night. If he is trying to eat on his own he will go to the chicken broth and drink it if he wants too, you shouldn't have to give it to him. What does the vet have to say about the way Baby is walking on his leg?

xFire Angelx
September 20th, 2005, 12:56 PM
well yesterday he wouldnt move at all so i brought it to him and hed just turn his head
i woke up this morning to him eating
just got back from the vet
he is looking better today about 10000x than yesterday
the vet saw him walking and said that its better than it was so everything is good there
she took the pain patch off and gave me another 2 medications to give him ontop of the 4
she gave him bene-bac pet gel to help his diareha and also gave me buprenex ampules to give him for the pain
we also got this soft moist food from the vet they said hes on a bland diet and needs to eat that food they also gave us a peice of paper with a recipe on it for him
she said that she isnt really worried about him having a pale pink nose and such(it is more pink today than it was yesterday) it can be from anything and we can do blood tests but its not needed... my mom doesnt have the money for that because it can range from $80 - $100

September 20th, 2005, 01:09 PM
Sometimes these things just take time and sometimes it's kind of up and down but as long as progress is being made overall ( and it certainly looks like it is , due , in a great part, to your steady commitment and consistent care) continued improvement should be expected.

September 20th, 2005, 01:26 PM
I was almost afraid to read this post,but everything seems ok considering.. :thumbs up
Baby(and you)is certainly a fighter,hope he'll get some relief with the new meds....that is an awful lot of meds,but if it does the trick and gets him better,it's only good!
Thank's for the update....keep it up,any little improvement is a GREAT step!!

xFire Angelx
September 20th, 2005, 01:43 PM
i gave him his pain medication and he seems more comfortable now and i have figured out a good way to keep track of his medications
at 7am and 7pm he has 3 medications and at 11am and 11pm he has 3 medications one in 7 and one in 11 are once a day so sometimes its just 2 medications
i would do them all at once but im afraid that would be just too much stress on him
if anyone has any ideas that are better than what im doing feel free to spit em out im open to any ideas

September 20th, 2005, 04:16 PM
I am glad he is more comfortable,unfortunately they cannot tell us when they are in pain :sad:
I am hoping someone else can give you some pointers on giving meds,I had to give one of my cats ONE pill a day once and nearly had a nervous breakdown :D I could not imagine having to give him all those meds.
But you are doing great....all for the love of Baby,right :love:

September 20th, 2005, 04:33 PM
when we had to give pills to our furries we used to crush them up, (tablets) and mix them in with cream cheese or even spray cheeze, tuna, anchovy paste from a tube, whatever they would eat and they thought it was a treat...

with capsules, ask vet if it's allright to open it up and get the dust out and proceed as above...

with liquid, the same, we used to put it in tuna juice, or if all else failed, a syringe (no needle, of course) and two people, one to hold kitty and one to squirt right into the mouth...

hope this helps!


xFire Angelx
September 20th, 2005, 06:57 PM
yeah its not hard to give baby pills.. sometimes hes able to get it out but the others are harder i put a towel over him and since hes sore he doesnt try to scratch or move fast but has no problem voicing his unimpressed mood about it lol
the liquid i would love if i could mix with food but i know if i try to trick him it wont work
the liquid meds are so stinky and nasty smelling hed know right away
i dont know about the gel for his diareha though
my boyfriend thank god is making a database website for me so i dont have to use wordpad and keep editing everything all ill have to do is type in the info and poof there it is
its getting hard keeping track of 6 medications even if they are at the same times lol
hes curled up in a ball like normal with his head upsidedown snoozin its a lil chili so i put a lil towel over him to keep him warm
his poop is hardening up a little bit but it seems as though he cant really control it still because its diahera so even tho hes sleeping i gotta check him every little bit and clean him

September 20th, 2005, 07:08 PM
We used to give our sickies "meatballs" Just roll the pill in something they really love, this worked great.

You can also get little pill guns that you stick the pill in and it gently pops it in the back of their mouth...saved alot of fingers :evil:

As for liquid, a clean empty syringe is the best way to go.

I used to find if they got a little pissy, I would just take my time, get a little in at a time, rather than risk giving the whole thing and losing most of it from gagging and spitting!

Good luck, you're doing a great job. I'm praying for Baby's full recovery, and God bless you!!!

xFire Angelx
September 20th, 2005, 09:52 PM
woohooo his poop is hardening up just a lil bit and ive noticed that the stub of a tail that he has is moving like when he is walking or lifts his hurt leg and hops on the other to move its moving more like what it should
every morning since he has started pooping hes had poop dried to the stub of a tail and now hes even letting me clean it better and not attack me of course hes feeling so much better that he tries to squirm away while im doing it

September 21st, 2005, 06:17 AM
sound great fireangel. Please don't forget ;like any healing, there will be good days and bad days depending on what the body is trying to heal. Just don't give up yet, Baby seems to be on survival mode and that is great.

September 21st, 2005, 06:50 AM
Fireangel,as he gets better it probably will be more difficult to give him meds,but that's a good sign :thumbs up
Did the vet say anything about his lack of control over his poop?
Is it because of his injuries,maybe the nerve-damage?
I hope as he gets better(not IF :D ),his control will improve..
Every morning when I check,I am happy to read any kind of seems you also have a very understanding boyfriend as well as your mom :love: So,Baby has all the help he needs to get better,now it's up to his little body :fingerscr

xFire Angelx
September 21st, 2005, 12:55 PM
yes thankfully everybody around me loves animals and feels that they're family so that really helps out a lot. the vet just called and woke me up to see how baby is doing i completely forgot to talk to her about that but i am going to call back in a moment to ask her what she thinks of that
but first i gotta give baby his medications
she said that if in 2 days he still has diareha then we'll change antibiotics
and its deffinetly getting harder to give him his meds
hes deffinetly thankful that the pain patch is off because i couldnt pet him in his favorite spot wich is the back of the neck lol so hes been lovin all the make up for lost time not being able to scratch him there attention lol

xFire Angelx
September 21st, 2005, 07:14 PM
his stitches looked quite tight today and his leg and hind end have been twinging and shaking a bit so i took him in to the vet right quick and they said the stitches are a bit tight but theres nothign they can do because they're desolving stitches and also the twitching and shaking are signs that the nerves are healing but if it gets worse where his entire body shakes or whatever to bring him in
just as we were walking out the vet tech told me that he is a miracle. no cat would have ever survived that.
it nearly brought me to tears when she told me that because i knew it already but am glad that others can see it as well

September 21st, 2005, 08:58 PM
I have been reading this thread since day 1 and I must say Baby is very lucky to have you as her owner. Baby is a miracle :angel: ! I hope I have the same strenght as you if something were to happen to my 2 girls! Thank you for keeping us updated and not giving up on Baby.


xFire Angelx
September 22nd, 2005, 12:06 AM
baby was wanting some lovins earlier so while i was doin that i took a few pics of him
he seems more alert reacting to things quicker and quick to growl when i try to clean his bum after he poops
but there is more good news its becoming thicker so i think the medication to help it is workin
he hasnt drank water yet today and ate very little but hes been sleeping a lot woohoo

xFire Angelx
September 22nd, 2005, 12:55 AM
he walks a few steps the right way!!! he wasnt knuckling it or hyperextending it!!! WOOHOO!!! i dont think the vet expected to see him do that at all for a while because she has talked about amputation before but i knew baby would show the vet whos boss because hes done it already with everything why not this lol WOOHOO i ran around the house jumpin and yellin lol even tho its just a few steps thats better than nothing YAY :grouphug: :grouphug:

September 22nd, 2005, 06:34 AM
450 bucks is a drop in a bucket when you have animals......make a payment sheduale with the vet. A true vet that is there for the animals will take what is accepted from you. I LOVE MY VET! and owe him big money! lol

September 22nd, 2005, 08:04 AM
Fireangel,keep the good news coming :highfive: Baby is definetly a fighter and wants to live and with you and your family supporting him,he has the best chances in the world :love:
I believe(I am no expert!)his wound would will dry and get tight,as it heals,probably even itchy,maybe some sort of gel like Aloe will help.
Hopefully it is not tight because it's swelling,but you would know that...
Hugs to Baby!!! :love:

xFire Angelx
September 22nd, 2005, 12:44 PM
i thought it was swollen and was scared it was infection so i took him in to the vet yesterday she said its all good
its been about 8 days now after the accident is he still at risk of infection?

