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What vets learn about pet nutrition in veterinary school – Pet podcast # 34

Pet podcast #34 features an interview with 4th year veterinary student Amy Cheung on what vets are learning about pet nutrition in veterinary school.

This week’s ‘Pawsitive pet news’ story is a story from the BBC in the U.K. where a cat named Pussywillow is now 26 years old and survived a fight with a fox when she was 23. Here’s some audio of Pussywillow’s owner.

Thanks to Esther for her comments on our last pet podcast #33

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3 Responses to this Article, So Far

  1. Avatar Sarah says:

    I wish there was a transcript of the podcast, that way I could just cut through the less-interesting intro to the actual interview.

    Over 3½ minutes of non-related things, although sweet story, then another minute of introduction to the actual interview …

    Otherwise insteresting, although not surprising. Vets seem to learn as much about nutrition for animals as doctors learn about nutrition for humans. Neither seem to know that most ailments can be avoided by proper nutrition, or healed once the patient has them, by changing nutrition.

    Asking a vet about pet food, is not much use, they’ll push the brand they sell and get commission on. Just as doctors are greased to prescribe certain drugs rather than advising about nutrition.

  2. Avatar Marko says:

    Thanks for the comment Sarah! There will be a transcript posted eventually. Marko

  3. Avatar Julie says:

    I just wanted to make a comment to Sarah’s comment.
    I work in a clinic, as a technician. Pets are my passions, I studied 3 years to become a tech and currently earn 12$/hour- this is a regular tech wage. I do this because and only because I love pets.
    I recomend the Medi-Cal brand in my clinic not because I get any money from the sales but because I see results, pets do beautifully on it, live longer, I know and trust the company, they will help me through difficult cases and will even recommend other diets when they do not have something suitable for that pet. Yes, there are other companies I do not care for, yes, there are vets that do not care about nutrition and only want to make money… then there are clinics like my clinic where we LOVE pets and always try to find what is best for the pets.
    Please do not generalize, if you are not happy with your vet…go to another one!

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