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Dog constantly crying in the car

Dog constantly crying in the car

I once had a dog who at 4 months old, jumped out of the car window and lost her tail. As awful as it sounds, she was perfectly fine except for a tail that had to be amputated. She was still the vivacious excited pup as she always was, except one difference: She began to have anxiety in the car whenever we would go somewhere.

Funny thing is, she would always get so excited and thrilled to hop into the car – it was like a new adventure to embark on. Yet just moments into the ride, the incessant whining would start… and wouldn’t stop until she was released from the car again. We realized that she would only cry if she were in the back – where she had her ‘accident’. If she were up in the front with us, no tears, no cries, just a sweet pant of happiness.

While our pup’s crying was due to a traumatic experience, some dog’s are whiners for different reasons such as: excitement, full bladders, ‘talking’ to their owners, boredom, thirst, etc. It’s all about trial and error to find the reason behind your dog’s whining, and figure out ways to sooth the cries.


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  1. My dog too sometimes whines in the car, thanks for instructive history :)

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