September 22nd, 2005, 12:51 PM
Fireangel,I just looked at where you are,I thought Vancouver,British Colombia Canada,but I see WA,is that Washington state in the US?
I am not sure,but I think there is always a risk for infection after surgery,but he seems to be doing great! Did not mean to worry you..

xFire Angelx
September 22nd, 2005, 01:19 PM
yes washington state just moved here from oregon last month lol
and so far today baby is not knuckling when he walks anymore its either hyperextending or its positioned right and he limps :grouphug: wooohoooo

September 22nd, 2005, 04:06 PM
Fireangel,I love cats(or anything with 4 legs)and I am very impressed with what you have done for Baby,very often we hear here about people not taking their cats/dogs to the vet,not until it's too late.
I have tons of confidence in you and your family and that Baby will once again be the beautiful cat he was :love:
Here I was thinking you were in Canada,oh well,it makes no difference at all Baby is in wonderful hands :love:

xFire Angelx
September 22nd, 2005, 04:09 PM
i just got done calling everyone and letting them know the good news about him not knuckling anymore when he walks and everyone has been saying that in about a year he'll probably just have a small limp and i am really begining to think so as well concidering its a little more than a week after the accident and hes progressed so much

xFire Angelx
September 22nd, 2005, 08:24 PM
hey guys i found a tiny bit of blood in babys poop talked to the vet we need to get him to eat and drink some more and keep an eye on the poop
he will not eat the food that we bought at the vet
anyone have any bland food recipes? we needs to get some food down him and i have a sirynge that i can put water in to give to him i tried to give him chicken broth but he literally gaged

xFire Angelx
September 23rd, 2005, 01:32 AM
well i got some absolutely outstanding news
i was making him some food(boiled some chicken and mixed with rice vets orders) i came back upstairs to my room nearly ran him over from him standing infront of the doorway wich im assuming he was waiting for me to come back so i sat down on the floor next to him and started petting him askin him what he was doing up.... he started purring(first time since the day he came home from the vet) i leaned forward and kissed his lil head and he headbutted me so i took off my glasses and started rubbing my forhead against his like we used to do hed lick my nose and rub on my face some more with his then he did something he hasnt done since before his accident he crawled onto my lap curled up in a ball and fell asleep
of course after 25 minutes of that my back started to hurt so i tried to grab him and sit in my computer chair with him but like always he hated that and wanted down lol
he hates it when im holding him at my computer because when im at the computer im always typing and that means only 1 hand to pet him with instead of 2 and no nuzzles lol
he is deffinetly getting better.... i cant hardly give him his meds anymore by myself i tried to give him his pain killer medication(i have to keep his mouth open for about 10 seconds so it can set in under his tongue) he wiggled out of my grasp and swallowed it before i could even count to 2 lol
looks like ill be getting someones help from now on
my baby kitty is doing so much better
oh i just relized i never told you guys why i named him baby.... its not all that great of a story but its cute.... when i first got him(he was a christmas present back in 97) i loved the sylvester cartoon cat at the time and named him that but after about 2 weeks my brother said yanno he loves being held like a baby you should just call him that besides he doesnt even look like sylvester the cat... so ever since then hes been called baby... hes the only cat ive ever seen that likes being craddled like a baby and likes to put their paw on your face and look into your eyes and pur like crazy

September 23rd, 2005, 06:51 AM
It sounds like he's on the mend :highfive: but did he eat???
I once had a diabetic cat,prescribed the vet-food,he also would not touch the stuff..
The blood in the poop,depending on how much,could be something as simple as broken blood vessel from an irritated anus,or something more serious...
My Rocky had little tinges of blood,but it was from constipation..Baby with all his injuries and meds are different however.
He sounds like a really sweet cat,my 3 males are also real Kissy-Cats :pawprint:
I agree with the"Miracle cat",Baby certainly is,although not out of the woods yet,he has a guardian angel looking after him :angel:
I'll be really happy when he finishes some of those meds,as I am sure you'll be too.

xFire Angelx
September 23rd, 2005, 01:08 PM
yes i deffinetly will be happy when he finished the meds he has 2 doses left of his bladder medication about 2 weeks left of the antibiotics ut i found a lil smidge of blood on one of the puppy training pads so i think one of the antibiotics will be stopped and im not sure how much longer he'll be taking the diarrhea medication... concidering he hasnt been able to poop since i found that bloody once im going to call the vet and ask if he should even be taking it

September 23rd, 2005, 04:16 PM
Maybe Baby was only supposed to take it until his poop was ok,it could be he is now constipated,hence the blood,but I am only guessing,only your vet could tell you.
I am :fingerscr that Baby will imrove even more over the weekend,he is certainly an amazing cat and it goes double for the owner :pawprint:

xFire Angelx
September 23rd, 2005, 04:47 PM
okies guys heres another picture of my pretty baby he found a new spot to sleep today under the stool that i just got for under my desk
my computer is blowin warmish air under there so im sure hes lovin that lol
hes walkin even better today walkin on the foot more normaly with a limp than hyperextending
im very suprised that hes progressed so much so fast

September 24th, 2005, 07:42 AM
Awwww,that's so nice to see,thank's :pawprint:
I always look at your posts first to hopefully get a pick-me-upper in the morning :D
Chances are he picked that spot to be near you,but it certainly is a good sign :highfive:

xFire Angelx
September 24th, 2005, 02:13 PM
i opened the kennel door this morning and he went right for it lol
everyday hes walking better and better and its amazing to me concidering they werent sure if hed be able to keep his leg... his walking with a limp now and sometimes hyper extending it and VERY VERY selndom he knuckles it when he first gets up

and i cant hardly give him his meds anymore because hes fighting me so much on em lol

xFire Angelx
September 24th, 2005, 06:44 PM
well his wound opened up a lil bit and theres a lil drainage comin out i blotted it with something and its clear with a lil blood in there like it was before when he came home
should i be worried about that?

xFire Angelx
September 25th, 2005, 03:54 AM
i found a lump on babys right front paw about an hour ago it doesnt seem to hurt him hes passed out asleep and i felt it and he didnt move it away like it hurt even looked at it more with him away no reaction at all
the vet is closed tomorrow so on monday im gonna take him in
his wound is draining again and id like the vet to make sure its not infection :fingerscr
hes been cuddlin with me all day today i wish my baby kitty could sleep with me but he cant cuz hes jump off the bed :( im very tempted to sleep on the floor and leave his kennel door open one night when he gets a bit more better... i miss cuddlin with him at night lol

September 25th, 2005, 08:02 AM
Fireangel,I would not dare say,not to worry,because I don't know :sad: all I can do is hope nothing is wrong :fingerscr
Maybe he scratched his wound when you did not see it,healing might be itchy..the lump I have no idea,I guess another trip to the vet is needed.After all he is such a wonderful little trooper and any setback after all he and you have been through,would be soo sad.
I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed that there is nothing bad going on with him :love:
I wish someone else could give you an idea what it is,but I also believe guessing at this point could be dangerous for Baby :love:

