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Happy new year everyone – resolutions

Happy new year wishes to everyone one in the world. There we go that covers everyone.
Special wishes (oooh) to everyone that’s taken the time to read this new blog or listen to our pet podcasts.

I have a couple of personal New Year resolutions and making them public puts greater pressure on me to make them happen.

1 – Starting the week of January 8 – Doing one pet podcast a week every week.
2 – Finally learning to type properly. The hunt and peck is killing my flow and slowing me down. Starting the week of January 8th, I will be practising new typing skills for a half hour a day every day until I get it right. Deprogramming my bad skills may take a while but I’m dedicated to it!

We hope all of you stick to your resolutions and we wish you and your furbabies only the best for 2007!

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