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Cat health - Ask members * If your pet is vomiting-bleeding-diarrhea etc. Vet time!

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  16. Radioactive Iodine Therapy
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  18. pregnant ferel cat
  19. vet insuarance co aide in canada
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  21. Help! Cat suddenly has weak hind legs - X-Rays not showing Anything wrong
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  23. Cat with blood clot/ paralysed hind legs
  24. T4 and Free T4
  25. Mylo, my cat, has a discharge from his anus and is sick
  26. Suckling kittens
  27. Considering subtotal colectomy for cat
  28. red inflamed gums=FIP?
  29. Kitten health care with limited resources in China
  30. Cat With Struvite Crystals & Urinary Infection... And Maybe Kidney Deficiency?
  31. Help!!! 9 day old kitten stranded
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  34. Feline Renal Function Test Results
  35. Plants Toxic to Cats.
  36. If you have cats with scabs.
  37. Cat coughs when purring
  38. One kitten with eye open already?
  39. cat hairballs - advice please
  40. How much glucosamine can I give Ms Atty?
  41. Foster kittens, why are they dying??
  42. Kitty food for cat with crystals?
  43. old age - Baytril in cats - Answered by Dr. Lee
  44. cat illness
  45. sick kitten
  46. dewormer for kittens?
  47. New kitten
  48. Help, suddenly aggressive cat, need pro advice
  49. hairballs in cat
  50. Lethargy/weight loss in older male cats - medication questions
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  53. kitten 10 months old
  54. Some cat health and care questions please...
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  56. Good Luck Duffy
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  58. Milk Thistle for liver disease in cat
  59. Lump on Jasper's neck
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  61. My cat is eating lots but losing weight and his fur! any help?
  62. Kitten Rescue, the final episode, Bittersweet ending...
  63. Cat's Eyes
  64. Coated medication - Dr. Lee?
  65. kitten poopie problem
  66. I suspect my cat ate a stick.
  67. Hyperthyroid Cat Treatments?
  68. kitten gas
  69. After vaccine panting hard
  70. Now Im just confused..scooting?
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  72. Cat pooping blood??
  73. Genetic Anomalies!? or something else?
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  75. Lecture 2: Vaccine Associated Sarcoma - by Dr. Lee
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  79. poop color
  80. Calling Dr. Lee!!! Stat! Stat!
  81. Albon dosage (worm problem!)
  82. a little kitten swollen belly
  83. Beaver
  84. Ethel's Belly
  85. Cats and pest control?
  86. Cat thining fur on tummy? Help!!
  87. A question about squash..
  88. Clavamax
  89. Wasting Cat
  90. Convenia? Also, taking a cat's pulse
  91. Taking a cat's pulse and Tapazole for heartrate
  92. my cat is peeing on all my things
  93. Diabetic cat issue - possible long-term complication? Unknown cause of diarrhea
  94. cat peeing on our bed
  95. Exposure to mold killing off all my pets?
  96. I need major help finding a new cat food!!
  97. Anal Gland and Excessive Peeing
  98. Toxoplasmosis!!!
  99. Cat with Hind Leg Weakness, Etc. Xrays Normal, CBC Normal
  100. Please Help! Dr. Lee? Anyone?
  101. dorothyanne
  102. New kitten in the house reeking havoc
  103. Cat accidentally ate Dogs Rimadyl!!
  104. Cat and wound question...
  105. diltiazem side effects and hepatic function?
  106. Limping kitty
  107. sick cat
  108. 3 month old son and rapid weight loss in cat
  109. lethargic, deaf (?) 2 yr old cat
  110. breathing
  111. sick cat
  112. A bit off topic: does anyone else have an extremely vocal cat?
  113. Cat licking spots raw / chewing
  114. Is it time the neuter my cat?
  115. dental surgery
  116. Help.. cats have the runs... :(
  117. need some help
  118. Kitten has bad breath already?
  119. My new kitten.
  120. Need Help ASAP
  121. Update on Cherry, good news
  122. cat in heat...a few questions
  123. Looking for a vet in GTA
  124. Viralyse?
  125. A Newbie with Newbies!
  126. How to get my distressed cat to vet?
  127. cat throwing up, meds not helping, Vet not sure what is causing it.
  128. Seeking help for Kitty with complex health problems...
  129. Need Help: Cat throwing up, Vet not sure what is wrong
  130. New Kitten Cough! hairball or worse? Dr. Lee?
  131. Matilda's eye
  132. 17yr old pooping blood!