September 26th, 2005, 04:49 PM
The draining that is taking place in the leg might be looking for another outlet and accumulating in the paw because it's a lower extremity. Your vet would be able to see if this is the case. If it is, a simple lancing would allow the accumulation to drain out. Good thing, you're keeping an eye on these things. The sooner they're found the sooner they can be dealt with.

xFire Angelx
September 26th, 2005, 05:11 PM
its on his front right paw instead of the back right paw wich is the one that was hurt
he doesnt seem to limp or lick it like he does when hes in pain infact he acts like theres nothing wrong with it at all
it doesnt seem to be changing in size at all so im thinkin it might be a sprain and its swollen(thats happened to me sooooo many times) but we'll find out at the vet... i might be able to get him in today but for sure tomorrow
the stitches are wearing away now and its opened up in 2 places and is draining
hes been so cuddley and last night he wouldnt stop meowing and trying to get out of the kennel i was worried hed hurt himself so i let him be out last night he slept under my foot stool all night long he pawed at my bed and woke me up for some lovins but thats all he did i knew he woudlnt try to jump up on my bed because when he saw my grandma he didnt jump on her lap like he usually does he waited for me to lift him up onto her lap
so im thinkin he knows itd be just too painful to jump so he wont
hes eating really good now and is starting to drink water again i think its the meds bothering his tummy
and his poop is getting more normal everyday altho it worries me that he isnt getting up anymore to go to the bathroom i think he might not have full control over that because it happens when hes asleep

September 27th, 2005, 07:55 AM
I was a little worried when I did not read anything about Baby yesterday,but I am sure you have other things to do :D
I am eager to hear what the vet says...I am sure all the meds cause havoc with his tummy,but they also saved his life,together with your loving care :love:

xFire Angelx
September 27th, 2005, 02:27 PM
his wound has opened up in 2 places it looks like the skin healed but didnt heal together its not red or iritated lookin or anything there seems to be very very little drainage its completely clear
last night it was open in 1 spot and quit small like half the size of a pee and now 1 spot is almost the size as a dime and the other is half the size of a dime
im soooo glad we're takin him to the vet today they accept walkins between 2 - 5 so we're leavin at 1:45 wich in an hour and 15 mins away
anyone have any idea what the vet might do to the open parts? the other parts seem quit heeled theres 1 part where its completely healed just a scar showin
i think the parts that opened up are the areas where they had to stretch the skin so far from the lack of skin(he was missing a lot) and i think it was just hard for the skin to make the connection it needed to healed together so they healed apart
how would a vet fix that?

xFire Angelx
September 27th, 2005, 06:15 PM
ok guys got him to the vet it was busy busy busy so he was stuck in the waiting room full of doggies and kitties meowing like crazy screamin to let them out and go home lol
finaly they went and took a look at him and at first just took him back to look at his wound but my mom pointed out we wanted a room and to talk to the vet
good thing because this is everything that we were told
<takes a deep deep breath>
his wound looks ok the drainage is clear so its all good but need to keep a very very close eye on it because its open
his paw looks like it doesnt hurt him so she thinks its just a sprain and is swollen so no need to worry.. they can do an x-ray just to make sure but that costs 45 bucks we dont have a whole lot of extra money(will explain more of that in a few)
he lost a pound and a half since he was last there and he looks dehydrated so they gave him fluids under the skin and i told her that he doesnt eat the en food as much as he eats the regular food so she said slowly switch him back to the regular food
i let her know that i stopped giving him the bene-bac gel because he was constipated for 2 days and she said thats all good
i let her know that im all out of pain meds for him and she asked if he needed more.. i told her that some just to have for him would be nice just incase and asked for it to be in pill form(since hes getting better now there is no way in hell i can keep him still for about 5 seconds while the liquid pain meds would set under his tongue)
so she gave me some Torbutrol to give him every 12 hours... im gonna wait until tonight to give him one i want to see how bad he needs them so i might give him them once a day but i dunno just yet
she wanted to do a full work up on him urine sample and all... wich is $95 wich my mom had to take out of the savings to pay for that(she doesnt get paid until next week(wich is why we couldnt do the x-ray)) she felt his bladder and it was kinda full.. i told her he hadnt peed yet today because hes been sleepin... she took him in the back to get blood and get a urine sample... well they got their urine sample... he peed ALLLLLLL over completely emptying his bladder on his own... i told her he has no problems peeing :D but she seemed very pleased to see him go on his own like that so now she isnt worried
we'll get test results back tomorrow
i told her i was worried about him putting sometime while hes just laying there or while hes asleep and she said well after all thats happened im sure that it hurts to get in the position to poop so he just lets it go but once the pain goes away he'll poop in the litter box no problem
and of course she watched him walk and was very happy that he wasnt knuckling and said he is doing quite well and progressed a lot
by this time he was trembling with fear because he HATES the vet so we got out home asap so he could go to his favorite spot(under my foot stool) and pass out after a hard day lol

September 28th, 2005, 08:05 AM
Fireangel,thank's for the update,hopefully it's all ok,like the vet says..
It's no wonder Baby is terrified of the vet,after what he's been through.
All three of mine have a hizzy-fit in the car,howling as if I was torturing them!
Then once at the vet they freeze,probably in terror and the vet can do whatever she wants with them.
It's very difficult to tell if a cat is in pain,unless he's at the end of his rope,but I suppose if he's unwilling to move or eat,it's a sign of discomfort.
Is any hair growing back on his tail and body?
I remember when my son had a long insicion after open-heart surgery,he had puss coming out of his scar.He nearly died from an infection and they had to open him up again,clean the wound stuff it and it then had to heal naturally without stiches,awful ordeal for him.
So,please keep an eye on any redness or swelling around his scar,which I am sure you already do...
Not that I am comparing a child and a cat,but my son also developed a blood-clot in his leg,but I doubt that's what is wrong with Baby's paw.
Please keep the good news coming.

xFire Angelx
September 28th, 2005, 05:14 PM
well the hurt paw is on the front right leg and the wound is on the hind right thigh so its not a blood clot but i am worried and spoke with the vet today because his paw is a bit more swollen she said to keep a close eye on it and if the swelling doesnt change or gets worse to bring him in in the morning
his test results are back hes slightly anemic... normal is 29-48 and he is 27 so in a week we're gonna do another test she thinks it might be due to chronic infection but his wound is draining quite a bit and its all clear with a lil blood wich she said was normal she said it was a lil odd that it waited so long to drain but because its deep it might have taken a while for the fluid to come out but agian shes no really worried because its draining quite well and he isnt going after it at all
he preffers to lay on that side and i try to lay him on the other side but of course hes stubborn.. he gets right up and plops right down on the wound side(some like to say he gets the stubborness from me... pfft :rolleyes: ) she was also wondering how he was doing about the food if he was eating... hes scarfing it down now that im mixing some of his normal food with it... i think im gonna wait a while to get him totaly on his normal food i have a case of the soft moist EN from the vets and i woudl like him to eat mostly that... hes dehydrated enough i dont want to risk him getting diarrhea so just gonna have his normal food mixed with that en food until that case is gone
and yes hes growing his fur back thank god lol it was lookin pretty sad him being half bald lol
anyways im done rambling hehehe
he is lookin a bit more alert today i think its due to the fluids they put under his skin yesterday.. oh he also drank a lil water through the night yay
anyone know of a way to trick him into drinkin water?

xFire Angelx
September 29th, 2005, 12:00 AM
ok guys he just pooped quite a bit on my floor he didnt bother getting up he finaly passed a peice of my hair that hes been trying to get out the past couple days but now there is this clear luquid mucus type stuff that is also coming out.... should i be worried? theres a lot less blood in his poop now than earlier.... should i be takin him to the emergency vet right now? i know that happens to humans sometimes and there isnt a lot to worry about that but i duno about animals... what do i do?

