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  1. never owned a cat with claws
  2. anti-cruelty action
  3. My bc knows how to open the door!
  4. BYB opinions
  5. Just My Thoughts For The Day!
  6. My rant for the day :(
  7. Confessions of an OverProtective Meomy
  8. New sub forum - personal thoughts feelings and opinions
  9. Do dogs and cats think?
  10. Snip day is here....
  11. Question for Whinnie-Boo
  12. BYB information --> not a war of words please
  13. Dear Backyard Breeder *A must read!
  14. For Dez the missing pitbull in Brampton
  15. Shocking Article About Peta: Who Knew?
  16. Happy B'day Ciara
  17. Bear's visit to his new vet
  18. Wasn't quite sure where to put this....
  19. Poor dogs in shelters
  20. list pet adoption/rescue sites
  21. Getting a dog when you have 2 cats
  22. Question for Schwinn
  23. What the heck are people thinking?? *rant*
  24. Absolutly Horrifing
  25. Washing Dogs & Cats
  26. How did a pet website turn UGLY???
  27. I can't believe it!
  28. where did everybody go ??
  29. Legislation
  30. Can I sue TSN?
  31. Do we need another sticky?
  32. What would you do?
  33. Sad,troublesome day
  34. Can we doing something about this!?
  35. Responsible breeding forum on
  36. Dang it, dang it, dang it
  37. Doggie boots
  38. Your Not Welcome
  39. Why do some people get jumped on
  40. Vet frustrations
  41. Over weight cat
  42. Spoiled cats
  43. Collars on Cats
  44. Allergy Question
  45. Why don't people research first?
  46. A Dog Story Without the word Pit Bull
  47. Sure Are Alot Of Newbies With Smelly Kitty Problems
  48. Pet Forum That Encourages Breeding!
  49. No Pets Void??? - Ontario, Canada
  50. Justice's Surprise Vet Visit
  51. Now I remember why I like pets better than people!
  52. Please Help Me!!!
  53. One Bad Dream
  54. What it means to the Animal - Wanted to share
  55. How to stop your kitten biting breakthrough!
  56. sad and odd dream
  57. If there is one thing I have learned here...
  58. can I plese ask everyone to do something
  59. Biggest dog fight so far...
  60. How sick is this?
  61. Puppy Mills
  62. 25 things that say you've grown up
  63. Uggghhhh!!!
  64. Finally Some Progress!
  65. Just a rant (really long)
  66. Some people....
  67. Another rant... Some people (family)....
  68. getting asia back
  69. Getting tired of the stereotypes
  70. Dogs pet peeves with humans
  71. Another jerk in the dog park!
  72. Ticked at trainers attitude
  73. barking
  74. Beware
  75. Nice family buys nice pet store puppy
  76. Dog proofing yard
  77. Nova!
  78. What's a puppy mill, Nan?
  79. Dogs, cats, and a new baby...
  80. Not Sure How to React to This!
  81. I can see the train wreck coming...
  82. The Idiots Abound!! (long rant, sorry)
  83. Just a rant
  84. some thoughts about this rambling on a little too long, basically
  85. puppy frustration.... RANT
  86. Now I know how Animal Foster people feel...
  87. puppy stolen from pet shop
  88. Some Help, Please!
  89. Anybody Watch "Cruelty To Owners"?
  90. HELLO EveryBawwwwdy!!!
  91. Don't Ask For Advice If You Don't Want To Hear It!
  92. Update on foster cat!
  93. Horrible situation for a girl trying to help ...
  94. Who are the people in your neighbourhood
  95. Too Skinny??
  96. Apparently not everyone agrees about spaying and neutering
  97. Designer Mutts...
  98. It's a good thing they are so cute!!
  99. cats "helping" to clean the litterbox
  100. My Government rant.
  101. found this funny website
  102. Why Ask If You Don't (Rant)
  103. is it me or something wrong here?
  104. Toonces where are you ???
  105. Strange Website -( graphic images)
  106. Help - Aggressive Pup
  107. Too All Of You Posting AGAINST buying mixed or hybrid dogs....
  108. Two Weeks of Worry (Really Long)
  109. Petition against animal-fighting (US)
  110. cultural impressions of dogs/animals
  111. Possible new adoption location
  112. MedEffect Online Consultation
  113. New designer breed *sigh*
  114. Homeless people with dogs
  115. Just a thought...
  116. Update Rottielover?
  117. Zoe went to Doggy Daycare!
  118. THS commercial
  119. Please help my dog is sick...
  120. The reason for this rant shall remain unknown
  121. I live in the Middle EAst
  122. Breeders Suspended By AKC
  123. gassy-puppy scares himself...
