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Lost cat – lost dog – what to do when you lose your pet – Pet tip 101

There are few things that are more stressful to pet owners as when their pets get lost. Unfortunately though, pets get lost all the time. They dart outside when the front or back doors are open for a second. They dig holes and escape under fences. They open or rip open screen doors and windows and make their way outside.

The best way to ensure that your pets don’t get lost is of course prevention. Pet Id tags are a must for every single pet. Don’t think that because your pet is an indoor pet it does not need an ID tag, it does because indoor pets do get out all the time. Microchipping is a cheap and great safety measure as well. If you pet ever is picked up and sent to a humane shelter, they should be able to scan your pet and find out where it lives. Unless your dog is in an enclosed area that it cannot dog out of, don’t let your dog outside without a leash ever. Don’t walk your dog without a leash either. It only takes a second for a dog to react instinctively to a squirrel or another dog and dart off and get lost. Out door cats are of course at a huge risk for getting lost or trapped somewhere, so consider making your outdoor cat an indoor cat.
Despite our best efforts though, pets do indeed get lost all the time. Here are some useful tips to follow if your pet does get lost;

  • Call or go to the humane societies or shelters in your area to see if your pet has been picked up. This is a must especially if your pet has or may have lost its ID tag. Many cities have humane societies that patrol the streets looking for stray cats and dogs and unclaimed pets are often euthanized.
  • Cats in particular are very skittish when they are lost and may not respond to their owner’s voices during the daytime because they are afraid of all the daytime noises. Go out early in the morning or late at night and call your cat. If your cat responds to the sound of treats being shaken in a can or bag, try that as well.
  • Put some clothing with your own smell as well as a blanket from your pet outside the front and/or back doors. Your pet might be able to track the smell and return home that way.
  • Consult local websites that have lost and found sections as pet lovers tend to have soft spots for helping out other pet lovers in need.
  • Put up flyers with a clear recent colour picture near your home. Normally when pets get lost they don’t wander that far. Offer some kind of reward as an incentive.

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