September 29th, 2005, 12:59 AM
He swallowed a piece of your hair? The mucus discharge could very well be part of that elimination process since it occurred along with the bowel movement. Just watch to see if it happens again. If all of your hair( I won't ask how that happened ) has been expelled, that should be the last of the mucus. If it isn't, then contact your vet by phone in the morning and ask if you should be concerned.

September 29th, 2005, 03:35 AM
To get Baby to drink more water you could mix some in with his food to make it soupy, or you can make flavoured water:

Boil a piece or two of chicken in some water, plain, nothing added, until the chicken is cooked - cool the broth and put that in his water bowl, or make ice cubes and let him play with them... this way the water is flavoured and he may be more attracted to it.

You can do the same with tuna juice, dribble a bit out of a can into a bit of water and have him drink that.

Go Baby!

xFire Angelx
September 29th, 2005, 03:56 PM
well hes doin much better today no more mucus in his poo and theres almost no blood in it now
his paw is still swollen but doesnt seem to be bothering him and hes sleepin on my bed
i made him sleep in his kennel last night so he was around everything he needed and he did it all
he drank nearly all the water and he ate quite a bit of food he even used the litter box for the first time in 3 days(hes been poopin where hes been laying)
also he peed like crazy so hes no longer allowed to be under my foot stool anymore because all hes doing is hiding and thats not helpin him at all
his wound is 10x better now though it has stopped draining and is closing up
and i think i will make him more of that chicken broth he doesnt really like it all that much but its better than nothin thanks for the advice

September 29th, 2005, 04:03 PM
Fireangel,that's great news :thumbs up
Maybe his swollen paw is part of his original injuries,but was overlooked by the vet,because of his more serious injuries.
You'll have to take another picture now that he's doing so much better,maybe one where he's standing up :love:

xFire Angelx
September 29th, 2005, 07:13 PM
hes doing SOOO great today hes been eating and he hasnt drank since ive been up but as long as he drinks something while im asleep im happy as requested i just grabbed a pic of him walkin into his kennel its not exactly the greatest shot but you can see how well hes doin... when he walks for more than 5 or so steps he starts to hyperextend it more than usual so im guessin its pain or somethin but later ill get a pic of him walkin without hyperextending
i have a couple pictures of him ill post... you see he LOVES his picture taken big time he gets all cute like hehehe
his wound drains a lil bit today and its still clear liquid with a tiny redness from blood and the wound area is nowhere near red or swollen or anything its look so great so here are some pics

xFire Angelx
September 29th, 2005, 07:15 PM
now hes starting to relize its a camera and hes getitng pics taken

xFire Angelx
September 29th, 2005, 07:16 PM
and now hes pullin out all his tricks and being full on cutie
sheesh hes knows hes a cutie and knows how to use that to his advantage hehehe

September 29th, 2005, 07:54 PM
About the chicken broth suggestion, make sure you skim off the fat after the broth cools because it can trigger diarrhea .

xFire Angelx
September 29th, 2005, 09:35 PM
yes thank you for reminding me about that
the vet had to completely take him off clavamox now and since then the blood has been getting less and less and his diarrhea has been getting less and less she is a lil worried about his front right paw and said if the swelling doesnt go down take him in tomorrow

there is no puncture wound around it
its just swollen with a hard bump it doesnt seem to hurt him at all and he walks just fine on it
we both agree that it started to get swollen after he got home... altho i know for a fact he hadnt gotten into anything or hurt it in anyway here unless it was already hurt and with the lil walking he does might irritate it
hes been ok with being in the kennel all day ive been opening the door throughout the day so he can wander but hes pretty happy stickin by his food
i forget what i said earlier so im sorry if ive repeated anything hehehe and also i havent had a chance to update my page for him lately my boyfriend has been getting a new web hosting place and the site has been up and down
but hopefully soon i will be able to put even more pics up there and update it finaly

September 30th, 2005, 12:50 AM
What a sweet kitty! He's so lucky to have a caring owner like you. :)


September 30th, 2005, 12:54 AM
What a beautiful kitty. He's so lucky to have you. :angel: :grouphug:

xFire Angelx
September 30th, 2005, 02:55 AM
thank you guys :)
hes doing so much better today hes eating and drinkin on his own i was going to get some chicken tomorrow and make him some chicken broth but it looks like he doesnt really need that
he must be getting a lot better cuz his poop is starting to stink like normal kitty poo... before it at 0 smell to it and now its got the normal stink so now i gotta keep my window open hehehe
ive been keepin my door open off and on today while the door was closed on his kennel hes was snoozin but the other kitties cames in and took a look around baby didnt seem to mind
see baby and smokey never really got along
smokey used to be 22 pounds and baby is 9 so smokey would always pick on baby also theres about 5 years difference in their age smokey would chase baby around and baby would hide.. no one in my family really likes smokey cuz of that and meows like crazy but i love him hes my lil puppy dog(he follows me around everywhere i go and now that he cant really go in my room he camps outside the door) so does anyone have any advice on a great way to reintroduce them? i dont want smokey attackin baby or anythign like that especially now
when we moved into this new house he stopped pickin on him but now with the wound im worried
heres another picture i took of him earlier

September 30th, 2005, 06:02 AM
He looks great. You did really well..give yourself a high five. :thumbs up

September 30th, 2005, 07:27 AM
Thank's for the pics,Baby certainly is a little beauty and somewhat of a miracle-kitty :love:
More often than not,when cats are seriously injured,they don't make it :sad: it seems cats often don't take well to meds etc...but Baby,with your love and attention is certainly an exception.
His little tail will be soo cute when it gets all fluffy again :D
As for introducing Smokey,I can only suggest to be careful,maybe let him sniff him while he is in the crate.
I too have one cat who is a little bossy with my other 2,especially Vinnie the youngest,but he never chases or fights him,just hisses and growls as a"that's close enough!"warning!
Baby is probably defensless right now,not able to run,so be very careful,sniffing should be enough for now..

xFire Angelx
September 30th, 2005, 01:41 PM
thats exactly what ive been doing
baby will be in his kennel with the door shut and locked and smokey will come in
he sniffs baby for about 5 seconds and then starts exploring the room
this room is smokeys favorite room and hes never reallu in here anymore cept for the couple hours i had the door open yesterday
but im guessing the fact that he didnt pay too much attention to baby is a good sign

September 30th, 2005, 08:25 PM
fire angel, although i haven't posted 'til now, i've been reading all posts on your thread with interest. baby sure has come a long way - thanks to you! you've done a great job, and deserve a huge pat on the back!

