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Dog Beds

Dog Beds

If you want your dog to be comfortable, but you’re not willing to share your bed with your dog, then investing in a dog bed is the next best thing. Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes, and prices too. The most affordable and creative method is to actually do it yourself; you can actually find various patterns and directions online using foam, material and/or even an old sweater. Otherwise, WalMart, Canadian Tire, and Costco, as well as specialized pet stores, offer a nice array of dog beds that may fit your requirements.

Keep in mind though that your dog may not like its new bed right away – it’s an adjustment for your dog just as it would be for you. And, it could also be trial and error – the first bed you buy him/her may not be ‘the one’. Don’t give up though – the perfect bed is out there. Of course, YOUR bed may be ‘the one’ according to your dog! For more info on dog beds click the link to our free pet forum.

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