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Need a monkey?

Lovely and jovial purebreed monkeys. Gorgeous baby capuchin monkey for sale. They are raised in our home and handfed by me and my children. We spoil and give them the most excellent attention. They are all ready to leave at 6 weeks old and they are very healthy, diaper trained and tamed and very good eaters.They have been vet checked and will come with a medical record. Pets come with pets’ accessories like Blankets, diapers, dresses, toys, starter kits and some monkey baby food stuffs. They would make wonderful companions at your home. shipping is possible if location permits.Interested person(s) should contact me for more information.

People send me the craziest stuff and expect that we will post their ridiculous garbage. This one was just too good not to share.

JUST In case people are still confused…the ad was real, it was NOT posted on our site but came to me by email (in order for me to post – which I won’t) and monkeys do not make good pets

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