i just wanted to say that i hope you intend to keep baby inside now that he has been so severely injured. i went thru something similar with my cat, chesse, who was hit by a car. i nursed her through two broken back legs, depression, infections, ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching. she did get better, and i intended to keep her inside after that. but then hubby and i moved to a house in a wooded area, and she seemed keen on going out again. unfortunately, i didn't know there was a problem with coyotes in the area. so, a month and a half after moving, she suddenly went missing after i let her out late one night. i now know that coyotes hunt at night and in packs. i'm fairly certain this is what happened, as we never found a body (she was nervous of the road after having been hit, and i knew she wouldn't run away). the thing is, prior to her injury, i don't think even a coyote could have caught her (she was greased lightening!). but, because of the accident, she wasn't as quick as she used to be, so i wish now i had listened to my instinct and kept her in. i'm thinking baby probably isn't as nimble as he used to be either, so i just wanted to give you a bit of advice. after going thru everything to get baby better, you should consider keeping him in and safe. he's a real sweetie, and quite a ham for the camera! not meaning to be forcing advice on you, just wanted to share my story so you'd consider keeping him in.

tracy :love:

xFire Angelx
September 30th, 2005, 11:44 PM
i want to keep him in along with my 2 other cats but my mother does not want a litter box in the house at all what so ever and will not concider it
she hates the smell
ive tried everything under the sun to talk to her about it but she wont hear of it
so i told her if the cats will still be going outside and you have such disreguard for their safety we will build a cat fence preventing them from leaving the yard and only let them out when they need to pee and get them right back in
i will not let this happen again so im doing everythign i can in my power to prevent it but some people would much rather risk that then smell cat litter(wich to me isnt a big deal at all)
im thinkin about putting a litter box in the garage and talkin her into atleast trying it... if she says it stinks... all we gotta do is opene the big garage door for 10 minutes and poof the stink is gone
but i think shes too stubborn to even concider it

October 1st, 2005, 02:07 PM
I was awy for most of your posts - and had little access to the internet where I was (Louisiana) - but I am gald to hear how well you have done with your kitty and that she is on the mend?

I wonder if you could teach her to "go" outside on a leash - and then you would know she is safe. Sort of like we do for dogs. I take my cat and foster kitties outside only on leashes but they still have litter boxes. And they rarely smell since they are cleaned daily. There are ways to reduce the odour.

Er--- I mean the boxes never smell. Neither do the cats!!! Gawd, I think I need an editor today!

xFire Angelx
October 1st, 2005, 03:03 PM
yes baby is doing great the vet put him ona new medication to help with his uclers that were causing bleeding since then the blood has been getting less and less
he does have to go to the vet today because his front paw is still very swollen and hes been lickin his butt area a lot and its lookin pretty raw so he might have to have one of those lovely collars on to prevent him from doing that
im thinkin hes gonna have an x-ray done of his paw so we can figure out what is causing this im hoping its nothign more than a really bad sprain or fracture
is really doesnt seem to bother him he walks on it and uses that paw to move the litter when hes in there and uses it to grab my hand when im giving him his kitty treats
im thinkin about getting a lil video of him walkin and uploading it to my site so you guys can see how far hes come

October 1st, 2005, 03:10 PM
fireangel, is there a closet in your house that could be designated as the "litter closet"? we have three litter boxes (because of having three cats), and i keep them in a cubby under the stairwell in the downstairs of our house (it's a split entry). because the cubby has a door to it, we had a cat door cut through. it has a flap, but i don't even keep that on it (i left it off in order to train them to use the hole, and never bothered to put it back on as the smell doesn't even come through). show this picture to your mom and see what she thinks...

just trying to help.
tracy ;)

October 1st, 2005, 03:45 PM
Fireangel,before my first cat,eons ago :D ,I too would not want a litterbox in the house.I was under the false impression cats needed to go outside and of course one day,Blue(a SiameseX)did not come back in the morning..I found him dead in the snowpile,the snowplow had left.I learned a really hard lesson :sad:
I can honestly say,litterboxes do not smell if you look after them.
I have 3 cats and they have their boxes downstairs,a friend of mine has 5 cats and you would never know it,there is no smell.
After your mom was wonderful enough to pay all the expenses for Baby,I would think she would not want another accident to happen.
My cats go outside,but with me,I go in,they go in,even in the winter,since I have the luxury of being home and they do not leave my fenced in backyard.
My vet said,the average lifespan of an outdoor cat is 5 yrs and that is a shame,since cats can live up to 20yrs+.
If I were you,I would be terrified of letting Baby out after all he and you have been through. :grouphug: to Baby and You!

xFire Angelx
October 1st, 2005, 03:57 PM
yes i am terrified to let any of my cats outside my step dad hates the litter being spilt on the floor because smokey is obsessive about covering up what he just let out and he splashes it everywhere
unfortunately ive tried talking to my mom about puting a cat door on the garage door and having the litter box out there
shes thinkin about keeping the litter box out there but absolutely no way will be she put a hole in the door... this is her first home that shes ever owned and she doesnt want to mess it up(sad to say but my mom is stuck up and snooty she needs everything to appeare perfect and litter boxes arent part of that picture) since the cats are so used to waiting for us to let them outside i figured it wouldnt be hard for them to wait for us to let them in the garage to go
but for the time being the litter box is in the kitchen until my mom and i come to some sort of agreement... see we moved to this place in the middle of august and smokey hasnt taken to using the bathroom outside so this entire time there has been a litter box outside but everyone has this thing about cats have lived outside for MANY MANY MANY years and they've been able to survive and its their instinct so they can handle it
so i dunno what to do guys... even tho there is a litterbox in the house the cats still go outside and over the fence into the unknown

October 1st, 2005, 04:06 PM
Please ask your mom to read this:

(If it were not from another site, I'd ask for it to be a sticky). AAs Chico has noted, indoor cats live longer and healthier lives than do their counterparts who are allowed to roam outdoors. This is becoming even more important as our society becomes less rural and there are more dangers in urban areas to small critters (tho a friend of mine said calling my YY a critter is an insult - I think she is right, she is a Diva, lol).

October 1st, 2005, 04:07 PM
FA,I too did not like litter everywhere even if it was downstairs,so I bought 2 large Rubbermaid storageboxes($7each)with higher sides,rather than the standard litterboxes and that solved the spillproblem,also more room for the cats to scratch and cover up.

xFire Angelx
October 1st, 2005, 06:21 PM
thank you so much for that link
i wrote my mom an email with that link and a couple others along with some questions
the biggest question i have in there is this
im pasting it in here
what if tomorrow weatherby was found dead on the side of the road? how bad would you wish you had kept him inside and how little would the litterbox problems seem at that point?
weatherby is her cat and she loves in dearly
i felt it was very important to put it close to home with her and make it her cat isntead of mine
ever since baby was hurt i havent slept much knowing my other 2 cats are outside ive had nightmares and if the cats are gone for more than a few hours i start to panic... i have many things that haunt me because baby was hurt and numerous regrets because of this that i will have to live with for the rest of my life
and i know that deep in my moms heart she cant really be as selfish as she seems i just need to get to that part and hope she stops being so stubborn

i felt today was the perfect time to write the email to her(theres NO WAY i could ever talk to her about this in person even tho shes 30 feet from me right now she woudl interupt me and would put her foot down and owuldnt hear me out) today i took baby to the vet and his front right paw was x-rayed
its broken in 2 places
the pinky and the ring finger like on the back of your hand the pinky break isnt bad just a small fracture but the ring finger break is stickin up and thats what that bump is that i feel
the vet said that it doesnt seem to bother him or hurt him he moves it just fine and he uses it like normal
this is the lesser of 2 evils thats going on with him so its not a worry to him she cant put a splint on his paw because he would have to put preasure on his back paw to walk and would prevent it from heeling as much as it could
plus if they were to do anythign for it theyd have to go in and set pins in and that would stress him out a lot more than he needs but if it starts to bother him or hurt him we might have to do something

but on a lighter note hes gained a pound since we last took him in about 4 days ago woohooo yay
his nose is lookin pinker and insisted on walkin in the hallway a bit while the other kitties are busy sleepin in my brothers room
sorry for the long rambling post lol

October 1st, 2005, 08:14 PM
I cannot imagine how you feel about Baby and his injuries tho it does seem like he is a cat who really wants to live!! If I were in your shoes, I would find it impossible to allow him back outside - even if he may be interested in going. He may be a little more cautious but cats are so curious. There are just ao many dangers out there for cats - he has overcome so much and come so far that surely your mom will see how unfair it is to force him back out there.

