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Turn your toilet into an aquarium

Turn your toilet into an aquarium

What will they think of next? In case you wanted to turn your toilet into a conversation piece, Fish n’ Flush has come to the rescue with an actual toilet and an actual aquarium built into one. Who cares what you ate the night before. Going to the bathroom can now be entertaining, even relaxing. Got Fibre?
FYI – The actual fish don’t get flushed, there is a fish free water tank behind the aquarium that gets flushed.

6 Responses to this Article, So Far

  1. okay, NOW i’ve seen it all!! i don’t think that i’d feel comfortable having the fish watch me while i do my biz!

  2. Avatar Curator says:

    Gee, I wanted an aquarium in the house, but this … wow. It IS kind of cool though!

  3. Avatar Terrie says:

    I’m not a fish person, but wouldn’t that stress the fish out when you flush ? I mean, besides the noise, the fish might think it’s the END!

  4. There are two separate chambers in the cistern so the fish are self contained away from the flushing water.

  5. Avatar Amazed says:

    Everytime i think ive seen it all, something new comes out that surprises me. I like the concept!

  6. Avatar josh says:

    im so doing this to my toilet i swear,that’s tight!!!

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