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Tip 2 – Freezing temperatures – cold cats and dogs

Although it seems obvious to most pet owners, we are now experiencing a period of bitter bitter cold in most of Canada and a good part of the U.S. Thousands of cats and dogs literally freeze to death each year. Many more suffer from hypothermia, and end up in veterinary offices due to excessive exposure to the cold.

Even if you have a dog like an Alaskan Malamute, or a Husky don’t leave your dog outside for long when it’s too cold.

The rule of thumb is this: If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pet.

If you have a dog, do some research on how long your particular breed can handle the cold if he/she is going out to relieve itself or go for a winter walk. Protect your pet’s body and limbs with warm fabric, if your breed is susceptible to frostbite.

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  1. Avatar Jeanette says:

    i own a 2 year old puggle and he loves the outdoors; however, the “feel”temperature today is 2 degrees……should i take him for our normal 2 mile walk. the wind is minimal.

    i have been looking on many websites but can seem to find an answer. please enlighten me!

    thank you

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