I also even understand her concern about the smell. I too hate the smell but if you clean the box daily, it never really smells badly. I too have a home that I want to look good and be nicely decorated - tho I am admittedly no Suzie Hoimeamker, never mind Martha Stewart!! My cats do not prevent me from doing this.

Does your mom know about the rule of thumb of the number of litter boxes - one per cat plus one. That cuts down on the smell if you have more than one kitty.

xFire Angelx
October 1st, 2005, 08:41 PM
yes i know of that rule (right now only 1 cat uses the litter box weatherby refuses to use it and baby has his own with special litter for him in my room) but its bad enough fighting her on keeping that 1 in the house so right now i need to win the battle with getting the cats to be indoor cats.... then we deal with the litter boxes... then of course in the agreement with her i know i will have to teach the kittie to use the toilet but of course will have a litter box in the house that baby can use since he wont be able to jump for a long time
but i know if i reminded her we have to have 4 litter boxes in the house she wont let me say another word and tell me to go on my merry way

October 2nd, 2005, 08:32 AM
Fire Angel,I have 3 cats and only 2 boxes,but as I mentioned before,they are bigger than the standard"litter-box".
Even when we are outside,my cats will rush inside to do there thing :D
CK,the story about Charlotte had me in tears :sad:
There was a cat,a beautiful longhaired black/white one across the street from me(a busy street).I watched him nervously cross the street every morning for a couple of years,to get to his front-door,only to lay there for a few hours before being let in.
I had not seen him for a while and the owner just yesterday informed me,he was killed by a car,she was quiet emotionless about it and will probably just get another cat :sad:
On the other hand,I hardly ever see strange cats in my neighborhood,but know of many indoor-cats many who go outside on harnesses,so maybe people are starting to change :fingerscr
FireAngel,even"people doctors" don't do much with broken toes.I had my large toe broken and did it ever hurt,but other than a bandage,the doctor did not do much,so I now have a crooked,funny looking toe :D

Good luck with working on your mom!! I too have a home I am proud of,of course we've had to make some minor adjustments because of the cats,such as hardwood instead of carpeting,roman blinds instead of floor-lenght drapes,but the cats are well worth it and I don't like drapes anyway!

October 2nd, 2005, 12:52 PM
Here, it's not YY (Siamese) who climbs the curtains - it is the Sphynx girls. Of course they also like to climb ME, lol YY on the other hand has my bedroom Venetian blinds dented and with little kitty teeth marks in them but I don't care. They can be replaced. YY is pricesless.

Sort of like the VISA commercial -

New Drapes $256.20 (a wild guess, lol)
New Ventian Blinds $345
Happy contented cats - Priceless!!

xFire Angelx
October 2nd, 2005, 01:11 PM
thats so sad about her cat
i know that if baby wouldnt have made it i would be curled up on my bed crying for the next month
oh my cats are glad we dont have hardwood floors all over the house now... they can run and play and not slide around and run into walls hehe i dunno how old your kitties are but my cats are 4, 4 and 8 they're great with drapes they dont mess with them at all i never thought about them playing with the drapes lol ok dont mind me i just woke up about 15 minutes ago lol so if i dont make sense just ignore it
hes doing so much better his poo is completely normal he just has a tiny bit of blood in it now so im very happy
hes even takin his pills good now i duno maybe its because i now give him 2 kitty treats after every pill hehehe
he keeps lickin his butt and the vet said if he does it too much i gotta put the cone on his head and i put it on him last night oh my god was that a mistake
he started goin bonkers growlin and pawin at it and trying to get it off he ran into the door and i was so worried hed hurt himself so i took it off
after that i kept an extra close eye on him and when i saw him licking there i told him no and of course i told him if ya keep doing that this collar will have to go right back on your cute lil head
and him being his cute self threw a hissy fit... he plopped down on his bed turned his head upside down curled up in a ball and meowed lol
it was the cutest thing in the world

October 2nd, 2005, 01:20 PM
Awwww! He sounds priceless too!! (As are Chico's cuties!). YY hates meds but she will take them with treats - she is my little weetheart and she knows it. Here are my babies:

Quan Yin aka Yin Yin aka YY: (with a supporting role by her bears)

The Sphynx Girls:

October 2nd, 2005, 01:54 PM
Fireangel,my guys are 3,8 ands almost 10yrs old.
Here they are...Rocky(tabby),Chico(black)and my little wonder Vinnie(white odd-eyed)..

October 2nd, 2005, 01:57 PM
Sorry about the's Vinnie,my favourite pic...

October 2nd, 2005, 02:04 PM
Rocky and Chico...

October 2nd, 2005, 02:06 PM
Awww Chico, that's a wonderful pict of Vinnie!!! No wonder it is your fav. I like YY in the Willow Chair

Yin Yin in HER Willow Chair (

xFire Angelx
October 2nd, 2005, 05:06 PM
wow vinnie has beautiful eyes
and all your guys kitties are so pretty
YY looks really playful reminds me of my dads kitty shes a handful of course i cant say her name on here lol itd blank it out
ill have to see if i have any better pics of smokey and weatherby besides the one in my profile
if not i can just go take a few
and baby is just chillin in his kennel im pleased that hes finaly gotten used to hangin out in there even with the door open makes things a lot easier so i dont have to hunt him down under my desk or behind my tv to give him his pills lol

xFire Angelx
October 2nd, 2005, 05:15 PM
ok heres a picture of smokey and weatherby
i have so many pictures of all the kitties i might just make a website with all the pictures i have hehehe

xFire Angelx
October 2nd, 2005, 05:17 PM
heres a picture of me and my dads cat about 4 years ago ok lets see if i can figure out a way to say her name on here without getting into trouble
her name is sh%thead but i just called her cutie
oh yeah sorry about the bad hair... i had just woken up from a long night of dying my hair so it wasnt brushed lol

xFire Angelx
October 2nd, 2005, 05:18 PM
and last but not least i found this picture of baby and i about 4 years ago i thought it was adorable so here it is

October 2nd, 2005, 05:37 PM
All the cats are lovely xFire. What a God awful name to saddle such a beautiful kitty with!! What was your dad thinking? I hope he treats her extra special after giving her THAT moniker!!

xFire Angelx
October 2nd, 2005, 06:09 PM
LOL well he wrestles with her and plays with her everyday... he spoils her so much that she hates everyone... of course while i was living with him she slept on my bed everynight :cool: but of course during the day she pretended that she was just a daddys girl but we know the turth... she was a sarahs girl as well heheh
baby and smokey were in the same room about 20 minutes ago and baby wasnt in the kennel... smokey sniffed babys face baby stretched out his aw and touched smokey softly and smokey started sniffin out the room and laid down behind me about 3 feet away
thats a good sign that smokey wasnt all that interested in baby right?
jeeze i hope smokey doesnt start messin with baby like he did before we moved to this house

October 2nd, 2005, 07:49 PM
That does sound good - no hissing is always good when one kitty has been to the vet and a sib or housemate I should say has not. I think if they got along well before, they should do OK soon. I'd be cautious about his injury tho - no roughhousing just yet!! Give him lots of TLC (like you even need to be told that, lol) and keep him quiet till it is healed. And hopefully, your mom will acede to your lobby to keep him indoors.

