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Old December 7th, 2015, 09:27 PM
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Isolating a pet that has diarrhea and other questions

i have three kittens,
they just hit the age of 6 months and about to get their vaccines this week.

the main quesiton which brought me here is the first 1
- one of the kittens tends to get diarrhea once a month. when he gets it, he steps on his own diarrhea then walks around the house which makes a big mess. i read that i should give my kitten bland food (boiled chicken) and prevent him from eating cat food. to do that i have to isolate him in the bathroom, with food/water and a litter box. also a website discussing diarrhea recommended isolation too.

the question though, he does not stop meowing loudly, like he is crying. other kittens don't mind isolation in the bathroom, but he does! i also noticed he would not eat nor drink during isolation, even if it was for 24 hours. it's not about the food. today i am isolating him again, but gave him regular food. he still would not eat. after almost 24 hours, i let him out, he went for the water in the living room, but would not drink water during isolation.

the crying he is going through, i feel sooooo bad, but don't know how mean am i being, i read in so many places that isolation is not so bad. what do you think?

2- all my cats tend to have dirty stuff around their eyes. 2 of them have little secretions, sometimes blood red, sometimes not so red. a third one (not the diarrhea one) has lots, i have to clean his eyes everyday and it's blood red. when i wipe his eyes gently, they not dried secretions are blood (in color at least) and the dry pieces are VERY dark. same color as dried blood. how serious is his condition.

i plan on taking them to the vet this week. the vet is far and their schedule is VERY limited. by the time i get back from work, they are closed.

3- the same blood eyed cat sheds a lot of hair, grooming doesn't do much, actually, as long as i am grooming he is shedding hair. i feel that if i keep grooming, he will go bald and the hair i pull with my hand gently end up getting pulled in patches. does this mean he is very sick, i read this somewhere. he seems healthy otherwise.

don't flame me about the isolation, i truly love the little one and spent a lot and put a lot of care on him to treat him from suspected FAS (Anemea). after hospitalization for 4 days, they told me he had bladder infection. but never mentioned he didn't have FAS, some truth may have been hidden from me to justify the costs. which is acceptable, because i was happy he survived. he was smaller than my palm at age 2 months, now he is growing up normal.
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Old December 8th, 2015, 11:45 AM
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Where did you get your kittens from , you should the place they came from and tell them know your kittens are not well and see if other cats or kittens are sick too.
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Old December 8th, 2015, 12:06 PM
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Oh yeah. i had a long chat with that person who sold me the kittens. yes sold. he is an inhumane dealer.

when i picked up my kittens they had various issues.
1- ear mites,
2- fungus (ring worm)
3- one had FAS and bladder infection. dangerously low temprature and no growth, a month older than the female, but half the size. Vet told me he may not make it.
4- eye infection (treated, but now back to bloody eyes)

he is a horrible person. his reply was, he has been in the business of breeding for 17 years and have never heard of Ear mites. he said vets are just ripping me off.

the same month i got my kittens from him. 2 pregnant mothers he had aborted pregnancy and one died in the process. but he would not acknowledge he has a serious problem at his place. he was bragging how they are his money makers and will make him lots of money.... yada yada

on my first week after getting them i spent over 1500$ on treating them. and found out they are not pure breads as he claimed. but I would not return them back to him, because i would be putting them back into an extremely unhealthy environment.

to make matters worse, 2 of the kittens i picked up from him were 40 days and 31 days old ONLY, and were already separated from their mother because they weren't born at his place. and the bloody eye dude, was 3 weeks older than he claimed, hehe.

some people don't deserve to be called humans. that's all i can say.

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Old December 8th, 2015, 12:08 PM
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by the way, one of them hates me. how do i change that. she hates me because i am the one who had to treat them with pills and medicinal baths regularly.

she goes to my kids and plays around them, but when she sees me, she watches every move, if i get close, she runs away. i don't know how to convince her i am a good guy
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Old December 8th, 2015, 09:02 PM
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I hope the vet can give you some insight about your little kitty's medical problems. Odd that the diarrhea recurs monthly...

As for the one that is suspicious of you, we had a member who adopted a fearful cat--older than your kitten, and even more afraid, since she would hide from all people in the house. He finally won her trust by sitting on the floor next to her hiding place and just waiting her out (for weeks, as I remember). If she comes out, don't make any moves toward her--let her come to you. And it wouldn't hurt if you had a tasty treat for her. It might take a while for her to come to trust you again, but it'll happen. Just take it very slow and easy...

And if you have some pics to share, we'd love to see your kittens...
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Old December 17th, 2015, 05:45 AM
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Vet visit done.

i don't know what the vet can do or can't. basically, my cats are healthy!
got them vaccinated, dewormed and micro chipped.

what i thought is blood coming from their eyes is normal.

for the semi-persian one, it comes with the breed.
for the big semi-british one. because it's severe, he said most probably his tear ducts are closed. operating needs anesthesia, and success rate is not worth doing it. he recommended i get the ducts reopened with pressure when i decide to castrate him, under the same anesthesia.

as for the diarrhea little boy, he is thinking of what i read all over the net. my kids are clumsy, they sometimes leave food on the table. it possible the change in diet by sneaking a bite is causing it. he did give me some natural medicine to shorten the diarrhea period.

i however forget to ask him about the one who is super afraid of me. if i am in the room, she won't eat. she locked herself in the storage room for 24 hours, when i finally found her hidden somewhere, shaking (no food, no water). i put her in my room with enough dry and soft food and water with a litter box and closed the door as i went to sleep in the same room. for the mere fact that i was in the room, she hid and didn't eat anything. when it reached 36 hours of no food or drink, i kinda force fed her, by putting the food into her mouth and made sure she is swallowing it. later that evening i saw her eating once (just a few pieces of dry food.

i also forgot to ask if the lack of eating is related to her chipped canine or just being afraid of me

now i have a new concern, breeding. i caught the big boy 7 to 8 months old trying to mate with her. she didn't fight back, but he didn't know what to do. i kept preventing him, eventually, he either lost interest, or they sneaked it quickie in the 3 minutes they were out of my sight. i thought female cats make sounds when mating, she didn't make a sound.

until i have them fixed i need to keep them seperated
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