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3 dogs died after going in water.

June 14th, 2005, 10:15 AM
This is an article from my home town. What an awful thing to have happen. this is a very popular swimming spot for families. I remember going here all the time to swim as a child. tragic.

Lakes closed after 3 dogs die
Last updated Jun 14 2005 12:02 PM ADT
CBC News
SAINT JOHN Health officials in Saint John have closed Lily Lake and the Fisher Lakes in Rockwood Park after three dogs died over the weekend.

A young collie mix died within 20 minutes of taking a dip in one of the lakes on Friday night.

The next day, a German pointer died after swimming in the area. And on Sunday, an Australian cattle dog died in the park, though it wasn't clear if it had come in contact with the water.

Dr. Scott Giffen, the medical health officer in Saint John, said the lakes would be closed to people and pets until an investigation was complete.

The department of health is checking samples of the lake water.

Giffen said dogs would be suseptible to any contamination because they ingest a lot of water when they swim.

The owners declined a request to have necropsies performed on their dogs. But they said the animals were in fine condition until they visited Rockwood Park.