As to your dad's kitty, I have the opposite prob when my dad comes to visit. YY becomes grandpa's girl, lol (Thought I could find a pict quickly but alas, that was not to be!) The 1st time he meezer sat, he could not find the food so he gave her an ENTIRE tin of Pounce. (which explained how quickly she'd bonded, lol). Seriously, she loves to curl up with him when he sits in a certain chair in my living room. It's "his" chair - the man bought me a Mustang sports car as a gift, he can surely have whatever chair he wants in my living room, lol (I can be dady's girl too, :D ). It is a lazy biy kind of chair and the 2 of them look so wonderful together!!! He is always saying cats (and dogs) need a job - he grew up on a farm and is an analytical engineer type - but he treats YY like the diva she has assumed she is, lol

xFire Angelx
October 2nd, 2005, 08:07 PM
lol she sounds like a sweetheart
and i worry about smokey with baby because in our old house smokey picked on baby and scared him and chased him sometimes hed bite him kinda hard too
baby was afraid of smokey up until we moved to this house and it was nutral ground because neither one had been here before and we made a point to bring them over to the house at the same time smokey hasnt been pickin on baby since we moved it seems like they just tolerate each other... so im hoping that when he gets all better smokey wont go back to his old ways and pick on baby

xFire Angelx
October 3rd, 2005, 01:08 AM
well i got tired of seeing baby lickin his butt its not totaly raw like it was yesterday it is better theres just 1 spot where it looks like he has licked it down so much its got a TINY bit of blood just like if you scraped the layers of skin off your arm or something also his penis area is almost bald so i put the cone on him and he freaked out for about 5 minutes after that he calmed down laid there and looked at me and tried to fall asleep... i then relized because the cone is so small he is stuck with his chin pointing straight up and couldnt rest his head in any way... i watched him for about 20 minutes to see if you could possibly get comfortable with it... all he could do was sit there lookin straight up at the ceiling... of course eating and drinking were totaly out of the question with that thing on so i had to decide.. him lickin his butt until i can get a cloth cone or him not doing anything not eating or drinking or being able to go pee or poo(not being able to see where hes going he cant walk) just wasting away... he figured he could lick his bum for 1 more night
i put myself in his shoes and i cant imagine being in that position for more than an hour before my neck started to hurt from having to look up
you guys have any suggestions at all as to what i should or could do?

October 3rd, 2005, 08:25 AM
Wow,your kitties are all beautiful...but I have yet to see a cat that is not :love:
About the collar,I don't really blame Baby for not wanting it on,it's a terrible contraption.
I really have no advice to give,my cats never needed one.When Vinnie was neutered,he almost needed one,since he would not stop licking,but I was home and could make sure he did not.
On the picture of you and Baby,you can really see how beautiful he is,his tail especially,but he will be again :fingerscr be it with a shorter tail.
I am hoping Smokey will leave Baby alone and what you have told us sounds promising.
My Chico,who gives kisses and is an absolute velcro-cat with hubbie and I,just cannot accept Vinnie,especially when Vinnie wants to play,but there is never any fighting,Chico just hisses and tells Vinnie to back off,which he usually does :D
I take it your dad does not live with you and it is kind of sweet that he has a cat,although the name is not all that nice :eek:
I have a male single friend who has 5 cats,3's a pic of 2 of his cats,BiBi and Junior..

October 3rd, 2005, 12:01 PM
I have to say that checking this thread every day is just an amazing experience. Angel, I'm glad that Baby's recovering so very well, and it's great to see pics of everyone's darlings!!! They're all so beautiful and loved :)

xFire Angelx
October 3rd, 2005, 02:42 PM
those kitties are so adorable sleeping together like that
everyone calls smokey my puppy dog because if hes awake hes right next to me following me everywhere even into the bathroom sheesh when im brushin my teeth hes right up on that counter next to me hating the smell of the toothpaste and mouthwash but right there lol
so its been really hard on smokey because he hasnt been allowed to sleep with me since baby got home hes getting used to it but i feel so bad for him

anyone and eveyrone is more than welcome to show pictures of their babies in this thread and you guys that read this thread feel free to post whenever to say anything theres no need to just sit and read the thread :)

October 3rd, 2005, 03:40 PM
Well,Fireangel,you have to give Smokey some special time too,so he does not feel left out,which I am sure you do.My Rocky(tabby)is like that,wherever I am he is not far behind :D
As for people reading and not commentig,I think it has to do with the fact many dogs/cats we've had here,as severely wounded as Baby did not make it :sad: Baby is sort of our miracle-kitty and your thread has certainly been an amazing one.
I am certain many people are cheering for little Baby and you,for not giving up :love:

xFire Angelx
October 3rd, 2005, 06:44 PM
oh i understand.... id just like to get to know everyone and encourage people to post anything... the more pictures and posts flying the better :) ok im sure that sounds a bit weird but im used to being in a virtual chat world called vzones and boy am i chatty in there lol
baby is doing very good today his poo has almost no blood in it anymore and hes having even less accidents now... so far the past day and a half ive only cleaned up 1 accident of his
he still preffers to use the towels to pee on instead of the litter but his bum area is so sore id imagine the towels are softer
his wound has been bleeding a little bit from him walking so much luckily today he has been sleeping so he hasnt been pacing my room trying to get out and walk in the hallway lol

xFire Angelx
October 4th, 2005, 10:09 PM
spoke briefly with my mom today about keeping the cats inside
she didnt read the links i sent in the email she only read what i wrote
she tried to avoid the entire conversation by interupting me every moment she could. she kept repeating the same 2 thigns over and over and over.. i hate the smell and the litter on the floor... i told her to walk over to the litter box and tell me if there is litter on the floor or an odor to it(i know there wasnt because i cleaned it twice today and the floor around it also we have a hood lid thingy on it with a filter to clean the air) and she wouldnt get up because she knew i had a point
i told her before she makes her final decision she has to read the 3 links i sent her and she has to concider it she said she would but not tonight
i told her if you found weatherby tomorrow morning dead on the side of the road you would have to live with regrets about that for the rest of your life because of what? the smell and litter on the floor is it worth it? of course during that time she was talking over me to my grandmother and wouldnt answer me
my grandma of course wasnt speaking to my mom because atleast she has a little respect and thinks my mom should atleast talk to me about this... but i think im fighting a losing battle
any ideas guys?

October 5th, 2005, 06:39 AM
I think I know what you are dealing with :sad: I have a"former"friend,who would not even consider having her poor dog in the house,there was no way she would have hair all over the place,to her an animal stays the meantime the poor animal was suffering outside 24/7.Not that your mother keeps the cats outside 24/7,but just an example how some people think.
But being priviledged to be loved by an animal comes with responsabilities,other than feeding him and provide a place to sleep,you also have to make sure you do everything to keep him safe.
I can say with almost 100% certainty,your moms cat will one day not return home,or return home seriously hurt like Baby.
There are just too many dangers out there for a small cat,coyotes,cars,dogs,insecticide and even people.Litter can be swept up and I am assuming there would be no reason for your mom to have to"step"over it,if the box is kept out of the way.
I know,if any of my cats were out there on their own,I would not be able to sleep a wink.My Chico was missing for 2 hours one day,after jumping the fence when we were not watching and I don't ever want to experience that feeling again,I was terrified for him.

October 5th, 2005, 07:30 AM
When I was growing up, we could never have pets. I used to drive my mother INSANE, and bring home every stray animal, sometimes I even "borrowed" the neighbors pets. I could never understand why. She always had dogs growing up, and she always fed the neighborhood visitors.