  133. Cat death by Immediate Onset of bleeding
  134. How much food should my cat eat?
  135. Can she be allergic?
  136. 3 month old kitten
  137. Cat got into
  138. Anybody know anybody with a cat that's anemic and have it managed?
  139. do i have to feed dry food?
  140. 1st time own a kitten. Vitamin for kitten
  141. My Baby Is Pooping Blood
  142. Urinating Kitten
  143. Pure Coconut-oil for Rocky???
  144. Sleeping cat bolts from room
  145. Cornish Rex Developing Brown Spots on Skin
  146. My cat Cookie died today...
  147. My son's kitten
  148. 2/5 kittens too skinny, one kinda scrawny
  149. Cat panting and growling for no apparent reason..?
  150. Sudden death of cat
  151. Feline Acne
  152. Cat cough
  153. Respiratory infection (URI)
  154. Stumped: watery brownish spots where my cat sleeps??
  155. My cats keep coughing
  156. Cat Cold?
  157. Transition to self-feeding?
  158. Kitten with insatiable appetite and green diarrhea
  159. liquid bubbling out of cat's anus
  160. glucosamine and metacam question/limping cat
  161. cats eyes watering
  162. Rabies Vaccine for Cats
  163. new cat not eating, using litterbox
  164. old cat hair all mattey
  165. my cat is really sick and i dont have the money for a vet...plz help
  166. *urgent!* FeLV+ !!!! (long!!)
  167. Cat just got neutered - questions
  168. eosinophilic granuloma complex-LONG
  169. Malcolm is in the hosp.
  170. therapist doctor for cats
  171. Liver shunts diagnosed for cat
  172. 22 yr old Siamese dying
  173. Cat Fracture
  174. Gollum update
  175. I too have an Anemic cat-I need help!
  176. Holistic Hyperthyroid Treatment
  177. HELP! question about onions!
  178. Cats & Butter
  179. I have a cat with chronic ear problems.. need some help
  180. I'm scared to take her in!
  181. surgery and recovery time...please respond!
  182. Possibly dehydrated kitty?
  183. Cat with Psoriatic Arthritis?
  184. OMG - Bright Red Blood in Bunduk's Stool
  185. FIP - please help!!!!
  186. Poor Franny
  187. Maggie and the Vet
  188. Cat farts!
  189. Irrational fear?
  190. Maks has some growth on his lip help!
  191. Some basic questions
  192. Cat pulling out hair in excessive amounts
  194. Squiggy isn't eating
  195. Brown material in cat's eye.
  196. My cdandruff that moves, I will take him to that has small lice/tick like infestation
  197. Cat cough continues after vet visit
  198. Ear mites and treatment--help!
  199. Chloe's eye.
  200. Kitten Question
  201. For those who just came from automaticlitterbox forum
  202. Can Kitty sprain his ankle?
  203. Sweet Kitten with mystery illness
  204. weaning kittens. Help!
  205. My Pregnant Cat has fleas!!!
  206. "Fitz" the Cats Mom has a Pee Question?
  207. recovery from acute renal failure?
  208. 15 yr old cat, bloody nose and eye
  209. Oral cancer
  210. Sick little stray
  211. Canadian-made Kaopectate safe for cats?
  212. Help with cat virus
  213. cat with a worm?
  214. Convenia®
  215. Cat with *extreme* social anxiety
  216. Possible fracture on cat?
  217. Jasper was at the vet
  218. Eating before blood tests?
  219. Fate's owner asked for advice about one of his cats
  220. My cat's fur around her ears is falling off
  221. 3rd eyelids up
  222. Feline acne or ringworm ?
  223. What food should I feed my kittens
  224. two cat food questions
  225. Should I vaccinate Sweetie
  226. My poor unhappy boy
  227. [color="red"][b]please help!!![/b][/color]
  228. Older Cat question
  229. Cookie's going under the "knife"!
  230. 8 week old kitten with fluid on her brain? please help :~(
  231. medications and kidney failure
  232. Sick cat scheduled for neutering
  233. Update on Cookie
  234. Diarrhea and Cats
  235. Nipple Excretions
  236. One of my stray cats is sick
  237. Fostered Mama and six kittens - mom has coccidiosis
  238. Should I take the bandage off?
  239. Also fuxy has fibrosarcoma (recidive)
  240. Female cat infection from scratching?
  241. Cat very sick with Intestinal Illness
  242. Ailing cat
  243. Cat pooping on tail
  244. Diarrhea and Cats Question
  245. Grooming problem
  246. Gallbladder removal and Colectomy
  247. Raw Diet Question
  248. Re: the Persian that was found
  249. Sick cat
  250. cat confusion