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  66. debbiec
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  105. Cat won't let me sleep
  106. Cat won't let me SLEEP
  107. Kittens sleep everywhere, but their bed
  108. My cat attacks her reflection
  109. Question about Czarina's behavior
  110. Things they do that melts your heart
  111. eyelash fettish?
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  113. Respond to his name?
  114. What is the next stage for toilet training my cat(s)?
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  118. Tabitha peeing again!
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  120. umm EWWWW-Kittys bringing in presents
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  123. Consolidating litter boxes
  124. Anyone know where to find a behaviorist?
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  126. I am so sad and distraught.
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  133. Someone asked me about Feli-Way..
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  140. Cats are fighting
  141. My Cat is afraid to jump!
  142. Thanks for the help
  143. Moving into apartment with cat that sprays - HELP!
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  145. Sink cat... but that's not all he uses it for!
  146. Is there a maximum amount of kittens Mom can feed at once?
  147. Foster Cats Fighting
  148. Almost 11 month old kitten, will not stop biting.
  149. Can cats have down syndrome or autism?
  150. Mother cat can't seem to pick up her kittens
  151. 100% regretting my decision..
  152. Nursing Mom is SOO skinny!
  153. My cat seen a ghost or something
  154. Clicker training?
  155. Nail clipping concern
  156. strange purr/cry = first heat?
  157. new dog intro to cat
  158. I think this is the plan....
  159. Roxy eating honeys food!!
  160. Love Bites
  161. Is it the boy or the girl?
  162. Nightime Purring/nawing
  163. Stinky Feces
  164. Neck Biting?!
  165. Eliminate Litter box???
  166. 2nd Cat Trouble
  167. Help me! Or, more likely, save my cat!
  168. At my wits end!
  169. Misty the Mischievous
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  173. I want my pillow for my head not my cats bum!
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  178. This Collar is Pretty Darned Amazing!!
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  184. This is fun? Not
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  189. How do I fix this?
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  191. neutered male cats
  192. Scratching Furniture 1% of the time?
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  194. Its almost like he has trouble...
  195. Ziggy: Mean Gene, Zuzu: Battered Kitty Syndrome, Mum: heartbroken and exhausted
  196. Is it really soo hard for cats to share?!
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