As an adult, I realized something. She didn't want a pet, because she didn't want to care for one. I understand now that she was very responsible in making her decision not to get one. She doesn't like the fur and mess that pets can bring and felt it unfair to have a pet in a home like that.

I can never picture my home without a dog, my mom could never picture hers with one. She loves my dog, and spoils him rotten, but she's content with a visit. Although, if circumstances changed and I had to live with her, she would never dream of making Toby live outside. She believes it's cruel to keep pets outside.

I think I know where your mother is coming from, but animals don't ask to become our pets, we made them that way and we need to accept the responsibilty that goes along with choosing to own them.

Sorry, just babbling. I can see your frustration, and hope your mom comes around.

October 5th, 2005, 12:12 PM
Someone may already have mentioned it but have you thought of trying one of those covered litter boxes? They are supposed to control the odor problem. Also, there are different types of litter, one is a type of pine pellet( turns some cats off, others find it OK) that has odor control built into it. There are others. In actuality, when debating whether or not to have a cat go outside( Washington? Fairly cold , damp winters? Lots of snow? How do your cats manage if they have to go outside to go to the bathroom? ) or having an indoor kitty litter box instead( and keeping the cats inside) , one would think that a vet bill exceeding $1,000.00 ,because a cat was allowed outside and there was no indoor kitty litter box,would be a big incentive to do both.

xFire Angelx
October 5th, 2005, 12:49 PM
well we have a covered litter box it does help on the odor(there isnt much one of anyway concidering its cleaned out twice a day) and it also helps smokey not spread the litter all over the kitchen floor
we've had a litter box in the house since we moved in a month and a half ago but baby HATES litter boxes we had to keep the cats inside for a week or so when we first moved in... he didnt poop at all for 4 or5 days thats why i finaly let him out... he just wouldnt use the litter box but of course now that hes been hurt he uses it just fine we have to use the newspaper litter with him because his wound is still open but downstairs with the other cats litterbox we use scoop away... its the kind that clumps when they pee wich helps a lot with cleaning the box plus the wet litter doesnt get on the floor
im really begining to wonder about my mom... i mean this may sound really really bad but since babys accident the thigns my mom has said and the way shes acted about things she sounds so selfish... she wants a cat because she loves animals and wants a cuddley kitty but doesnt want to take respinsibility for the other parts of owning a cat
she just doesnt want to deal with it... she likes everything to look perfect... she fusses over EVERYTHING to make it all look absolutely flawless(wich is impossible but she still tries) so the conclusion ive come up with is
during the winter time we'll have the litter box inside(our old house had a huge overhand around the entire house the cats would walk under that to the back of the house and go to the bathroom but our new house doesnt have that) so ill have this entire winter to get enough money and move out... when i move out i plan on taking weatherby with me and baby and smokey
thats the only thing i can come up with... smokey and weatherby are best buds anyway and it would kill weatherby if smokey and baby left so it would be best if they were all 3 together(everyone in the house doesnt like smokey cept for me so leaving smokes here isnt a possibility)
no matter what i do to fix the problems my mom says about the litter she will ALWAYS say that she smells the litter box(altho she has sinus problems and everything preventing her from being able to even smell anything most of the time) if its not 1 thing its another and thats because my mom is stubborn and is set in her ways and she will not listen to anybody after she has made up her mind
she made up her mind a long time ago on this one

October 5th, 2005, 01:28 PM
Moving out,of course is one solution..I know you are 20yrs old,but still it's expensive on your own.
So,having 3 cats was more your idea than your moms?
I have to give her some credit,she did go all the way with Baby paid more than $1.000,she could just as well have had him put down.
I know in the old days,when I was a girl,my cat was always let out at night,but only lived a few years,some kid had kicked him in the head with skates on,split his head open :sad:
I just hope that if Baby has to eventually go outside,he has recovered back to his old self and will have a fighting chance to get away from any danger,except cars of course,the cars usually win.
You say you have a litter-box in the kitchen,I don't think I would want one in the kitchen either,but it's only temporary right?for Baby...
I keep my boxes in the downstairs bathroom and there is no smell..

xFire Angelx
October 5th, 2005, 02:05 PM
well see that was my suggestion to have the litter box in the downstairs bathroom its only a half bath so its got quite a bit of extra space in there
it was my moms idea to have it in the kitchen near the backdoor simply because she wants the cats to go outside so she plans on soon puting the litter box out on the back door step... we've tried this once.. she got her way and the litter box went outside... now if you guys know anythign about washington you know it RAINS and rains and rains
well the clumping litter and the rain didnt get along very well... of course the lid was off at that time so it was just a litter box with soggy litter
my mom then relized the litter box will be inside for atleast the winter
i want to put the litter box in that bathroom wich is only 15 feet away from that back door but that to my mom means that cats are indoor cats
atleast with the litterbox near the backdoor in her head she thinks they'll soon be outdoor cats... now guys also keep in mind.. we have a litter box in the kitchen for smokey and weatherby to use but weatherby also hates litter boxes... so even tho i dont let the cats out everybody else does
theres 4 other people in the house besides me... so its 4 against 1 with the cats being outside
gah ok baby got that dang darn ecollar off i gotta go put that thing back on him
yanno im begining to think that babys neck is the same width as his head... i cant tie it any tighter or itll strangle him yet he still pulls the damn thing off
and his wound is only being held by a tiny peice of skin that has healed and attached to the other side but theres a good size open wound on each side of that skin... im so worried that peice of skin is gonna get ripped... and he will not stop lickin it(or his butt) and he will not sit still no matter what i do
well he sat still for about 5 hours while he slept on my pillow with me last night
sorry for the rambling today... im getting some sort of flu and its hard to keep a clear thought lol

October 5th, 2005, 02:22 PM
I would like to make the suggestion that you repost all the (absolutely adoreable!) pictures to the picture forum, as this appears to have run it's course now.

I would like to close this thread, with appropriate warning so you can restart where you left off. Unless someone beats me to it, I'll do that tomorrow. Plenty of time for you all to start a new thread.

October 5th, 2005, 03:27 PM
On no,Trinitie,I like to know how Baby is doing,but I suppose a new thread is ok.Something like"Baby's progress"..
Angel,my husband and I just finished 10 days of some sort of flu and it was pretty bad,hope you get better soon :fingerscr

October 5th, 2005, 06:43 PM
Angel, I don't suppose there is any way you could have a small bath associated with just your room where the litter box could be kept??

Chico, I will have that image of your cat being hit by skates at night in my mind all night!! How horrible for him and you!!!

xFire Angelx
October 5th, 2005, 08:51 PM
yes i have no problem keeping a litter box in my bedroom.. when we first moved in the cats were in my bedroom for a couple days before they wandered about the house it wasnt all that fun concidering i have carpet floors but if thats what i gotta go thats what i gotta do

October 6th, 2005, 08:04 AM
CK,yes it was a horrible thing,my first encounter with human cruelty,I was only 8yrs old.My mother ran after this kid and gave him a good lashing,not a big deal in those days..
"Nalle"was my very first Tabby :sad:

October 6th, 2005, 08:51 AM
Chico, good suggestion of starting a new thread relating to Baby's progress. Does everybody agree? It's just that this thread is very long and it would be nice to have a "lighter" thread to read.

I won't close this one forcably, as it's not an out of control thread. But I would like the suggestion of a new thread considered.

xFire Angelx
October 6th, 2005, 01:58 PM
i like the idea of a new thread about babys progress
will make one later today :)