  124. Canadian SPCA?
  125. Tricia81
  126. dogs, wood floors, and ZOOMIES
  127. Dragonfly says I am "free to leave"
  128. My first time spending some time with a pit bull
  129. Why is it...
  130. Oops. Accidentally INCREDIBLY un-pc...
  131. Titan goes to a new home
  132. Is it hopeless?
  133. Some People are so STUPID
  134. Home Alone!
  135. My Friday rant
  136. He's only a Sex Toy
  137. Collar issues
  138. Help need directions to.......
  139. Rant!!!
  140. Poll - which name do you like best?
  141. HeidiHo!!
  142. Edmonton Pet Stores
  143. I have to say having Joey is the closest I will ever come to having a girl.
  144. Yogurt?? They listened to all you guys say it and now, ka-ching!!!
  145. Huge dilema ( at least for me)
  146. Journal de Montreal ad is terrible!!
  147. Wine Drinkers in Ontario - Therapeutic Paws of Canada
  148. Government of Ontario Sucks - Rant
  149. irritated with breeders
  150. Did you ever notice things about doggies (and kitties)?
  151. Monday morning rant (aka why I hate some people) - long
  152. This is just bugging me!
  153. St Hyacinthe - Motels?
  154. the worst week of my life!
  155. Beware the fangs!
  156. Mixed feelings
  157. Do you ever just need a break
  158. My daughters upset saying I love my dog more than myself (A VENT)
  159. Art Dog Mask
  160. Person from NO looking for Buddy
  161. Canvas Kennel
  162. Where do people put their common sense?
  163. Baby gate rant
  164. Dr.Animal ctv-v 250
  165. What strange thing does your dog like to do that they learned on their own?
  166. My Rant - Irresponsible people in off leash areas
  167. And the Moron Award goes to...
  168. Opinions needed :)
  169. Working in Animal Rescue?
  170. lenny007
  171. Pet Trivia
  172. Lost it tonight...
  173. Home Depot - Policy on Leashed Dogs
  174. Nick names for pets
  175. We adopted a new dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  176. Beware of dog signs???
  177. oh, please give a name! lol
  178. Beyond Obedience
  179. Is there a new law that I should be aware of?!?!
  180. Back from Hell and Highwater - Official slogan of Slidell Hurricane Relief
  181. Pets and the family
  182. sad but true story
  183. Stray Animals
  184. Is your employer dog friendly?
  185. Isn't this just too cute
  186. Are your pets on your answering machine?
  187. Gary say's I wear make-up!
  188. It's now been 3 long years since my little angel ROTHY was last seen!!
  189. indoor outdoor cats do you agree?
  190. Please help with business name
  191. Odd Pet Likes and Dislikes
  192. mercy or cruelty?
  193. Walking Joey at 5am is it safe
  194. Sad
  195. This is going to tick off people
  196. And you thought pitbulls were bad... (Disturbing video)
  197. IAMS funds cruel animal testing!
  198. Peekaboo for separation anxiety?
  199. LOL Cat emailed all over is pet of the month!
  200. How do you loose a dog?
  201. Wild Dogs/Novel
  202. Endangered Species
  203. Moral Dilemma - Pet Store Related
  204. another Designer/Hybrid Breed - Bernoodles?
  205. dog sitting
  206. Quebec needs laws
  207. Does your cat see Ghosts?
  208. Single Parents, can you help me?
  209. How loud does your dog snore?
  210. Schnauzergirl
  211. Cisco was a human in a past life
  212. Threadjacking
  213. Frustrated
  214. Christmas presents for pets
  215. Uncontrollable Licker...
  216. Check Out This Cat
  217. I think Iím the male equivalent of the crazy cat ladyÖ.
  218. Kayla is a spoiled brat!
  219. Horrible, terrible, bad doggies!
  220. Does anyone want to adopt this dog
  221. Dogs are getting more spoiled!!!!
  222. Thanks to those who were supportive, food for thought for those who weren't
  223. Never been so scared
  224. Puppy needs a name
  225. Dogs to be injected with Rabies in a study...VETS WILL SUPPORT THIS???
  226. Can you spot the difference?
  227. Lezzerpezzer having technical probs
  228. curious cats
  229. Help Help Help
  230. Boxers Stolen?
  231. A hopeful for us
  232. Dogs and Cats are NOT Christmas presents!!!!!
  233. Montreal Dog Show Brag!
  234. Cross Your Fingers
  235. Another new dog and a new house!
  236. Leaving dogs outside stores
  237. cage-free dog boarding
  238. Dogs and Oweners
  239. Here is Tigger !!!!!!
  240. How cold is to cold
  241. A puppy for christmas
  242. More stupid reasons for dumping pets
  243. Dog park envy
  244. PLaces to rent in downtown toronto that allow dog around 60 pounds
  245. keeping calm ???
  246. How bad is it to let destruction slide?
  247. Update on poor Harley :(
  248. Cat and Dog fur ***Disturbing Video***
  249. Do not open till Christmas
  250. Please sign this petition