Opt to Adopt Ribbon Magnet

Opt to Adopt Ribbon Magnet

Detailed Description:

This OPT TO ADOPT magnet is striking with a light beige tone and paw design, and says Opt to Adopt! right through the magnet. Perfect for the fridge, filing cabinet or car (It won’t damage your car’s paintjob).

It supports 6 full sheets (8.5 x 11 inches) of 20LB. paper when the magnet is placed in the center of the paper. Supports 9-10 sheets when the bottom half of the magnet is directly on the metallic surface and the paper is in between the magnet and the metalic surface.

Benefits include:

  • Great gift item
  • Loving cat and dog picture at the top of the magnet.


Approximately 9 inches x 4 inches (23 cm x 10 cm)

Price: $5.95